Monday, December 22, 2014

Bubba's diet

Bubba is on a diet and he's not happy abut it.

So, today I guess he decided he would get more food if he hopped up on the bench during lunch.

He got his special treat.

But, I guess that wasn't enough, because he jumped up onto the table after it was over and looked at me, as if to say "Is that it?!"

Poor baby......

I know you probably feel very sorry for him, but I think he'll live ;)



  1. OOOOhhhhhh! I am in love with your "little" Bubba! He is just a doll. And what a cute, cute, little eating alcove you have too! Wish I could just squeeze him (in a good way). They can look so pathetic, can' t they? I used to have an English bulldog (Winston), and two pugs (Monty and Lulu) - and they could make anyone believe (with their eyes) they were so neglected and abused for lack of food....but their pudgy little bodies covered with super shiny fur gave them away.... :-)

    Big hug

  2. He and his sister, Mini (a beagle/rat terrier mix) have developed it into an art form lol

  3. Well, I was only going to keep looking at back posts without adding too many comments but have to say that Bubba is so darn cute, those neat little paws! And I love vintage embroidered tablecloths.

    It is so hard keeping a beloved pet on a diet, especially when they look at you and you can hear them saying, "If you loved me you would give me a bite of that."

    1. Comments never bother me! It's how we all get to know each other ;)

      I love that little guy so much, it's kind of obnoxious lol But, I'm glad people seem to like pictures of him.

      I'm a sucker for vintage table cloths and the only thing that holds me back is size. If they don't fit either of my tables, then I don't buy them.

      I know exactly what you mean.... well, obviously.... just look at that little sausage lol


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