Monday, May 18, 2015

Watering and questions

I've been having some sort of blogger's block lately. Maybe getting hit in the hiney did it... who knows.

 But for whatever reason,  I just can't seem to get myself to be inspired to doanything blogging wise except read your blogs, which I'm catching up on slowly, but surely.

Today though, I was out watering in the front yard and took my camera with me.

While I'm out here I thought I'd get your opinion...

I bought a potting rack at Amazon to hold extra pots and the bird feeder and I've been wondering if I should paint it yellow or green to match the table and chairs.

What do you think?

Apparently, Mini is curious as well ;)

Besides watering, I also planted some herb seeds, since the frosts should be over by now.

Have you ever seen a Holly bush in bloom?

Beautiful, isn't it? :)

The other day, I found one of my pots of pansies eaten away.

I have a few likely suspects.

Oops! There's a little Bubba butt.

Don't tell him. He might get embarrassed ;)

The trees have really filled out.

Here's a picture from a few months ago:

And here it is today:

I need to get out there and trim them a bit.

The roses are finally blooming :)

And so is the lavender.

Notice anything missing though?

I'm guessing whoever ate my pansies, also enjoys daises.

Poor little thing... I'll be transplanting it into a pot to hopefully save it.

All in all though, the yard is looking pretty spiffy :)

I just need to get a few more flowers to replace the eaten ones and for fill in. 

Probably some top soil too.

Back to my Blogger's block...

This is the issue for me:

I'm really stuck on what to blog about.

I'm not redoing the rooms of my house over and over, because it's expensive and I kinda think it's silly when the whole point is to figure out what I love and stick to it, so that's out. 

Of course, sometimes things change while I'm fluffing and cleaning and whenever I have a major project, I do share those, but things like that take time and I can't post about that all the time.

Also, I live a happy, but not necessarily a fascinating life (at least to me), so I don't think I'd post about that unless you want to know my daily schedule and have a nice story to fall asleep to ;)

So, inquiring minds want to know..

What would you like to see me post about?


For those of you confused about the brown paint people, I answered it in the comments of my last post. I hope it helps :)


  1. Hi Rue; check out Brenda's (Cozy Little House) post a day ago and Debra's (Common Ground) a few day's ago on the subject you just mentioned. I was inspired by what they (and all those who commented on those posts) had to say so I wrote one that was somewhat similar yesterday. Basically, be true to yourself, write when you want to write. Hugs.

    Was it rabbits or deers eating your plants?


  2. Hi Rue, love your cheery yellow patio set. It looks like a fun place to entertain especially for Summer. My favorite is your lavender, SO pretty! I'd paint the planter to match the patio set, either color would be perfect. I think I'm agree with everyone, what I like most about blogging are the stories from the heart, and that everyone's blog is just as unique as the blogger. I'm more of a nostalgic person, I love to hear stories of old, and you know me a 'sweet' recipe always catches my eye. You don't have to decorate every day, even a small piece of the tiniest flower creates beauty on it's own. What I keep telling myself is, have FUN with it, that's why I started in the first place, and to enjoy the friendships along the way! Have a lovely week!
    xo Christine

  3. As for painting the little potting bench from Amazon, how about the green of your shutters? Your lavender is just gorgeous! Here's my advice on blog posts: Think up a story from another time, your past. It could be a really funny story. Or people love posts about pets and how they came to be part of your family. What keeps me blogging is my camera. I just take it and photograph everything from different angles, and something will come to me. Just don't get too anxious because you feel like nothing is coming to you. Relax and take photos. Another really important thing: Read. Read anything and everything. Good readers make good writers.

  4. Hi Rue! I love seeing your patio and gardens. I love your vintage table and chairs and remember from your old blog when you got it! Or when you first posted about it. I think painting your little new piece would look great - the green or yellow. Too bad you've got a sneaky little critter eating your flowers. Isn't it something when spring comes and the leaves on the trees sprout out and I think it's the prettiest color of green ever. You just blog when you feel like it and I'll be here! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Well first let me address the potting rack...personally I like the contrast of it remaining black but that's just me. I'm sure whatever you decide will be fine and you can always spray paint it when the urge hits.

    I wouldn't worry too much about not having anything to blog about.....I haven't blogged regularly in quite some time and for a while it bothered me but it doesn't anymore...I post when I feel I have something interesting enough to share. I think a couple of bloggers have addressed this issue recently (Brenda at Cozy Little House and Debra at Common Ground if I'm not mistaken). The general consensus is blogging ain't what it used to be....too much competition and it's become more of a business to make $$ to some. Remember the old days of blogging when no one expected perfect projects or homes? We just shared our homes and's getting harder to find those kind of blogs anymore so many have come off my reading list. Plus, what's up with certain bloggers getting gifted so many things? It's truly mind boggling! Your blog is interesting and relateable (sp?) and that's why I like reading your blog! I say be true to yourself and the blog will take care of itself.

  6. Your patio is so pretty, Rue...I would just love sitting out there! I think the rack would be pretty yellow or green...another color I love in the garden is periwinkle blue (I love how your blue pot stands out).
    I think we all have times when we'd rather read blogs than write one...xo

  7. Hi Rue,

    I love your blog, and I was so glad to find you again.. I used to read your old blog. I also love old houses and history. I think you should just blog about your everyday life, and the seasons, and anything that come to your mind. You have a unique way of writing that people really enjoy. I particularly like when you describe where/when you found antiques and how you rehab some of them. Also like your posts on the inspiration you find to restore your house. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Jill!

      I'm so glad you found me :)

      Thank you for your suggestions. I really appreciate it.


  8. P.S. I also really enjoy your sense of humor!

  9. You can post about anything, friends like to hear about you and what your up too no matter how small. Post about how your feeling or whatever. Don't put pressure on yourself, now with warmer weather I post a lot about outside, going for a walk and taking photos of home. Love your patio and I'd paint the shelve same color as windows.

  10. I say paint it yellow to make it 'pop.'

    I get the blogging dilemma. After 6 years of a dieting blog, I've morphed into a 'just lil ole me and my streams of consciousness' kind of things. It might be dieting one day, minimalism another, photography another, a re print of a great article I've read, waxing about some injustice (though never religious or political because I'm not a fool), going on and on about grandkids. Just whatever. And those are the kinds of blogs I like the best. :)

  11. I feel the same way about blogging. I give myself a talk and I post a couple of times, then NOTHING for 4-6 weeks. I feel as though I don't have enough to interest anyone, not any new products, no new decor/styling going on. Today, though, Brenda has a post all about this. A blog is suppose to be about us, our lives. It's a good post, Rue. It sort of helped me. I'll try to post tomorrow.
    I love your yard. I do miss Arizona sometimes. The heat would feel so good sometimes. I also miss the stars in the sky there. It is so clear and you see so many more stars. Melancholy has struck :)
    I hope you have a good week.

  12. I like green. It's my favorite color, but I am sure it will look great no matter what you choose. As far as writing, I say whatever and whenever you choose. I'll read no matter what you say! ;)

  13. Your cottage is just amazing! You were so lucky to find such a unique amazing house.

    I understand about blogging too. There are times that I get bummed because as much as I love blogging, I don't want to buy things or do silly projects for the sake of something to post. There's just no point in that. So....I post when I want and when I have something to share. No pressure.

  14. Hi Rue,
    Your home is lovely. I love your gardens (I can smell the lavendar). Very pretty.
    I am not very good at decorating or coordinating, but I would paint the planter reddish or steel blue so it would pop-out a little. I was looking at the red flower and the blue vase (in one of your patio pictures) when I thought of those colors. In contrast, yellow would be my second choice.

  15. I vote yellow for the potting rack! :-) Giggling about Bubba's peekaboo butt (sorry, I teach junior high--their sense of humor tends to wear off on you after awhile...). You have a gorgeous yard!

    As far as posts go, I love to read about:
    *How people got their names (I make my 8th graders give a speech about it the first week of school every year)
    *Books people are reading or movies they have watched and loved
    *Hometowns (I'm an armchair traveler, so I love to hear about different regions)
    *Products people love (I might love them too!)
    *Jr. High/High School Moments (with pictures please!) ;-)
    *If you could live anywhere in the world...
    *Weird quirks you might have (I have TONS of them--I like soggy cereal, if I'm awake I have to have my shoes on...)

    I have greatly enjoyed each and every post you've ever written, so just keep on doing what you've been doing.

  16. I enjoyed this post. My favorite kind of posts are the real life ones. I blog about whatever is going on in my life. I figure if people don't want to read it, then they don't have to. My "friends" don't care what I blog about and read whatever I put out there though. I will read whatever you choose to share...:) I like the rack in black but think it would look fantastic in a color too. I think even a totally unexpected color would be great. Have a happy week!

  17. I vote for painting the pot rack the green color of your shutters. Your yard is looking really nice, though I wonder what kind of creature is eating some of your flowers? Last year I planted a variety of greens in a big pot and had it on my front porch. One day I looked out the window, and there sat a big, fat groundhog right in the middle of the planter, happily munching away! This year, we have a baby bunny that is nesting under the pine trees in our back yard and I see it at various times during the day, munching on the plants in my butterfly garden.

    I hear ya on the blogging rut. I get that way every once in awhile myself. You don't necessarily have to blog about anything in your house...others above have left some great ideas. :-)

  18. Rue,Rue,Rue, I have known you for 8 yrs now and you have never been lost for words ha ha!! Girl people love you and just want to hear about your life..One time you did a post about things you had to have in your home cleaning aids etc..I found some great information from that..You need to do another one for all your new readers..
    Paint the rack girl..something fun colorful and happy to match you..I vote for yellow like a sunflower..They are a happy flower like you girl..
    Much love and hugs from my mountain to yours..your friend Gloria

  19. Hahaha Bubba Butt! I vote for green too. Honestly I love your home and I'm excited about a pretty soft yellow in the living room and curious about the back yard. Also, you're living in the beautiful mountains in Arizona! We're having a mild and some rain in Phoenix this month and I'm loving it, because soon it'll be hot and humid. A few of my favorite bloggers are taking a blog break. Also, I see a supportive group of bloggers in the comments. You have readers like me that enjoy bloggers like you Rue, Kathleen in Az

    1. Thank you so much, Kathleen. Your sweet words mean a great deal to me :)

      It's going to be awhile before that living room gets painted, because I'm on a bit of a painting break, but hopefully it'll happen soon.


  20. Hmm, looking at the front of your house, I vote for yellow, but green would look good too. I think you can easily blog about whatever comes to mind as long as you enjoy it -- because you have to enjoy what you're doing. That's probably why my blog is a mishmash of things. ;) And as a desert dweller, I always like to see a different view. :)

  21. Love your beautiful yard! I have the same issues with blogging Rue. My husband keeps asking what will happen after all the rooms are painted and done and I honestly don't know. As far as the rack goes, I love green but I think it will look great with whatever color you choose.

  22. Hi Rue,
    I would paint the rack either yellow or green,both would look charming.The picture of your house with the trees is simply gorgeous.I love your roses and lavendel,my roses don´t bloom yet.I´m interested in real life posts,it doesn´t have to be some awesome news.In my last post I only showed my garden a little because nothing else happened besides splitting wood.I will read your posts no matter about what you wanna write.
    Have a great week.

  23. Your patio and front yard look so inviting, Rue. I got a wonderful feeling when looking at your photos. I am learning that I can't post quality material every day so I am writing what comes to me. I find inspiration everywhere. Come visit today. I have a $100 Visa gift card giveaway going on at my blog. xo Laura

  24. I would paint the potting bench green. Your flowers are looking wonderful. Was it a deer that is eating some of them?

  25. I love your fairy tale cottage! I'd leave the potting bench as is because the yellow piece really stands out on it. One of my favorite bloggers posts about her favorite things and collections, another has lovely photos of any new vignettes or arrangements and there's always room for photos of growing things. I'm a fairly new reader so I'd love to hear about anything really, as I get to know you.

  26. I enjoy reading whatever you blog about. One idea might be to share things about your neck of the woods. I love when I can visit a place without leaving home! lol Oh and I always love to hear what your furry babies are up to.
    Your flowers are doing very well, other than the ones that have been eaten. Your lavender is gorgeous! I've had no luck at all with it.
    Have a nice day

    1. Hi Jeannette :)

      I didn't have any luck with English Lavender, but this Spanish kind really took off. Maybe try a different one like I did?

      And thank you for your sweet words, my friend :)


  27. I'm having writer's block too and have posted since the first part of the month. My life is busy taking care of my mom and my hubby is taking care of his father. Not sure that's what people want to hear about, but that's where I am in life at this time. I think the green on the planter would make it pop more. Wish I had some advice, but I love to pop in and read whatever you post. Hugs!

  28. What do I like to read, when I read posts????

    Bit of this and that, in the life of the blogger. :-)

    Some daily happenings... Which she wants to share, of course. What she is having fun, doing... _Not_ always _one_ thing though... I don't enjoy blogs which are always about recipes, or redecorating, or sewing, or her art, or crafting, etc. Which means, I prefer variety.

    And some reality. Meaning, no life is purrrrrfect. And I prefer not to read blogs, which "pretend" life is.

    Wow, how super wonderful, to have a blogger ask me, what I like!!!!!!!! (I like to do this too! Ask for personal opinions!) But this doesn't ever mean, that bloggers have to conform, to my wishes.

    Gentle hugs,

  29. Well, dear heart, as you know, I am such a silly poster..I can have whole, entire posts on lemons...and before I can compose one post, I have 14 other ideas for posts...I could sit all day long, all week long, composing posts...but I have to clean house, wash, groc shop, cook....hahhaa...I love taking photos of food so that's pretty easy, as I do like to cook.
    Whatever you want to post about is what you SHOULD post about...

  30. Your home is beautiful. I think that the potting rack would be adorable painted green to match the cushions on the table. And, your garden is just wonderful. It looks like you chose, not only beautiful plants, but wonderful smelling ones, too! :) I gotta tell you - I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago, and I dearly love the topics you choose to write about, so keep on bein' you! I've enjoyed everything I have read, thus far...

  31. Thank you for clearing up the brown paint/tub issue!!!
    I don't have a blog but love reading them. I love reading about ones day to day life. Older homes, gardens, cooking and life...adventures. Also, I love crochet and sewing. Love to hear about any hobbies that people pursue. Love to hear about a persons passions. Your passion for the "older/simple" life is a joy to read. I am on your side about the whole painting antique furniture. I cringe!!!! It is a fad and in a while everyone will be talking about stripping furniture back to the original wood stain. I enjoyed reading about how you wax and care for your antiques. Simple is good!!!!
    P.S. It is always nice to see someone's area/town/street where they did a nice one on that.

    1. You're so welcome, Addie!

      Thank you for all your suggestions. It really means a lot :)

  32. I just love coming here to look at your photos and read about your life. It's all good. I would paint the rack.

  33. Reading the comments and everyone's opinions about blogging was interesting, Rue. I guess we all have opinions on the kinds of posts we like, as varied as can be. I've never read a post of yours that wasn't interesting so you should trust your own instincts. We like glimpses into your home but it doesn't have to be a different look each time. There's comfort to me in feeling that I'm returning to your kitchen or other rooms or your garden, as to the house of a friend. The stories of your house restoration are wonderful but you would wear yourself, and your purse, out if you turned out something new for each post.

    Just ask yourself what you enjoy posting. Do it for you and then we'll like it!

  34. oh my I am very jealous of your garden! it is stunning! come and do mine? please? pretty please? it is a jungle and I feel I may get lost if I try to tackle it myself I'm only 5'3" :) found you via cozy little house, I'm looking forward to reading more :)

  35. Hi Rue, love your pretty garden and your little stand would be great painted yellow or green. Love your flowers and your home is so charming. I know too well we get bloggers block from time to time. Keeping a regular schedule going can be a challenge. I've been blogging for nearly 9 years and just when I think I've shared it all, something new comes to me. Still, only about half of what I think about posting actually becomes a post. I tend to think, no one will want to read about that. Then I'm surprised when I see the subject on another blog and realize there is a reader for everything.
    I love your posts and I am sure you will come up with something wonderful like you always do.
    Have fun and Happy Gardening,.
    Hugs, CM

  36. I'm probably in the minority here...but I like your potting rack black! It matches the bench, and your house numbers....and stands looks intentional. Love your pretty. Who exactly is eating your pansies..deer? I haven't a clue as to what you should blog about...I love all things you could take pics of flowers, and that would be okay with me! We have been busy redesigning our planting beds...removing the old and overgrown, transplanting plants...and of course, adding some new. So, I could always use more gardening suggestions! ;)

    1. Hi Donnamae :)

      I think it's a deer or a bunny, although, I'm not sure.

      Thank you for your suggestions. I'll be sure to post more gardening stuff as it happens ;)


  37. I think I would paint the baker's rack green. Maybe it's just me, but I love a green baker's rack. ;) I agree with writing from the heart. It sounds like quite a few of us have struggled with this same issue lately. I personally would also love to see more of your neighborhood. The last one you did was so interesting and the homes were beautiful!

  38. Oh my gosh Rue, your yard is beautiful! Love all the pics of yard patio, the trees, the flowers. So green! I totally feel you on blogger's block, I'm feeling that a bit too myself lately. Hopefully it passes with time. That's my hope for me, at least :) Have a great day!

  39. Hi Rue!
    First, love the house and the garden and I'm over the moon with your Lavender.....I vote "Yellow" for the potting rack....
    Having read all these wonderful comments has made me feel as if I was lost and just turned down a familiar road...I've been blogging over a year and lately felt "How can I compete with the Big Blogs?" I don't have the resources these blogs do and I don't have the audience.....then I received such nice comments about my story on the old chandelier...and realized folks, like me, are interested in real people and their goings and comings.....I read Brenda's blog a few days back and it just opened my eyes and my keep writing! That's what I m going to do, share my Country Life, and all the laughter I can muster up!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!
    Lois @

  40. I think the potting rack would look good in a green-love the stripes on the chairs! I think taking pictures of things during your day will hopefully inspire you and then others!

  41. What a totally charming space! I'm voting green but think you can't go wrong! I just love the idea of the contrast!

  42. First i have to say i love your house!!! I don't think i would paint it. I would leave it as it is. Your flowers are so pretty.


  43. Your house is charm personified…just love it!! I love the idea of a black or green baker's rack and I totally agree with blogging from the heart. Just stay true to yourself and we'll all be here…blogger's blocks are no fun…

  44. I look forward to all of your posts, Rue. Love your potting bench and the planter with yellow birds. Your lavender is heavenly, and I can just imagine how wonderful your garden smells. I don't have goats anymore, but when I did, they ate my knockout roses, ivy, butterfly bushes, and pansies, but they gave the lavender a wide berth.

  45. My vote is to paint it green, but that's one of my favorite colors so take that advice with a grain of salt.

    I've read a few of the comments, and I'm thinking by now you've gotten the encouragement and advice you need.mlots of good suggestions.

    One thing I've learned is sometimes the post you think will get lots of interest doesn't, and a post about how to boil an egg goes viral. So the moral of the story is, do what YOU want. It's all good.


  46. Your flowers and trees are way ahead of ours! We have been having horrible weather in Colorado--it has rained the last 18 out of 20 and this week was cold --in the 40;s! That is so unlike the usual sunny weather here. I hope June will finally be nice or I don;t think we will have any flowers. I love your lavender! Do you have deer or rabbits? They eat everything here!

    I think your potting table looks nice as it is, but painting it a color will make it stand out nicely.

    As far as blog block--it happens to everyone! Just relax and write about what makes you happy!

  47. My vote is to paint the pot rack yellow since it is so close to the green window trim. OR how about a nice cheery RED!!!!

  48. Hi Rue I don't know you very well but I did read an excellent post on kitchens you wrote and the name of your blog - old fashioned makes me interested and curious to know more on your thoughts, feelings and perspective with that word. As for the potting rack you've probably already painted it but I'm with the other's who have suggested a third colour - but not black. However I am one to like an array of colours and I enjoy figuring out how to pull then together to make it work. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am looking forwards to your future posts whatever they may be.


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