Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Life is strange, isn't it?

We go through a lot throughout our lives, but for some reason, when the dust settles after some event,  big or small, we tend to think nothing will happen to us ever again.

So we start to get comfortable.

Maybe even complacent.

Eventually we start to except the way things are.

The way they're going to be.

Good or bad.

Then one day...


 ... everything changes again.

And even though change isn't something you thought would happen, sometimes it can turn out to be beautiful.

Even joyous.

And you think to yourself...

this is what I wanted all along and you're happy.

Then you start to remember that there's more to life than just being.

And once again you get comfortable...

but in a good way.

And then you pray...

that even though you know there will be changes throughout your life...

good and bad...

that there will mostly be the good kind.

The kind that makes you happy and that you never take for granted.

And you're thankful.



  1. I'm so glad that the changes that have happened in your life have brought about happiness. I love the photos with all the pups and your "guy". That made me happy!


  2. What a beautiful, thought provoling post Rue! I feel the same way although you worded it more beautifully than I would have. I am so happy that you are happy and apparently very much in love. And...what a sweet family of doggies! Your fella must have bought some with him. :) How sweet! Love the picture of them all sitting /standing at the table waiting for a bite. :) Precious! Have a blessed and beautiful day.

    Hugs, Vicky

  3. Glad to see you posting again - you look so happy!!!

    Debbie V.

  4. ♥ true words, rue ♥
    i love this post.
    and i'm so happy
    you're happy. and
    the man is happy.
    this is obvious.
    and the poochies.
    are waiting for the
    crumbs off the plate. ♥
    happiest of happies.

  5. Wonderful post Rue! Changes happen through out our lives and it's important to remember it can be really really good!

  6. I'm happy for you that YOU'RE happy once again. Blessings to you, my friend. xoxo

  7. Oh Rue you have warmed my heart! I love seeing you happy and those fur babies are so loved and blessed!

  8. I love the puppies and you are happy. I am happy because my son has found someone to be happy with - you both deserve it.

  9. Sweet pics. Change happens and even when the change is good there is still stress. Stress of making room for all that change! But being happy, helps to make that change and stress easier to deal with. Life is good so long as there is happy mix in there. Just so long as little one does not seem over powered by the big ones!

  10. Good evening Rue, change is a part of life. Some changes are good and some not so good. When I look back at my life, I can honestly say it's the good which I remember. The bad is not forgotten, but it does fade with time.
    Your life with your new man seems so lovely and I wish you all the love and happiness for the future.
    With warmest wishes.

  11. Your home is full of doggies and happiness!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Kathleen in Az

  12. Yay I can comment again! I'm thinking I can comment when I visit through google chrome but not through Internet Explorer!!!!

    Anywayyyyyyyyyyy.....I am so happy for you, my sweet friend. You came through a rough situation and landed in a very happy place. Lots of sweet furbabies around your house now, I love seeing your photos!! Hugs from snowy NY - xoxo

  13. Lovely post Rue! Beautiful words and photos.

  14. Dearest Rue, my heart is full of joy reading this! I'm smiling so big!

  15. Had to read thru this a couple times as it is so beautiful!

  16. OMG, your little dog looks just like my daughter's Nitro! He is a chiweenie (Chihuahua Dachshund), they could be twins!
    Have a wonderful week, Rue.

  17. All your pups in your family are so sweet. Loved seeing all the cute pictures. Life is such a gift and loved your take on this today in your post. I think if we just live each day good or bad with all the changes happening in life we still can be so blessed and happy. Have a great rest of the week Rue.

  18. Beautiful post Rue. Change can be really tough, but how wonderful when change brings such good things into your life... and more sweet furballs too! I just laughed when I saw the picture of them all begging... we have the same scene here at our house with just three of them, lol! Hugs to you today, so happy for you!

  19. Great post Rue. A great guy, and puppies? What more could a girl want? Contentment! ;)

  20. Dear Rue
    What a simply wonderful post.
    I wish you joy ...
    I wish you happiness ...
    I wish you contentment ...
    I wish you love ...

    Looking at these photographs I think you have all four.

    Enjoy the rest of your week

    All the best Jan

  21. I'm happy for you, Rue. And him, too. ~Ginene

  22. Tee-hee, love it! You're happy, he's happy, the pups are happy. Heck, I think even the house is happy. This warms my heart and makes me happy, too! Hugs, sweet friend. Nancy

  23. What a simply loving, happy post with smiles from your words, your handsome guy and those darling pups! It seems your happiness is contagious!

  24. The way people treat animals tells a lot about them. Obviously those dogs love your guy! So happy you're happy!

    Pat in Chicago

  25. Beautiful post Rue. Good things can come from change but sometimes it is hard to see the other side when you are in the midst of big changes. I'm glad to see that you are happy. Some lucky pups there too!

  26. Your post made me happy....so glad to read about your smile!! :)

  27. What a beautiful post. Everything you said is so true!It makes me happy to see you are so happy.

  28. Your chorus full of doggies warmed my heart. Trying to enjoy a meal with so many "friends" willing to share your dinner must be both fun and frustrating! As for change, we are dealing with elder parents who cling to living alone, but need to change their lifestyle. People are reluctant to change until the situation they're in is more difficult than making the change they need to make. So we wait.

  29. This post just makes me smile, Rue...life looks GOOD.

  30. Yeah! I didn't know you were back!! I use to follow your blog on Bloglovin and it wasn't showing up!! Glad you popped in to visit me. Welcome back.

  31. Lovely post. Such a blessed relief when happiness comes our way. xo

    poppy told me to get myself over here. that you're back blogging and left a msg for me on her latest post.
    I went back to read it.
    while you were gone I got hacked by a bad person. I lost most of the pictures on all my peanut posts! I went on for a lot longer... then about 5 months ago I retired the little peanut. it was a good run but I was dried up so to speak.
    in more ways than one! LOL! was hospitalized last summer for severe dehydration.
    I came very near being able to visit my deceased grandmother in 'the tunnel!'
    also had a virus get in my email so that had to change. the new one is tammyrdjames@gmail.com
    enuff about moi.
    I see that scarlett has found rhett butler!!! only better. he's not only gorgeous... BUT
    he obviously loves his rue... AND DOGS TOO!!!
    I made a poem!
    I'll be back here at rue's darling bean. knowing you're back now too.
    now I have months of post~catching~up to do here with you!!! XOXO♥

  33. I think that it looks like heaven-for-dogs there :)

  34. oh rue.
    i'm only part way through all those I've missed.
    but I just had to stop and say...
    we're ALL so glad you met john. and his beloved crew...
    daisy the lap dog and bee bee and beautiful lucky boy. I hope that bubba and mini are feeling they're still part of the big new family now! :)
    you're happy. and it shows. and that's all any of us can ask for. love and a simple old fashioned life. blessings dear little bean. xoxo♥

  35. Hi Rue! Love your happy photos ... And your happy post. Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello... Snow is melting, yay! And that is some change I can smile about! Come on Spring...

  36. I used to read your old blog years ago. So glad I stumbled across your new one.
    I faintly remember you making some kind of cookie bar. I think you said you would make them for your brother, I can't remember. Do you have the recipe? I hope I'm not confusing you with someone else. Glad to "see" you again and things look good for you!

    1. Hi Jenn :)

      I was going to email you, but you're a no reply commenter, so I hope you see this.

      I think you might have me confused with someone else, but I can't be sure. Do you remember what was in it at all? I might be able to go off of that.

      And thank you!


    2. Thank you Rue! I thought it was something you made your brother and I forgot what you called it. It had flour, sugar, butter, etc. Pour it on a cookie sheet. At the end you put on chocolate chips to melt and then spread the chocolate over the top of it.

  37. Hi there Rue, I just love this happy post! Please tell us all about that wonderful pack of dogs there!!--they are adorable! I am just so glad you are happy!

  38. Any change involving pups is a good one. Enjoy your weekend.

  39. You sound so happy, Rue. Obviously, a dream come true. I'm so glad for you!


  40. Hi Rue, I loved reading this happy post! Your guy is very handsome and the pupsters all look happy, too. Have a wonderful day and enjoy your weekend! xo Cheryl

  41. Rue, what a lovely post. Blessings on your happiness!

  42. Oh Rue, I am so happy that you have found happiness and contentment. We never know what is around the next corner, but how lovely it is when it is something wonderful. xo Laura

  43. Congratulations. Wonderful post. I'm glad to see your blogging again.

  44. This was a beautifully written post and each picture was so cute!

  45. As they say, change is inevitable. Like death and taxes I guess! You seem happy. I read it in your words, and that makes me happy.

  46. One thing you can count on is change ! Love your family !

  47. Hi,
    I am so happy for you. I love your little family. So sweet and handsome.
    xx oo

  48. This was just beautiful! I wish all good things for you.

  49. This is such a great post, Rue---it really perked me up. Your home is just the sort of haven I would love...the cute guy(!) and all of the pups. They are precious. I respect animal lovers, especially those like me who think the furniture is the perfect place for them to relax.

    Thanks for the nice comment...I need to get out blogging more. Glad my friends are hanging in there with me! :)

    Jane x

  50. This is such an uplifting post, Rue. I tend to look on the glass is half empty side of life, but I'm trying to change. Change is hard.

    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

  51. Adorable! Your man with the fur babies is a true picture of happiness :)

  52. You sound happy, dear Rue, and I'm happy for you.

  53. Even when change is good is a change and we need to get used to it. Love how your pictures are mimicking what you're saying. And how adorable are those puppies!!! But let's talk about your profile photo. 1940's Hollywood starlet! Stunning!

  54. What a beautiful post Rue! I agree, it's easy to become comfortable in life, expecting nothing will change. I'm at one of those lulls in my life, thinking life won't ever change again. And truth be told, we might be moving soon, so I KNOW life will change again :-)

    I also have to add I greatly appreciated all the doggie pictures, they definitely made my day! Hope you're having a great week!

  55. Rue, even though I don't know you, I have followed your blog from way back when. What you wrote here is so beautiful and very, very moving. The dogs, the MAN, the home, the MAN...Did I already mention the MAN? LOL Anyways, what I am trying to say is that it's great to see you happy and enjoying life!


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