Wednesday, September 13, 2017


As a blogger, sometimes I need a bit of time away.

I focus on my home, my life, my family, my relationship, and sometimes just me.

Other times, something is keeping me away.

It could be a family issue, a tragedy, a lack of time, or it can be as simple as my mood.

Then there is something I would like to call "Bloggers brain freeze".

That's when I simply cannot think of anything to blog.

I can have ten projects done around the house, lots of trips traveled, and 500 photos, but for some reason I can't bring myself to post.

During these times, visiting blogs also seems to take a backseat.

Well, I do visit here and there, but I rarely say anything.

I guess that would be called "visitors brain freeze".

Then there's the whole "If I post, I must comment back or repay the visit." thing, because if I don't, I feel bad.

That, my friends, is a vicious circle.

Right now, I'm so far behind with visiting and commenting back, I don't know if I'll ever catch up.


So, all this to say...

I'm still here.

And I promise that nothing tragic is going on. 

I've just been focusing on other things, like the ones I mentioned in the beginning of this post.

Some of it I'll be keeping private and some of it I might share in future posts, because I think it might be helpful to some of you.

For right now though, I'm just going to share these wildflowers with you, that John gave me, and hope you can forgive me for being an imperfect human.

Please know that I truly appreciate all of you.

I really do.



I'm praying for all those affected by the hurricanes in Texas and Florida.

My heart goes out to you.


  1. Totally get where you're coming from. Real life has been awfully real lately and real busy. I am way behind, too. I just returned comments from three posts this morning...going back to mid-August. Sometimes, you just have to be. Always good to hear from you, though. ♡

  2. We're all imperfect. Don't worry about it. Love the doggy pics!

  3. Lovely photos, Rue. The photo with Min and the laptop is adorable! I certainly understand blog brain freeze and the need to tend to one's life. I grapple with this all the time, too. From my perspective as one of your readers, I look forward to your posts.It's as if we're visiting. Your posts are the reward.

  4. Hugs Rue. Totally understand, happens to lots of us. Loved seeing your pictures and reading your words today.

  5. You say 'imperfect', but from what I can see, it just looks like you have your priorities right! Home and family come first, and blogging is extra... 'icing on the cake'- as they say. 😊

  6. Take care of you. You might be being a little hard on yourself. I don't comment so you'll visit or comment back or whatever. I just comment to let you know that your post is fun or inspiring or just to wish you well. So if you don't respond, I think absolutely no less of you, my feelings aren't hurt, and I'm not thinking it rude. Also, I totally agree with Courtney Downs. Have a beautiful evening.

  7. I understand, I really do, about the difficulty blogging sometimes. It seems it can be a vicious circle, because you love your dear friends so much, but the time required to visit, read and comment sometimes is overwhelming. I found that happened to me this summer. There was just too much to do. Now, summer is winding down, and I'm finally playing catch-up. I enjoyed your perfect picture of the wildflowers John picked for you, so lovely! The horrible tragedies happening in the south with the hurricanes is just so sad, keeping them in our prayers. Here in the northwest, we are battling horrible wildfires. Thankfully none close by us, but the smoke has been awful. Thankfully we are to get rain next week. Hope you are doing okay, and that you are able to return to blogging after a bit of a rest :)

  8. We all need breaks so we can focus on important things. Never apologize for that, it is the way it should be! I hope you have had adventures and quiet times. Come back when you can!
    Those dogs crack one up!

  9. We all need to take a break now and than. I just came from the longest time away, one year. In my case more was going on in my life. The break was good and I am back. Just take your time off and come back when you are ready. We will be here.

  10. Your pictures are just stunning. We all need a break now and then, focusing on real life is a good thing. Try not to be so hard on yourself, blogging should be fun not work. Blog when you are inspired, we'll be here when you do.

  11. I totally get where you are coming from. I've been there many times in the past few years including now. Just too much going on to organize my thoughts into a blog post. Hugs!

  12. I agree with Brenda, we are all imperfect. But, blogging is meant to be fun not stressful. I don't comment on every comment that comes my way, I do try to visit other's blogs, but not always. What I do do, is say thank you in my posts for all of the love, encouragement and prayers or whatever else comes my way. We all have our lives to live. Sometimes there are things that really need our attention, blogland can wait.

    I do thank you for letting us know you are ok. Just take each day as it comes, enjoying your many blessings and your lovely home, family and your dear John. Such a lovely bouquet.

    Love, hugs & prayers for you ~ FlowerLady

  13. Blogging is a lot more fun when you do it when you want. And unless blogging is your business there's no need to feel like you have to do it. I am happy you are enjoying life and can stop by when you want to say pressure or expectations from me. I take breaks sometimes, too...xoxo

  14. Rue you have a life and you live in a beautiful town with Autumn feels:) Lucky you! Life is good, enjoy!
    Always love a doggie pic, makes me smile:). Kathleen in Az

  15. Rue,
    I think we all go through this. I love to blog but with being in transition of the renovations and moving these past months I have really been pretty absent too. I post occassionally but have a hard time finding time to get to a lot of my fave bloggers. We all are where you are at. Sometimes Life takes over.

  16. Rue,
    No apology needed....I often feel the same way. If you need a break, it's important to take one! Your wildflowers are lovely!

  17. We're still here cause you're still here. And I am so glad for that.

  18. Glad you're still out there! You're missed when you don't post or comment.

    The afghan on your chair in the first photo - I have the same one! My best friend's mother crocheted it for us for our wedding shower way back in 1984. :-)

  19. We are all imperfect in one way or another. I think you have the right idea, putting you and your family first and all the rest comes after that. I just appreciate when you do share. I really can relate to the various things that you like and value. I'm not that young, but still not old and yet I have always preferred things that have been around for years and years. I guess I have an old soul. Take care and come back when you feel up to it. Ranee (MN)

  20. What Linda@itsy bitsy said

    Thanks for checking in to let us know your OK, love to you too
    from "Heart"

  21. I can relate, and likely everyone reading and blogging relates. I face the same more and more of late. I think it's a motivation issue with me. ;-) Love the photo of Min on the laptop. That's me! ;-)
    Take care and enjoy life. That's what is most important!

  22. Hi there Rue, I think we all go through this from time to time. Just do as YOU ARE ABLE, and take breaks whenever you need, for AS LONG AS you need. I will always come back to your blog, because when you DO POST, ---it's always something interesting to read and/or pretty to look at!

  23. We all understand. Every now and then I don't reply to comments because I just can't. Like you said, there's brain freeze and because I run out of time. No worries! Post when you can and when you feel like it. :)

  24. Happens to us all. I push myself to post because for me it helps with self discipline and time organization, something I really need. Those are things I need to improve so I look at blogging like a job as well as a hobby/pleasure. Now, having said that, it doesn't always work out that way!
    A blog can be a nice way to record your life for posterity I think but it shouldn't be an obligation.
    Enjoy your time, post whenever. We love you whatever you do.

  25. I totally understand my friend.
    I love the photos you shared today. The one with the dog and the computer is my favorite.
    Lots of hugs,

  26. I also go in spurts! So many distractions and interruptions in life, and sometimes there is just no inspiration! Go with the flow! I know I am patient!

  27. We appreciate you too, Rue! And I imagine most of us feel the same as you do. Our lives should be much more important than blogging and we do need time to tend to our lives. It's always better that our blogs should suffer than our homes and relationships and other work. Just as we love to have company, too much company would leave us feeling depleted.

    As I was reading your post an idea occurred to me. Wouldn't it be nice if we declared certain times comment free? For example, in the busiest and most emotional time of the year, December, what if we declared it a comment free month? Not visit free because we all love to see what others are doing and not posting free because creativity is part of December.

    Perhaps we would even have time to visit more blogs then and simply enjoy them? More time to bake, wrap, decorate, read, write, meet friends for lunch, host dinners. More time to "follow the star" as my mentor Dee Hardie said.

    What do you think? Would that fly in our BlogWorld?

    Blessings of the season to you, dear Rue,

  28. I think I need to take a break too. Sometimes blogging is so time consuming, there doesn't seem to be time left for real life.

  29. It was lovely to see this post and your lovely photographs ...
    Sometimes it is important to take time out, I think we all feel this at times.
    Life and those around us are important.

    Take care of yourself Dear Rue

    All the best Jan

  30. Nice to see a post from you Rue. I think we can all relate to this. Some of my good blogging friends have stopped altogether. We just do our best, and hope that others understand. Real friends will.
    And don't feel you need to return the visit!! xo Deborah

  31. Glad to hear that all is well with you Rue. Nothing wrong in taking a break...
    Take care

  32. It's always a pleasure to see a posting from you - they are worth the wait. Take your time - the world can wait. In the meantime, I wish you a cozy and enjoyable autumn. Pat in Oregon.

  33. My posts have been few and far between since wedding season is totally kicking my ass this year. However, although you are busy, I do think you need to visit my most recent post because I think it will bring a smile to your face, my friend!! Hope everything is good in your world. xo


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