Monday, March 27, 2017

In the mood

Most of the time, Bubba puts up with is willing to pose for a picture.

But then there are days...

when he just....

isn't in...

the mood.

Mini, the ol' girl, doesn't move too fast these days, so it's pretty easy to get her to pose for the camera.

Particularly with food around ;)

Anyway, I tried and tried, but Bubba wasn't having it.

Later on though, when we went outside to sit on the front porch, I thought he might be in more of a posing mood, so I brought along my camera.

After all, it was a beautiful Spring day.

Hmmm.... still not interested.

At least not in having his picture taken.

There might have been a squirrel or a bird involved ;)

And then finally, after trying all morning, Bubba agreed to strike a pose.

Kind of.

Stubborn boy.


A little off subject...

He's up there, because I rescued him from an untimely demise, and put him out of the reach from Mini 'the dog toy killer'.

Now that she's lost interest after having gotten a new bone, Yellow Dog is back in the 'safe chair', safe and sound.

And all is right with the world.

In fact, Bubba was so happy that yellow dog was safe, he decided to pose for me, once again ;)


Thank you for putting up with me, my sweet boy.

Momma loves you, no matter what.



  1. They are all so darn cute, Rue! I wouldn't know what to do without a couple of dogs asleep in the kitchen while I'm cooking, but that's a passel of them! I know that look from Bubba, see it often in my littlest. We really work hard to coax a good pose, don't we!

  2. You really should frame that last pic! It's just too cute. That spot under your table is so perfect a place for the dogs to congregate. My Abi loves to have her photo taken. Charlie, not so much.

  3. I love all your sweet pup photos!! Your ol' girl Mini reminds me of my old girl Lily - awww, they are so sweet. And of course Bubba is so much like my Monkey....who also has to be in the mood to pose for the camera! Some days she's just not having it!!

  4. I often wonder what animal are thinking when we aim our cameras at them.

  5. This was honestly the best thing I've read all day! Ha...all those sweet puppy faces and yellow dog hanging from the ledge! What could be better than that? Love it!

  6. Great pics of the pups. Ours don't like to pose for pictures either.
    Have a great week!

  7. So cute. I'm glad that yellow dog is safe.

  8. Sounds about like my dogs. LuLu doesn't care one way or the other, Jasper moves too fast, Roy doesn't move fast enough to worry about it, and Tater wishes the camera would suddenly burst into flames! LoL

    Grace & Peace,

  9. Laughing over here. Such a cute post and the pic of the dogs under your kitchen table is adorable. I usually have to take about 20 pic's of Bowie to get one good one. Have a great week!

  10. LOL- Yellow dog has that permanent grin on his face like he doesn't mind being chewed on a bit. lol Ummmm...ONE of those pictures did NOT look like a dog to me! He looked pretty happy about posing for you! Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  11. Well, no wonder Bubba wasn't having anything to do with the camera. I wouldn't pose either if my favorite toy was out of reach. The dubious Miss Daisy cracked me up. What a face! Lots of entertainment at your house. What a tribe! xoxo

  12. Zoe, our min pin mix had a pink one, Squeaky. Don't know what happened to it. It was pretty rough up being a indoor/outdoor toy. I love the doggie pictures, they look very happy to be with their people:).
    I see your tree is leafing out, Spring is up in the mountains, beautiful with the blue sky.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. I'm thinking that squeaky may have gotten eaten? lol

      Yes! The tree are finally leafing out and it's glorious :)


  13. I love how they know you want them to pose for you. Some will, some won't! Annie is stubborn and only poses if she feels so inclined for sure! Hugs!

  14. As much as I love to see your sweet dogs, it's always a treat to see your precious home in the background, Rue!!! Bubba always tugs at my heart as he looks so much like Layla. And Layla's favorite pastime is sleeping so she is always perfect for a camera shot.

    Miss Daisy looks like a wonderful mix of breeds. Any idea which ones? Mini looks like a mix of border collie and lab. I love trying to identify dogs...I see so many on the sites I follow for rescue dogs.

    Sending love and keep those sweet pics coming! :)

    Jane x

  15. Too cute Rue! I love all the pics, but especially Daisy's dubious face. LOL! I'm in the same boat with my puppy. He is so cute and he poses adorably all the time. But he's got this thing where if he hears my phone "click" on (you know, me trying to open my camera) he jumps up from his pose. It's so maddening!!

    Also, Gizmo has a blue monkey that is his "wife". I have to hide it from the puppy daily because Blue Monkey is almost 7 years old. I'm afraid the puppy is going to rip it to shreds and then we'll have no way of comforting Gizmo. I love those dogs so much though, I can't imagine not being able to laugh at their antics daily :-)

    Have a great day Rue!

  16. WE have been thinking about getting a dog again after we move. Still not sure, but these pictures melted my heart. We had a dog several years back that love to take out all of the stuffing in his toys.

  17. They are all pretty photogenic! I love living vicariously as a dog owner thru other people (: I'm a cat person...But its fun to see pics of people's dogs and hear about their very distinct personalities. And the thing about saving his fav toy cracks me up! So cute.

  18. Love when you share pictures of your furry friends :-)


  19. Hi Rue, you got some many wonderful photos of the pups! Must be quite a houseful when they are all there.
    Have a good week!

  20. Oh the personalities our sweet pups have! It entertains us to no end too! Dog toys aren't safe around here at all, lol... poor Bubba! I bet she doesn't mind a bit when the other dogs leave so she can have a bit of peace in her world! Lovely spring day for you! So nice to have those now. Hugs to you today :)

  21. Bubba and yellow dog. So cute!!

  22. Bubba ... what a sweetheart.
    I loved seeing a bit of the view from your porch, beautiful.

  23. Great shots! You can really see their personalities shine in every one. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  24. Cute pups! I'm sure Bubba is very happy that you saved his yellow dog toy. :-)

  25. Great photos of all the pups - posed or not!! Cute story to go along with it!

  26. Oh Rue, they are all so adorable. Dakota don't like posing either, I have used him for years as a subject and he is pretty much OVER IT all! I have learned that even when not using a flash there is a light that comes on the front of most cameras that causes them to turn away, then again, if they have ever had a flash used on them they might just be scared it will happen again. I only have the one dog, he is a handful all his own! Thank you for sharing your babies with us. Adorable!!

  27. Hi Rue, I wanted to come over and read your blog. Thanks for reading mine! That is quite an assortment of dogs. Are they all yours? I don't have dogs, but I can relate to trying to take cat pictures. They don't pose and move at the wrong time, unless they are totally asleep, upside down, somewhere they shouldn't be. -Jenn

  28. This is so cute!! You could make a children's book out of this story. Bubba is darling and I can tell he loves his yellow dog.

    Isn't it funny how some dogs pose and others don't. It's like some dogs smile for the camera and others look away and give the side eye. ;)

  29. What a cute post, Rue, and the photo of Bubba at the end, just pulled at my heartstrings. Bubba looks so happy to have his favorite toy safe and sound by his side. So cute!! xx

  30. Hi Rue,
    Thanks so much for visiting our blog! I really enjoyed seeing the photos of your dogs. We only have one dog and she is very possessive/obsessive about her toys, too! I was looking at the photos of your other home and I recognized the Latin phrase above the fireplace. When I taught elem. school, I taught my students some Latin to help them with their vocabulary development! So good that you're blogging again!

  31. Wow so many dogs! You are so lucky! I've always wanted a house full myself....but we do have one that we absolutely adore. Loved all of the photos of your pups and the cute story! And that last photo....perfectly sweet! Have a nice day Rue!

  32. Poor Bubba! My dog, Jersey, doesn't like for me to take pictures of her either. She always tries to avoid the paparazzi!

  33. Oh those dogs are just so full of personality! I love all their expressions. :)

  34. I absolutely love this post. XOXO♥

  35. The most interesting thing happens when I read a post by you - it makes me feel good and happy and inspired to create more beauty in my own life. Love everything about this post and yellow dog is cute. Love the peeks outside and inside - and you must feel wonderful when you walk outside and view your surroundings. Makes me miss my house I had for so long and raised a family in - I was always so inspired when I walked outside and saw nature all around. Kind of like where I live now but I for the most part just see forest trees and not much else unless I go to the lake. Anyway, all that to say I loved this post.


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