Thursday, August 10, 2017

Before you know it

It may seem unbelievable to those that are still in the heat of Summer, but here, Autumn already seems to be whispering.

The air feels different.

I notice it in the morning, while I'm still in bed.

The window in my bedroom has been open at night lately, because it's already cooling down and the other morning I felt a crispness.

I also notice it when I take my walk in the evening.

Even though it's still a bit hot, there's a slightly cooler breeze when the wind blows.

The sun is rising later and setting earlier, so I get to witness my sunrises again and the lights get turned on earlier in my home.

Even the wildlife outside seems to be getting ready, as the birds are already eating more seed from the feeder and the squirrels are gathering pieces of wood for their nests from the woodpile.

The woodpeckers haven't shown up to hammer food into the eves of my roof, but it's only a matter of time.

I've been in a nesting mood.

There's been painting, furniture moving, and a basic need to clean and clear out useless things so that I feel like I can breathe.

It's almost like I'm in a rush to get things done so that I can truly enjoy the coming season.

I look forward to taking walks with falling leaves swirling around.

Getting back to exploring ghost towns and digging up old artifacts that happened to be someone's trash a hundred years ago.

I have a sudden urge to light a fire in the fireplace, make some cocoa, wrap myself in a cozy blanket, and read a good book.

Baking cookies, cakes and pies sounds like a perfect way to spend the day.

Chili and cornbread, 



wool dresses and skirts,


they're all calling my name.

And yet...

I know it's not quite time.

I can't say that I really enjoy Summer.

Yes, the slightly tan skin, the swimming, walking barefoot, barbecuing, and the sounds of crickets and cicadas serenading me from the tree tops are lovely.

But honestly...

it's never been my season.

I'm thankful for it though, because more than anything...

 it really makes me appreciate...


It'll be here before you know it.