Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's hot and thank you

So, this is kind of a random post, but I will start out by saying...

It's so hot here, I want to live in a pool until it's over.

Sadly, I don't have one.

Also, have I mentioned that I don't have central air?

Pretty sure I have.




Although it was invented in 1902, they didn't have it for regular folk's homes in 1930 and I'm not putting one in for 40 grand in 2017. So, here I sit listening to the loud humming of fans and a window air-conditioner that barely cools off the house enough to keep Bubba and Mini from panting.


This is my life:

a black hole.

Yes, I know it's that time of year, but it's a heat wave.

Yes, I know it's Arizona, but I live in the supposedly "cooler" mountain area.

And yes, I know it's vintage to not have air-conditioning.

But, I'm complaining anyway.

I don't care.

It's hot.

And I'm a wuss.

So there.


Anyway, enough of that...

I know I missed a week of blogging, but I've been a tad busy.

My mom is in the process of moving to a new house, 

John's boys are here for the Summer... 

I've been honing in on my baking skills again.

Well, until the heat wave of hell got here.

And I've been a cleaning fool.

I happily missed out on Spring cleaning, because I was busy with a certain fellow ;)

Oh darn ;)

It's done now though.

Oh and watering.

A LOT of watering.

Lots of heat, no rain.

But I digress...

I have quite a few things to share with you, but for today, I just wanted to check in and tell you how much I appreciate all the lovely comments on my last post.

It was so nice to not only learn more about some of my old friends, but also to meet so many new friends.

A lot of you had never commented before on this blog or any blog for that matter and I'm truly flattered that you reached out to say hello.

Even if I never hear from some of you again, I'm happy to "meet" you :)

And those of you that didn't say hello, that's okay too.

I appreciate you coming by, comment or not.

I mean it.

So thank you too :)

I finished answering all your comments on the blog today, but I still have emails to get to.

I want to apologize for my terrible emailing.

I do see them, but I sometimes mark them for later because I'm in a hurry and don't get back to you for a long time.

Bad, bad rue.

But I promise I will get to them ASAP.

That said...

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Without all of you I'd be sitting here talking to myself and I hear that's not healthy ;)

Love to all,

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Curious again

I'd like to revisit a post I wrote in August of 2015.

After all, it's been almost two years, sine I asked about all of you ;)


I've noticed that not everyone that reads my blog leaves a comment.

Which is completely fine.

I promise :)

But naturally, I wonder about my readers.

Wouldn't you?

So, if you've left a comment before or not, I'd love it if you would tell me who you are and where you're from.

Maybe a little about yourself too?

I promise, I won't bite ;)

If not, that's okay.

I understand.

It's just me being curious.


Thursday, June 1, 2017

A childhood wish

When I was a little girl, all I wanted was a miniature dollhouse.

Not one of those plastic kid toys, but a real dollhouse... the kind with actual replicas of furniture, linens, food, and lights that worked.

For years, it was all I dreamt about.

via google images

In fact, there was a restaurant that we went to all the time, with a miniatures shop next door and I'd always ask to go inside so I could look at all the wonderful items they had for sale, dreaming of the day when I could finally furnish one of my own.

One Christmas, much to my chagrin, my best friend, Stephanie woke up to find a dollhouse under her Christmas tree.

It looked much like this:

via google images
You could open the sides or the roof to see inside and it was completely furnished with little twinkling lights throughout.

I was so green with envy!

I went home and told my mom all about it and I'm sure, drove her insane, but when I asked her if I could have one, she just told me no. 

Something about me breaking it.

I was one sad little girl.

I still asked Santa for one of those lighted dollhouses every Christmas, but my wish never came true.

Funny thing... when I look back, I don't remember Stephanie ever playing with it. 

It just sat in her room untouched.

Sad, isn't it?

Eventually, I got older and put aside my dream of owning one of those beautiful creations.

But it remained somewhere in the back of my mind.

One day, I was talking to John about my love of miniatures and dollhouses and he said something about one day getting one.

I didn't think much of it, except that it was sweet of him to say that.

Then a few weeks ago, he surprised me with a trip to the miniatures museum in Tucson, called the The Mini Time Machine.

I was so excited!

The door to get in is huge!

It's a trick though, because you use the little door to the left to get in ;)

This is the first house you see...

The next one had an automated door that opened when you walked up to it.

I was in heaven!

So much so that I forgot to take pictures at first, until I found a replica of the Gamble House by Greene and Greene.

My pictures are awful, because I was using my cell phone, but it was truly a work of art.

And there were so many more beautiful homes...

Even Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett were there ;)

And there was even miniatures in the floor...

Like I said, I was too busy gawking to take many pictures, but you can read more 'here'

and watch this video:

It was so much fun and it brought back all those childhood dreams that I had laid to rest.

We even talked about getting one eventually and it came up a few times after that.

Still, I just put it aside.

Then last week, I got a text from John that said "Merry Christmas, baby!" and there was an order form from Amazon with a picture of this:

He's building me a dollhouse and making my childhood wish come true.

I cried.

Wouldn't you?!

I still can't believe he did it.

But it will be here in a few days and I've already started decorating it in my head ;)

Now I've got to figure out where to put it, once it's built, because it's about 2 feet wide by 1 foot deep and almost two feet tall!

I'll find a place somewhere though and it'll be glorious :)

I can't wait!

By the way, what's the one thing you always wanted for Christmas?

Maybe it's time for your childhood wish to come true too :)


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Breakfast with the pups

Whether we're at my house or his, every Sunday John cooks a big breakfast...

with a large audience.

Of course, Bubba has the best view in the house...

until it's time to sit down and eat.

At that point, he's down underneath the table begging ;)

I feel a lot like Mini looks right here.

But, I wouldn't trade it for anything.



Thursday, May 25, 2017

A dark secret

In this adorable cottage there was a very dark secret...


Just kidding.

It's just my closet.

Although it was scary in there


Yes, I know you've probably seen scarier closets, but to me, this was a nightmare.

I'm a tad OCD, so it was driving me nuts. Especially after seeing so many bloggers posting all their brilliant closet makeovers.

Now, before you get excited, this isn't going to be that 333 project or some glamour shoot with a chandelier.

I wear vintage dresses most of the time, so there's really no mixing and matching and when you wear something you just throw on with some shoes, you tend to want to wear more than just four things.

Want to have an easy wardrobe?

Wear dresses.


Put on some tights and a sweater and/or jacket.

It's that easy.

As much as I would love to turn my closet into one of those beautiful wallpapered, chandelier type looks, it's really just a functional, tiny, walk-in space, that I had built in my dressing room, with clothes. 

And really, who has the money to invest into a closet that no one else sees.

Can you imagine... 

"Hey! Come see my beautiful closet!"


No one cares.


I can't promise you that I won't do something more with it, just for me, but for now, I'm a happy camper and I can find everything, so.... YAY! :)


This is is part way through the cleaning.

This is the atrocious amount of shoes I had to go through.


I wear saddle shoes and Keds most of the time, unless I'm going out (I wear heels then) or it's winter and some of them were 30 something years old.

Enough already!

The giveaway pile kept growing.

So did the vintage clothes I need to sell or repair.

I tried every. single. thing. on.

It took FOREVER.

But finally, after 3 or 4, maybe 5 hours... I was done.

On this side I have a multitude of belts, a few skirts, and dresses.

On the opposite side I have... jeans, pajamas, robes, slips and coats.

I have my purses on one side, going around to the middle....

and heels on the other side.

Straight ahead, I have... tank tops, blouses, t-shirts and one scarf.

I didn't separate seasonal, because I use quite a few things in all of the seasons.

Most of the so called "normal clothes", like modern skirt suits and fancy dresses went into another closet.

I'm not about to count everything, because I don't really want to, honestly, but I will wear all of it, I love all of it, and I can find all of it.

And that's what really matters to me.

The hardest for me is that I have to live two separate lives.

Vintage and not vintage (or normal clothes, as I call them).

Some people my family (my kids and John excluded) and strangers think the way I dress is odd, so I have to conform on certain occasions.

If it was up to me, I'd only have vintage dresses and a few jeans and t-shirts to work in the yard, but such is life.

Funny, people can walk around in what is basically tights and a bra or pajamas in public and it's okay, but wearing a dress that's from the 40s or 50s is wrong somehow.

Anyway, enough of that...

my closet is finished and hooray for me!



Monday, May 22, 2017


When they target our children...

I try not to talk politics, but as a mother, this time I'm really struggling, so I will just say that my prayers and thoughts are with the families that lost their loved ones in Manchester.

God bless and help us all.


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Thursday, May 18, 2017

A trip to the fair

I love going to the fair.

Big, small, it doesn't matter.

I've been to the local one in each place I've lived, but I think my favorite one so far is The Pima County Fair, here in Arizona.

Via google images

John and I went there a few weeks ago and we had a great time.

It was HOT, but so worth it.

We had fun looking at antique farm equipment:

checking out all the animals and feeding some goats...

and of course, there was lots of eating!

No pictures of that though.

I don't think you needed a picture of us stuffing our faces ;)

Of course, we went there for all those things, but mostly we went to see country music star Josh Turner.

John and I are big fans of his and in fact, he sings "our song".

The concert was free to all those that paid to get in, so we settled ourselves on the lawn, in front of the stage, and John snapped a quick picture of us before it started.

It was a great show and if he happens to come to your town, and you like country music, I highly recommend going to see him.

Here's some older songs of his:

and here's one from his new album:

Can you guess which one is "our song"? ;)



Thank you so much for all your sweet words on my last post. 
You all are the best :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

On judging

As bad as it is, I think it's human nature to judge other people.

Judging Bubba is judging.

By their clothes.

Their manner of speaking.

Their homes.

Their jobs.

Their friends or family.

Their posts on social media or in blogging.

The color of their skin or ethnicity.

Their politics.

With one look, one word, or even a feeling, we can hate or love someone immediately.

As much as we don't want to behave that way, we do.

We all have opinions.

Some we share, some we don't, and some that we're too ashamed to admit, even to ourselves.

Do I think it's right?



we all do it.

I'm certainly guilty of it.

As much as I try to listen to all opinions and viewpoints, my own tend to get in the way.

For instance,

But later, I thought...

who am I to judge what people portray to the world on their blogs?

In the grand scheme of things, I'm just some silly broad with a little blog blabbering away about this and that.

Is it nice to know that I helped some of my friends and readers, by telling them how I feel?


Was it fair?

Probably not.

Would I do it again?

If I'm being honest...


I know, I shouldn't say or write some of the things I do, but well, sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet and I need to let it out.

Was I too harsh?

Maybe, but I didn't think so when I wrote it.

After all, if I'm poking fun at myself too, they can't be mad, right?

I thought by laughing at myself it would soften the blow.

Maybe it did.

Maybe it didn't.

Was I trying to hurt anyone's feelings?


Absolutely not.

I hate to see anyone upset or angry.

It causes me anxiety and a stomachache.

Although, when someone confronts me on what I've had to say and I think I'm right...

I lash out.

 Of course afterwards, I feel like a giant ass and regret every word that came spewing out of my mouth.

And believe me, I do go on.

Blah, blah, blah... until I'm sure their ears are bleeding.

And then there it is..


The kind that keeps you up at night questioning yourself.


Anyway, my point is...

I'm a flawed human being, but I truly mean well.

I just need to remember that unless we're in someone else's shoes, we really don't know or understand why they are the way they are.

And maybe those bloggers really do live in a perfect bubble.

I'm happy for them, if they do.

Personally though, 

I'd rather live my messy, imperfect life.

Dog hair and all ;)


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you have a beautiful, relaxing, day....

 filled with love and joy.

Whether your children happen to be the human kind, 

a dog...

or a cat...