Sunday, December 10, 2017

All about Frosty

I don't know about you, but when it comes to decorating for Christmas, I've always been a Santa girl.

I mean, aside from all his great points, like the fact that he's jolly all the time, has adorable flying reindeer and has been married to the same woman for a millennium, how can you not love a guy that brings you all those wonderful presents for just a couple of cookies and a glass of milk?

Well, although the old bearded guy still has my heart, I fell in love with another familiar character this year.

Yes, by way of a trash can, that he was found in right after Christmas last year, Frosty walked... errr... rolled?... straight into my heart.

How sad is it that someone just tossed him out onto his faded earmuffs?

And on a side note, not very smart.

Do you know how much these vintage blow molds go for?


So if you have some of these sitting in your garage that you don't want, I'll be happy to take them off your hands ;)

But I digress...

So anyway, since then he's been sitting and waiting all these months to have a makeover, so that he could have his big debut for Christmas.

I got out the painter's tape, some newspaper and spray paint and went to work.

The first day, I only managed to get his hat, buttons and candy cane done, before it started getting dark, but he already looked happier.

The next day I got right back to it.

He was spray painted...

and then I hand painted the bells and berries on his wreath.

His eyes and nose came last.

I could hardly wait for the paint to dry...

At last he was finished!

And now he's back where he belongs and the star of the show :)

Speaking of walking straight into my heart...

See that precious vintage ornament next to the clocks?

It's my "new to me" Christmas ornament this year.

Isn't it adorable?

I love the eyebrows :)

He's too fragile to hang on the tree, but he has a special place on the mantel and in my heart.

So, sorry Santa, but it's all about Frosty, this year ;)



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Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Better Life

Remember when I told you that I had been going through some changes around here?

Nope, it's not my constantly changing office.

That's just a picture to pull you in ;)

Actually, one of those big changes was starting the Flylady system.

But not with the original creator, as brilliant as she is.

I found a wonderful woman on YouTube, named Kat, that walked me though the whole process with her videos, but we'll get to that in a minute.

I'm sure you've heard of the Flylady, as she's been around for years.

I know I had.

The ladies in Blogland started going nuts for her years ago and she was all over the place.

I remember checking her blog out and thinking, "I don't need this, because I'm an obsessively clean person."


The truth is, I'm am OCD, but unless I had the time to clean every single little inch of my home like it was going to be in a magazine, I was lost as to what to do. So before someone would come over, or I would take a picture for my blog, I would go insane like a cleaning madman.

Not that I lived daily in a pigsty, mind you, but let's just say I wasn't on top of it, as I should have been.

Anywho, I was searching the internet for yet another cleaning strategy that might get my act in gear and came across Kat. She was a Flylady that worked for the the original Flylady. 

Apparently, the system got so popular, that flybabies (newbies), were handed off to other women that had been doing the system for years.

I came across one of Kat's videos and was intrigued, so I went to her channel and clicked on the video below that she recommends for newbies and I was hooked!

The video is 40 minutes, but well worth your time.

I followed her advice and started routines, then the weekly plan, then decluttering in zones and now I've reached the cleaning in zones, instead. Albeit with a little decluttering still to do here and there in hidden places ;)

I watch her daily morning videos and live videos that give advice and tips and now my home is presentable all the time and I don't have to go nuts before anyone comes over :)

Kat is no longer an "official Flylady", because she was spreading herself too thin (she takes care of her elderly parents for a week at a time every three weeks), but she still helps us flybabies (now we're called Lions) everyday with her daily videos, under the name "A Better Life with Kat", while still following her version of the Flylady system.

Kat truly cares about every single one of us and you can see it in her live chats especially.

She's definitely changed my life and I'm unbelievably thankful that I found her.

I hope you head on over to her channel and watch her videos :)

And just for fun, check out her other channel called Kat & Mr. B where they read their old love letters and do other fun stuff, like cooking and showing how to make a box for the recent solar eclipse:

I could watch these two all day :)

Thank you so much, Kat, for showing me how to have A Better Life!


This was not a compensated post. I just wanted to share this lovely lady with all of you.