Thursday, August 10, 2017

Before you know it

It may seem unbelievable to those that are still in the heat of Summer, but here, Autumn already seems to be whispering.

The air feels different.

I notice it in the morning, while I'm still in bed.

The window in my bedroom has been open at night lately, because it's already cooling down and the other morning I felt a crispness.

I also notice it when I take my walk in the evening.

Even though it's still a bit hot, there's a slightly cooler breeze when the wind blows.

The sun is rising later and setting earlier, so I get to witness my sunrises again and the lights get turned on earlier in my home.

Even the wildlife outside seems to be getting ready, as the birds are already eating more seed from the feeder and the squirrels are gathering pieces of wood for their nests from the woodpile.

The woodpeckers haven't shown up to hammer food into the eves of my roof, but it's only a matter of time.

I've been in a nesting mood.

There's been painting, furniture moving, and a basic need to clean and clear out useless things so that I feel like I can breathe.

It's almost like I'm in a rush to get things done so that I can truly enjoy the coming season.

I look forward to taking walks with falling leaves swirling around.

Getting back to exploring ghost towns and digging up old artifacts that happened to be someone's trash a hundred years ago.

I have a sudden urge to light a fire in the fireplace, make some cocoa, wrap myself in a cozy blanket, and read a good book.

Baking cookies, cakes and pies sounds like a perfect way to spend the day.

Chili and cornbread, 



wool dresses and skirts,


they're all calling my name.

And yet...

I know it's not quite time.

I can't say that I really enjoy Summer.

Yes, the slightly tan skin, the swimming, walking barefoot, barbecuing, and the sounds of crickets and cicadas serenading me from the tree tops are lovely.

But honestly...

it's never been my season.

I'm thankful for it though, because more than anything...

 it really makes me appreciate...


It'll be here before you know it.



  1. What a gorgeous sky! I have noticed the subtle changes too....chilly morning air....makes me want to start baking pumpkin bread but trying to hold off a bit as I usually wait until September. It's been a cooler summer this year, very pleasant actually.....but I always look forward to fall. My favorite time of year!!! Enjoy your walks with the falling leaves, they'll be here before you know it! xx

  2. Your writing is beautiful and I agree ... Autumn is my season and Spring time too !

  3. Very beautiful post Rue! And pretty pictures!

  4. Fantastic photos dear Rue! I also am looking forward to fall. I'm not feeling hints of it yet, but will. We don't usually get cool temps until sometime in October. Still have August and September to go through the heat and humidity. Which does make me appreciate the cooler weather when it finally arrives.

    With your post I could feel, take in scents, and see the wonder of autumn's coming. Thanks for sharing.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. I feel the same way, summer is just to be endured so Autumn can give us joy. I hate heat, and love to wear sweaters and fall colors.

  6. Beautiful photos! I am not nearly ready for fall. I hope to get into my new home and enjoy at least a few weeks of summer there. But I will admit that fall is my favorite season.

  7. you're speaking my language, dear heart. ♥
    summer isn't my favorite season but i must give
    credit because it ushers in my favorite of
    seasons. autumn. here in northern california
    it'll be warm/toasty/scorchingSomeDays for a
    while yet .. but we're turning on lights a tich
    earlier than even a week ago. sweet beginnings
    of sweater season. this morning it's 59 degrees
    and will warm up to 95 with full sunshine. mornings
    call for a sweater while on a stroll/mosey with
    the pooch. lovely. ♥

  8. If you were from Texas you really wouldn't like summer! It's a trial to be endured, rather than a pleasure in the land of 95+ degree days coupled with 95+ humidity!

  9. I feel the same way. My woodpecker has returned, and I am so happy to see and hear him. I am eager for the hot days to be behind us. You wrote exactly what I've been feeling, and your photos are splendid.

  10. Gorgeous photos Rue! Fall is my favorite time of year as well.


  11. Rue, I love your photos, beautiful! Oh yes, I can see why you notice the changes up north, I'm envious, sob! When the normal high is under a 100 and the monsoon leaves ( no humidity ) Fall will be here, well sort of:). The facts of life living in the low desert.
    I'll put out my faux Autumn leaves and say "ya Fall is here!"
    Enjoy the coming days with Autumn in the air, Kathleen in Az

  12. Beautiful thoughts and photos, though I'm a summer girl and wish the season lasted much longer!

  13. Fall has always been my very favorite season but I sure love summer, too. Spring is too muddy and unpredictable for me and winter---well---snow is not my thing unless I can view it from a chair placed fireside. lol

    I baked today because it is a cool rainy day---and reminds me that school will be starting soon and fall is a'comin'. Hope you have a blessed, wonderful weekend. xo Diana

  14. Oh yes! Everything you said - perfect:) I also am a Autumn girl . . . I feel SO alive when Fall is near. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and words!

  15. Beautiful photos! Summer in Texas is brutal. I'm not a summer girl either. Looking forward to the temps cooling down here but that will be awhile. :(

  16. Girl you remind me so much of myself!!!! I took out my fall stuff just today and put out a few things because it makes me happy!!I have been waiting on fall all summer. It makes me so happy. The leaves here in North Carolina is truly the most beautiful place on earth to me. I am ready for a fire and apple cider and long walks in the woods. I think God is an awesome artist.I think He is showing off!! I wish you lived next door to me. We would have the best time.

  17. What beautiful pictures. Every time I try to get sky pictures they just turn out white. I need a better camera I guess. Here in Oregon there seems to be four distinct seasons and I love them all. I'm always so glad when one season ushers in the next and yet I always miss the season just fading away. Thank you for a beautiful post. Sandra

  18. I'm with you, fall is definitely my season. Though having photo sessions scheduled for every single weekend in October and most of November and September have kind of put a damper on it. I wish everyone didn't want their photos taken with the fall colors so that I could enjoy some of it!

  19. Beautiful pictures Rue. We are still having summer here in Illinois but the weather has been a little bit cooler for the month of August than it usually is. It is nice at night here too. Fall will be here soon.

  20. Gorgeous photos! I am not ready for fall yet.

  21. Its so hot here I feel a little sick to my stomach...for real. Yesterday we had a heat advisory because the heat and humidity combo is so bad. For the next few rain and 99 degrees plus. For Central Texas, Autumn is so very far away..To mourn that, I think I'm going to work on my tan a little today. (:

  22. You echo my sentiments perfectly! I tolerate I can fully embrace Autumn. Unfortunately, we all know what follows Autumn! Enjoy your day! ;)

  23. Hi Rue, yes it will be here before long. I can feel and see the changes too. We are still hot but it's just different. Lovely post with beautiful inspiring photos. Enjoy your nesting time. I'm doing the same here. Happy Weekend xo

  24. Everywhere I look, people are talking about fall. But, in my neck of the woods, the days are just getting hot, the ocean is just warming up and we'll be in flip flops through October.

  25. Beautifully written piece, Rue and the photos are stellar. I lingered on your blog today and almost got caught up in the splendor of fall...which says a lot since I am a devout summer girl. It's still hot here, bare feet in the sand, a/c on full blast, dipping in the pool to cool off. I'm not ready to let it go yet, but your words do make a lovely case. :)

  26. Lovely photos as always my friend and lovely sentiments to go along.
    As a late November baby, I am an autumn/winter person too.
    Autumn begins September 22 , not long now though I feel guilty if I rush a season as if I am rushing my life as well.
    The chill is here as well with considerably low temperatures for August!
    The ocean never really warmed up a lot this year either.

  27. Love your sky shots! :)

    We too ( here in southwestern PA ) have had an unusual cooling in August and I am enjoying every minute of it :)

  28. My gosh, I am right there with you on walks with swirling leaves, digging for artifacts and hot cocoa. Bring on the fall and winter I say. When my son in Law was stationed at Fort Huachuca ( twice) I would love to visit and go up into the Huachuca mountains to see petroglyphs and out to bisbee, tombstone and tomblstone quite a bit when they lived in Sierra Vista. I miss visiting these places. I loved it when she took me to an old ghost town (she called it) and we found old glass bottles , many broken and they were so thick. Rocks with leaf impressions and at night looking up into the night sky and feeling like we could pluck a star right from it. Jack rabbits - wow! You live in a beautiul and historical place and love reading about your adventures visiting different areas with you. Beautiful shots you have posted of the sky.
    Happy Sunday

  29. Rue, Here in Texas, I am longing for the Autumn to arrive! Your photos are so lovely ;)

  30. Autumn is my favorite season, Rue, and I look forward to it every year. We,ve already had a few cool days in the 60's this month, so it was a nice preview of the weather I love.

  31. Good Afternoon Rue, Reading your words and enjoying your photographs, I could feel that little 'change in the air' which you described.
    August is a turning point here in the North of England, the nights are closing in and the sun is certainly lower in the sky.
    I noticed my neighbour's vine leaves are changing colour..... a certain sign that Autumn is on the way.
    Best Wishes

  32. Hi,
    Beautiful photos my friend.
    I can feel the change of seasons here too.
    Love, Carla

  33. Sounds wonderful although it' a little down the road for us. We have had a slightly cooler and wetter summer than normal and it sure has been nice.

  34. The leaves are already starting to change here, and the nights are quite cool. My sweetie actually had to turn his heat on the other day! Not me....but I did close my windows and let all the cooking I was doing warm the house. I love fall, and like you, summer is not really my season either. I don't do well in the sun!

  35. I'm ready for Autumn too. We've had a horribly hot and humid July and first part of August here in So. Cal.. Unfortunately, it won't cool down here until the end of September. Over the years I've come to really love Autumn, probably because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Something about Autumn really appeals to me these days; I think it's because it means the year is winding down which seems synonymous with slowing down (even though my life never seems too....).

    Lovely sunset photos!


  36. I am very much a summer person and always cling very tightly to it. While I like fall, it reminds me that winter is coming and I always feel a bit sad. Your sunsets are beautiful. xo Laura

  37. I'd be lying if I claimed to love July and August but I've really done better this summer than since I was a teenager and loved summers. Not much of a hint of autumn here yet, blow some back this way, please. You're making me long for it with your lovely words and pictures. "Chili and cornbread....." Won't that taste wonderful during the first frost? Can't wait!

  38. You've described so perfectly how I've always felt about summer and autumn. I think because I like being in my home, the cooler weather of autumn and then winter makes it so much more pleasurable. And of course the colours, the clothes, the decor, the sights, the smells...I could go on and on! Heather

  39. You captured my anticipation for fall perfectly here! I'm loving everything you've described, too. Happy almost fall!

  40. It's funny, I was just looking at because I am craving our lit fireplace with a cup of tea and book aside. It is beginning to cool down ... slightly ... today was "only" about 85*F, rather than the usual upper 90's! Bring on Fall, I'm ready to order another cord of firewood :)

  41. Gorgeous photos! You know, it's strange... It's cooler, knock on wood. Even though I didn't go away as long this year, I made the return date just about the same, give or take a few days. 106, 104, though yesterday 107... It's been like this since I returned. September temperatures here... no monsoon though :( Could still could return though... Yeah! September could still be horrible, but maybe not... I wish that we had a small place up north for the weekends. Enjoy... the beautiful weather. xoxo Su

  42. Oh Rue, such beautiful photographs.
    This year is simply flying by and here in the UK our nights are drawing in ... Autumn (the Fall) is getting ever nearer.
    My two favourite seasons are Autumn and Spring.

    All the best Jan

  43. Fall seems to be making an early appearance here in Texas. I love these pictures. Gorgeous.

  44. I remember, when we lived in ID, how I too felt that anticipated change in the atmosphere that so clearly spoke to my heart... and here we are again contemplating the idea of going back, after four years living in the South with mild winters. I don't know how my warmth-sun seeker soul would handle going back to those awful long winters, but such is life...

    Good job on that old desk...


  45. Your sunset pictures are gorgeous! I'm a Fall girl also. Today I looked at our extended forecast and loudly declared that I was going to die because we have many days in the high 90's forecast for the next 2 weeks and we usually surpass the temperature forecasts in heat. YUCK!

  46. Really, really beautiful writing. Exquisite. The photos are beautiful, as well, and when they come together, they make music.


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