Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Bathroom

Of all the things to post after a long blogging hiatus...

Ah well, it's one of the many projects that happen to be almost complete.

The only thing it really 'needs' is a shelf to go under the medicine cabinet.

But if I waited until I found the perfect one, it would probably be another 6 months til I posted this room.

I'm just a tad picky ;)

Speaking of being picky,  I'd like to replace the lights with something vintage and find the matching sink and toilet to the bathtub, but that could take years.

So here it is, as close to finished as I could possibly get it right now.

And it's as close to what it probably looked like in 1950, which is what I wanted.

For those of you that don't know the tale of this bathroom, click here.

But here's a quick glimpse of the bathroom during the restoration:

A lot of work, but definitely worth it to me :)

More to come soon.

And by soon, I actually mean soon, not 6 months ;)