Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Phones and glass bottles

An odd title, I know, but it'll make sense in a minute ;)

See the red phone below?

My mom bought me that phone for Christmas about a year or two ago.

It was one of those new phones that were made to look old.

It was cute and it worked fine for awhile, but one day, like all newly made things, it gave out and wouldn't work. So being who I am, I decided to buy an actual old phone and I went on a search for one that was still in working condition.

I knew I wanted a real rotary dial and I would have loved a much older one, but I decided on a 1970s phone, because the older ones are either so expensive I couldn't justify it, or they didn't work, or they had to be retrofitted. And I needed a phone yesterday, so 1970s it was!

They pretty much looked the same from the 1950s up, so it didn't bother me too much and besides, it reminded me of my childhood :)

The only problem was that the phone jack that was there wasn't compatible, so my sweetheart John had to move the jack and hard wire it in.

And here she is in all her glory!

I'm in love :)

By the way...

Notice anything different in the window display?

I have more glass bottles!

I have a thing for them and years ago had been collecting them, but sadly all of my collection went up in smoke at a Christmas party I gave. I don't want to get into it, but let's just say that candles, dried pine needles and bottles on a fireplace mantle don't mix.


Anyway, I told John this story and he's been adding to my collection to get it where it was if not more so.

We've also gone out digging for them, which has been so much fun :)

The one on the left next to my tiny stash below is one we found together at a gem show and the horseshoe was found while we were actually looking for bottles.

I think it's a good luck sign :)

He gave me all of these for Christmas this year...

and he gave me a few from his own collection...

The white shard with writing below is from an old crock from the 1800s and the closest I've gotten to finding anything besides a horseshoe while we're out, but it's still so much fun :)

And here's a better look at that picture of us from one of our adventures...

So, now you understand the title and you also know that I'm even more of a dork than you thought.




  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE old bottles. What a nice guy to 'get that' and add to your collection. I love that. AND he is pretty easy on the eyes, too. lol
    I so remember those phones and the first one in our house had a ringer on the side of it.
    Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  2. Love those old bottles. I have a few from an old rubbish heap. Little treasures.

  3. I had that exact phone growing up. I remember trying to stretch the cord out of the kitchen, around the corner and down the stairs so I could speak in private. Ha! No such thing. Love the bottles and could you two be any cuter? :)

  4. two are so cute together! What a guy doing that work to give you the phone of your dreams! They have come a long way. We still have the wall jacks due to someone's preferential ignorance but hey, it reminds us of the good old days!

    Jane x

  5. Nice old phone for your home, a handy sweetheart, a great bottle collection and a wonderful photo of the two of you.

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  6. Good morning Rue, love the phone, I certainly remember the rotary dial phones, back in the "olden days":). Ah, the glass bottles. My sister and her sweetie years ago went looking for glass bottles and anything they can find out in the high desert. I have a tall blue medicine bottle in my kitchen from one of her jaunts.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. We haven't found anything up in theses parts, but John has found all kinds of neat things in the Tucson area. I'm hoping next time we go, I'll have better luck. A blue medicine bottle is quite a find!


  7. My mother built a house on two lots in the middle of Brenham. It had been home to a pharmacist or something. She has found small old bottles galore, and as it turns out, he had a child or two. She's found old broken china doll parts, too. She does the same thing: arranges them in windows and all around her house. She has them holding things like bread ties she refuses to toss. Depression era habits die hard!

  8. A guy that gets your collection love is perfect for you! Love the phone!

  9. I have a thing for old phones also. I have one from the 40s that my dad gave me many years ago. He rewired it so that it would work in some funky 4 prong jack, which will definitely not work now, so it would have to be rewired again. While we don't have a landline, I just like having it out and around to remind me of him. That thing weighs about 50 pounds...LOL! So glad you have a new sweetheart and that you are that bottle collection and I think it's sweet he adds to it for you! Love and hugs sweet friend!

  10. I love the photo of the two of look very happy!
    The phone is so fun...I have vivid memories of having this same phone in our home!
    Your bottle collection is so pretty! I am getting quite a visual of the mantle disaster...

  11. Your sweetie sounds like a great guy! How cool that he added to your bottle collection. And I love your "new" retro phone. We don't have a land line anymore and when we had our kitchen wall renovated a few weeks ago, I had them take the land line connection out of the wall. Kind of sad, huh?

  12. Love the phone! Haven't seen one of those in years. I love old bottles too. You can see them in today's post on my bookshelf.

  13. Hello Rue. So nice to see you post. I have missed you. Hope you are doing great. I love the phone. I had a princess rotary phone in my bedroom in pink when I was a teenager. Loved the rotary phones. Glad you found this one. It looks perfect. Have a great evening and super weekend.

  14. Oh, that phone is identical to one we had in the kitchen when I was growing up! What a fun addition to your retro style :) Hope you guys have continued success on your treasure hunting excursions! Have a great weekend :)

  15. My mother had a phone just like yours in the hall next to a closet (under the stairs). I used to talk to my boyfriend (future husband) with the cord pulled into the closet and the door shut. LOL We sometimes talked until we fell asleep. I in my closet and he in his. I'm sure we drove our mothers crazy. I love bottle collections. I have some old cobalt blue bottles, and some clear and green tinted bottles. Your collection is really fun. The shard is neat. Can you imagine finding the entire Dundee crock? Now that would cause a happy dance! xo

  16. I love that you are blogging again! I missed you. found a guy who not only collects bottles...but shares? A real keeper! I firmly believe we all are a little dorky! ;)

    1. Thank you, Donnamae! It's good to be back and I missed you too :)


  17. Love ! Love ! Your nook! Your tablecloths are fantastic !

  18. So glad to see you posting again! You look so happy in the picture. Our first phone when we got married looked just like that - now I feel old.

  19. Rue, I love your bottles, AND the shard. It's exactly what I always encourage our design clients to do, to fill there homes with decorative things that mean something to them, quirky pieces that express their personal story. Your home expresses what you love so well. I love the rotary phone, there is something so satisfying about hearing that dial rotate, isn't there.

    Beautiful photo of the two of you, love that you look so happy! Xo Lidy

  20. you look *so* happy! ♥
    the phone is terrific .. and the bottles
    made my heart swOon just a bit. beauty
    and meaning and thoughtfulness. :)

  21. Great phone and a lovely collection of bottles ...

    That is a nice photograph of the two of you.
    Be happy

    Have a great weekend

    All the best Jan

  22. Rue, sweet! That's all I'm going to say! Except to say that my mother always had that kind of phone in the kitchen. I've never had a wall phone. I suppose if I wanted a phone in the kitchen, it would be the way to go; but I've never had a phone in the kitchen. I know people scrunch up their necks and hold the phone on their shoulder while they're cooking, but that's not for me.

  23. Oh yes I do remember those lovely rotary phones that could stretch throughout the whole house, lol! Your old/new phone looks lovely, how awesome that your John could make it work for you! I love your old bottle collection, and the picture of the two of you together is very sweet, so happy for you!

  24. YOu and your Sweetie John looks so happy together and I am beyond thrilled for you. He "gets" you doesn't he and that is a wonderful thing! :) I'm loving your phone and your bottle collection. I have several old bottles that I have found over the years and my cousin and my mother gave me some old figural bottles from the Poland Springs Water Company in Maine that are supposedly modeled after one of our relatives. :) I treasure them!

  25. We had a phone just like that in the 70's! Spent a many a nights pulling on that cord to the other room to talk! I love those windows in the house. Love, love, love your taste.

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