Sunday, October 20, 2019

Revisiting the living room

I've shown this room a couple of times since my mom gave me some of her furniture, after she moved, but since then, there's been a few minor changes.

I'm not sure what the deal is with the paint color in there, but depending on what time of day or what angle I take a photo, it's always changing. The picture above shows it being darker than in real life, but pretty close.

If you remember this room before, you'll notice a chair missing. I felt it was too crowded, so... poof!... into another room it went.

See what I mean about the color? 

So weird!

I found this table at a local antique store recently.

This is the part I fell in love with:

Bubba still loves his perch :)

Great grandma's lamp and some pictures of Alex, Annie and my nephews when they were small.

The mantel decor has been changed up a bit, but I'm not sure I'm loving it.

That plant doesn't seem happy with it either ;)

Looking towards the dining room, you'll see the biggest change.

I was reading something about Bunny Williams and she recommended having something in your living room that will make you use it. 

I'm not a tv in the living room kinda gal (it's in the den), so my desk was moved in here and the library piece was moved into the library.

Makes sense, huh? ;)

On top of that, she has a desk in her living room, so if it's good enough for her, it's certainly good enough for me!

The chair belonged to my friend's mother in law and she gifted me with it.

Hi Sharon! :)

I think the desk suits the space better.

Although, I'm thinking of selling that file cabinet. 

I really love it, but it just feels like too much to me and I don't have anywhere else to put it.

I know it doesn't look like I use this desk at all, but I do.

Trick photography ;)

Happy belated Autumn, everyone!



  1. Hi, Rue...I adore your house!...It looks so comfortable...Is your great-grandmother's lamp, cloisonne?

  2. Oh, I love it! It looks like a storybook. You have such a way with home decor. It's really charming.

  3. Your home is so charming. I love the old fashioned peacefulness of it all. I especially love that telephone. A desk in the living room is perfect!

  4. Your home is so pretty. I don't blame Bubba for having his perch on the back of that chair in the sunshine. I'd like to curl up in one of those chairs myself. That desk is absolutely amazing! How in the world did you move it? It looks like it weighs a ton!

  5. Happy Autumn! Living room looks inviting. You have a knack for decorating for sure.

  6. Everything looks perfect, as always! Are those shamrocks on your mantle? My grandmother always had a pot of shamrocks - usually in her laundry room. I was fascinated with them as a kid because they close at night and open in the mornings.
    Happy fall to you!

  7. What a wonderful spot for your gorgeous desk. Your living room is just so "homey". I think I mean cozy. Those chairs look so comfortable and your sense of style just seems so friendly to me. Now I have to see where you moved the library!

  8. Your home is stunning, modern furniture doesn't do it for me, I love your style.

  9. I love that your room has furniture that belonged to family and dear friends and that each has a story. It's a beautiful room!

  10. You have beautiful furniture. The desk is exceptional.

  11. What a beautiful old piece of furniture (your desk). Wow! I love your sofa-it is so softly romantic and pretty. It is wonderful that you have pieces from family that have been handed down and that you love. I don't have much from my family at all.

    I hope you have a wonderful night-xo Diana

  12. Hello, and Happy Fall to you as well!
    Your living room looks inviting and comfy, and so 'You'!
    That is a marvelous desk and now that it is in the L.R. you can enjoy it and the space more frequently.
    Do you know what I love the most about your spaces? I love that they feel loved.

    Smiles and hugs..

  13. So nice to see a post from you Rue, Your home is always so lovely, warm and inviting. The wall color looks similar to mine. i was so awed by the carvings and detail on the desk and the table, so beautiful, I like the file cabinet too, I almost bought one similar at an antique store, when I went back it was gone. ~boo hoo~
    I also like your mantle, my mantle is the hardest place to decorate to suit my notion, and I am always borrowing/stealing ideas from my blogging friends! Thanks for sharing, and thank you for visiting .

  14. Great to hear from you, Rue! The place looks fabulous. I love the desk in the room and I agree, you need something that makes you go in there. My kids play piano and sing, so they drag us in there often to hear them, but when it's quiet, we ignore that room. I'd love to put a small writing desk in there. Blogging in front of the fireplace? How romantic! Be well!! xo

  15. So nice to see a post from you Rue!! Your home looks wonderful, as cozy!! Hope all is well in your world! xo

  16. What an extraordinary piece! I am getting more and more function over fashion so it makes perfect sense to me.

  17. i love your home, Rue. It always feels homey. My walls do the same thing. They are beige and they always photograph differently. Your desk is beautiful. xo Laura

  18. What an awesome desk! Love the dark wood furniture. The bright sunlight in your house really makes everything stand out. Thanks for sharing. Milena

  19. Nice to see a post from you today Rue. Beautiful desk! I love your living room.
    Take care

  20. I always enjoy it when you welcome us into your home, Rue, it has such a cozy and welcoming vibe. I like a room where every piece comes with a story.

  21. I love how you arranged things. That desk is perfect and what a vintage piece. The file cabinet I like too. there are not any like that I see around here.
    I like how "poof" and the chair is gone. I don't like a t.v. in the living room and I can't stay in the den long because it's lived in so much with grand kids and husband making a mess of it. I like to go to the living room to read. I need something in there like you have, a desk or something useful
    You do such good work in your home and the fire place vignette, love it!

  22. Came back for another look and some inspiration. What I like about your style is the love behind it. You truly love your home and the pieces in it and it shines through. This is a real lesson in choosing things that you love over any other reason.
    I hope your daughter is doing well on her own now and that your son is happy and doing well too.

  23. I always like seeing inside your house. I want your kitchen. The desk looks great there.

  24. I always enjoy seeing inside your house, Rue. Your rooms are so you. Your desk is magnificent! Did you tell about its history once on a post about your office? It does make sense to have something in a living room that actually makes you use it. I have two of Williams' big books on a table by my chair and still look through them. Even written years ago they are classic.

    I see what you mean about the filing cabinet. It is a great piece itself but it would be nice if there could be a space between it and the desk. Your sofa is beautiful! And the pedestal on your new old table is amazing in detail. I loved the cord hanging down by it from the lamp, easy sign that the lamp is vintage if not antique. Usually we try to hide electrical cords but this one is a piece of art, making me wonder why in the world can't they make them pretty now?

    I loved seeing this beautiful long room again and the changes you've made! Such a cozy room for autumn too.

  25. All Kinds of EverthingNovember 7, 2019 at 8:19 AM

    Your home is stunning.

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  27. Lovely to see all of your photographs here, it looks very good.
    Hope you are well and enjoying November, don't the months fly by so quickly!

    All the best Jan

  28. I have just found your lovely blog, and I will now read some of your older posts. Love your sitting room, and yes, colour changes according to the light in the room. Our sitting room was painged Farrow & Ball's Gervase Yellow (a limey-yellow) in 2002 (yes, 17 years ago, but we love it so much we've not changed it) and this colour can go from palest creamy yellow to deepest lime green depending on the time of day and the sunlight (or lack of sunlight), and also items outside the room. Outside our dining end of our through-sitting-dining room there is a high laurel hedge and the green light from that is reflected through the window, making the walls in that end of the room much more green-yellow than they would be if it wasn't there.
    Love your desk, but to me that would be a sideboard in the UK as there isn't a place for your knees, but it's a great piece of furniture, love it!
    Margaret P


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