Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why the vintage? (part four)

You're probably asking yourselves, "What in the world could she possibly have to say after the last three posts?"

I'll bet even Dewena didn't expect this long of an answer when she asked me those questions, huh? ;)

Well, don't worry dear readers, this is the last post in this series.

Anyway, this time it's about movies and television.

The first old movie I remember seeing, around the age of 7 was Gone with the Wind.

I know you're just shocked ;)

Remember when it came on tv every year?

I so looked forward to it.

Eventually, VHS came out and you could buy your own copy and I did :)

It was never the same after that though.

I'm sure those of you old enough to remember specials on tv, will remember the excitement of seeing this:

For me, it meant a claymation Christmas movie or a Snoopy special was coming on and in 1976 it meant that Gone with the Wind would be on tv for the first time.

I remember how excited my mom was to have me watch it.

I was hooked the moment I saw Scarlett flirting with those Tarleton twins.

I wanted to be her and I wanted to marry Rhett.

Until I got older and realized that wasn't a good idea.

Well, the being like Scarlett part, anyway ;)

Earlier this year I finally got to see it on the big screen and it was even more beautiful.

My mom soon introduced me to Shirley Temple movies, The Road pictures with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope, The Wizard of Oz, Doris Day movies, and many, many more.

Her influence started a love of old movies that I don't think she could have imagined, when she sat me down in front of the tv to watch them all those years ago.

In my life I've seen even more of them than she has and I constantly surprise her when she asks me if I've seen "such and such picture".

I 'discovered' actresses like Rita Hayworth, Jean Arthur, Claudette Colbert, Katherine Hepburn, Barbara Stanwyck, Lauren Bacall, Jane Wyman, Carol Lombard, Myrna Loy, Bette Davis, Irene Dunn, Joan Crawford, Gene Tierney, and actors like, Jack Carson, William Powell, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Humphrey Bogart, Spencer Tracy, Fred Astaire, Charlie Chaplin....

I could go on and on.

Did you know that there are some pretty racy movies made before 1930 and even as late as 1934?

It's called 'pre-code Hollywood'.

They aren't quite as dirty as some of the music from that time period, that I mentioned before, but really racy for back then.

Now I know what my grandfather, Papa (Annie Belle's son), meant when he said to my mom...

 "What? Do you think your generation invented sex?"

Speaking of Papa, he's the one that introduced me to 'I love Lucy'

I would watch the shows at his house when I was little.

Then I found even more shows, thanks to reruns and Nick at Night.

Leave it to Beaver, The Honeymooners, Father Knows Best, Dobie Gillis, Ozzie and Harriet, The Donna Reed Show, The Ann Southern Show, and my two very favorites..

Mr. Ed

and Burns and Allen

George Burns actually reminds me a lot of Papa.

When my mother told him that, he said that it was just because George was an "old fart" like he was.

In actuality, it was the dry humor.

Well, regardless, I love George Burns so much that I bought all his books, watched all his movies, and actually got to see him on stage right before he died.

When he died I actually cried.

If you've never read his book 'Gracie: A Love Story', I highly recommend it.

So, I think that about does it.

My love of vintage is in every aspect of my life, whether it's the way I dress, the way I decorate, the music I listen to, the movies and tv that I watch and even in my belief system and the way I live my life.

Except I don't normally refer to any of it as vintage unless I have to classify it.

It's just how I am.

It's just me.

Influenced by something unknown and the people that brought me up.

Thank you so much for all your interest in my probably strange to you, but happy to me little life.

It's very odd to describe why you are the way you are, but I tried my best ;)



  1. Rue,
    You've brought back so many wonderful memories! I, too, fell in love with Gone with the Wind at a young age and read the book in 8th grade. I'd love to live back then...but with air conditioning, indoor plumbing, and medical advances...and without slavery and war. :-)

    A friend and I were just discussing Father Knows Best yesterday. I mentioned that I wanted my dad to be like Robert Young and call me "Princess" or "Kitten." My father had no desire to wear a suit every day and thought "Toots" was a fitting name for me. *sigh*

  2. What an interesting "series" Rue. I enjoyed reading it very much. I also have a love for old movies and watch them whenever I can.
    Have a nice weekend

    1. Thank you, Jeannette! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


  3. My maternal grandpa could've been a George Burns clone. Yes, loved the Gracie book, too. :)

  4. This was a great series of posts, getting to know you a little better Rue. I really enjoyed it.

  5. p.s. I have to confess, in the interest of truth. I have never read the book or watched Gone with the Wind. How sad is that? Now, I think I must rent in on Netflix!

    1. Penny!!!! DO NOT see the movie before you read the book - trust me on that one. Gosh, I hope we got her in time, the book is so so so so so much better.

      Rue, you're awesome, thanks for the "memories!" Hugs. ♥

  6. Gone With The Wind is my all time favorite movie. Hands down.

  7. Well, Rue, I feel that I have gotten to know you over the past few days. I found you through Dewena's blog, and I have been reading through your back posts. Love, love your blog, and your vintage life. Love your house, and all your heirlooms and vintage touches. I live in a modern house, but have filled it with loved heirlooms, and have been very much influenced by my maternal grandparents and their wonderful home and life, and try to copy many of the things I remember from them. I'm going to add you to my blog list; I look forward to reading more. Deborah

  8. I first saw Gone with the Wind in a little theater in town. I remember every moment. It is just not the same on tv. I am in love with all the old B&W tv series, too! We disconnected cable since all we watch are the antenna channels. I have an appointment with Perry Mason on the ME network everyday at 10 a.m. George and Gracie are on early morning on the Antenna Channel when my husband leaves for work. We just discovered the GET and COZI channels, too. So much better than the modern stuff.

  9. Another great post, Rue. I'll take a lot of the shows you mentioned over today's reality shows any day - even if I've already seen them dozens of times (which is definitely the case with every I Love Lucy, which my Mom loved). Thanks for visiting again! Hopefully we'll 'see' each other pretty regularly!

  10. I can never get enough of these posts, Rue! I hope you will think of others along the way to write for us.

    I too loved Gone with the Wind, and honey, I was in love with Rhett! I wanted to smack the silly little fool Scarlett for not seeing what she had in him.

    I loved all the actors and actresses you mentioned, except I never was a fan of Chaplin. But I think Jane Wyman was a favorite. I loved her voice. The Magnificent Obsession is a movie I could watch over and over, corny as it is. And I love her with Rock Hudson in All That Heaven Allows, where he was her gardner.

    I loved Jimmy Stewart in anything and love knowing that he was just a very nice man.

    I must get Gracie: A Love Story!

    Thank you so much, dear Rue, for answering my questions. It's been fascinating!


  11. I remember reading Gone with the Wind for the first time as a teenager and having a hard time putting the book down. Loved Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver and shows like that. One of the first shows that I remember watching on a little black and white TV in my mom's room was "Bewitched". I was thrilled to find at Walmart one day, for 5.00, a DVD with some of the reruns.
    I just did a post on meals etc. in earlier times...I enjoy reading about those things / your series has been fun :)

  12. I remember reading Gone with the Wind for the first time as a teenager and having a hard time putting the book down. Loved Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver and shows like that. One of the first shows that I remember watching on a little black and white TV in my mom's room was "Bewitched". I was thrilled to find at Walmart one day, for 5.00, a DVD with some of the reruns.
    I just did a post on meals etc. in earlier times...I enjoy reading about those things / your series has been fun :)

  13. Rue I just LOVED THIS WHOLE SERIES! Sure took me back............(does it have to be over?? Please come up with some more things??) I loved reading it all......and it sure brought back the memories. We are very much alike. I loved all the same shows and movies as you. And alot of the music. I love the big band era. I do so remember when a "special" on television was just that, a special event. It only came on once a year, if that. Like the Wizard of Oz............oh how we anticipated that one each year as we were growing up! Later, in the sixties, I vividly remember the Charlie Brown 'specials'. I loved the Christmas one the best. How bout the "grinch who stole Christmas"? I love Gone With the Wind too. And you truly DO HAVE A remarkable resemblance to the lovely Miss Leigh. Did you watch Rogers and Hamersteins' "Cinderella" that came on once a year back in the day? It starred Leslie Ann Warren........she was such a beautiful Cinderella and I can even now still sing all the songs from memory! As a little girl in that long ago era.........that musical was truly magical. I adored the music and the beautiful costumes and of course the handsome prince. I think he went on to be in General Hospital or some soap, do you know? Did you like "West Side Story as well?

  14. We much prefer the older movies over today's movies. I would have had an affair with Cary Grant, no questions asked. He was just so......delicious!!! And William Powell would have kept me entertained for house...The Thin Man movies are the best, but he has some other greats also. And racy...OMGosh at the sexual overtones in these movies...the way the dressed, the things they said.....*sigh*.... :-) HUGS!!

  15. Well Rue, this post resonates with me so much. Looks like we watched the same movies, series and specials. Thinking of Mae West way back in the day, very racy actress. Love The Thin Man series too. Cracked me up. Loving your posts on the past. Kathleen in Az

    1. Mae West was something else, wasn't she?! Loved her though :)

      Thank you!


  16. YES! this post resonates with EVERYTHING i love about old movies. and they're called classics because they endure!
    i can't see so much of the drivel today enduring that long. such beauty then. and story telling. and style. oh the style!

    i too saw GWTW on the big screen when i was 7 years old. it was in colorado. my mother and a friend of hers took me with them to see it. i was blown away! no pun intended! LOLOL!

    i am heartened by how you live your life. like you said it is you.

    i am what i call 'a cozy minimalist.' i get claustrophobic with too many things about. i've never known why. more than likely having to do with the recurring nightmare i had as a child for a long time. it was weird. the walls would close in on me and i felt i was going to be squashed. i would wake up soaking wet with fear. it finally ended. but left with it the need for space and light and uncluttered rooms.

    BUT! in every other thing about your vintage life... the music... the quality... the values... the movies... OH! i so relate. and you can talk about it all til the cows come home as far as i'm concerned!!! I LOVE IT!!!
    and i love the little community of followers and commenters here.
    we're a happy bunch. XOXO♥

  17. I imagine that you have described yourself very well indeed! Here's to being yourself! xx

  18. I love this series and learning more about why you like the things you do...and examples of the TV shows and music you love. Not strange at all - everyone is different! And that's a good thing, because life would be pretty darn boring if we were all the same. :-)

    1. PS - Where do you think my mother got my name? ;-)


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