Monday, June 26, 2017

Road trip to Mount Lemmon!

To get out of the heat in Tucson, we decided to take a trip to Mount Lemmon.

It's one of the highest points in Tucson.

It's also the place where they had a Japanese internment camp from WWII, which was our first stop.

You can read more about it 'here'.

It's a sad but interesting historic place.

All that's left of the buildings are stone walls and foundations.

This was the main building at one point:

We think this was probably a root cellar:

I wasn't about to go all the way in there to find out though ;)

Aside from the building remains, there were all sorts of beautiful flowers around us...

Mexican Bird of Paradise.

Arizona Rosewood
Unknown wildflower.
We decided to keep walking...

Up above were more foundations for the camp.

This time it was the shower area:

There were even some shower tiles left embedded in the cement.

After that we headed back down the dry stream bed...

and got back in the car to go further up the mountain.

We stopped to see the view...

stopped at a stream in a little town called Summerhaven...

and took the trail the rest of the way to the top in the car and then on foot.

This view was our reward:

Mount Lemmon is named after a botanist named Sara Plummer Lemmon who trekked to the top in 1881.

You can read more about it 'here'.

On the way back down we stopped again for another amazing view:

There's a lot of history on that mountain and so much beauty.

Mostly though, it was a whole lot cooler! ;)



  1. WOW! Thank you for sharing this little trip of yours up into the mountains. It was like a mini vacation.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Beautiful views! Those kind of excursions are what summer is all about for me (:

  3. It gorgeous! Thank you for the pictures. It's been a very long time since I have seen Mt. Lemmon.

  4. Beautiful views, from the top.

    A sad part of history, too. But. It is history.

    Our Beloved Nation, was not and is not, full of 'perfect people.' We have been and are, ordinary human beings. Who are not perfect.

    And not all history, translates, to later times.

    Glad you got out of the heat!!!! Have you considered, forms of A/C, for these very, very hot times? We love our wall units. :-)

    Luna Crone

  5. Enjoying life......the way it's meant to be!!!! 😊

  6. What a wonderful day had by all! Gorgeous views. Lucky Boy looks very happy.
    Thanks for sharing Rue.

  7. Was it cooler up on that mountain???? One reason we chose to go to the Blue Ridge Parkway area in NC for our Anniversary (this week's blog post) was because when George asked me where I wanted to go --I said: "Anywhere UP--cooler than here!!!!" ha ha ...

    Looks like you and that handsome man enjoyed your day/hike --and so did your doggies..... What an interesting area... I wouldn't have climbed in that 'root cellar' either.... YIPES... No telling what is living in there now!!!! ha

    Your Arizona Rosewood (gorgeous blooms) look a little like our Mountain Laurel Blooms here....


  8. What a fun escape from the heat you have been having and what beautiful views. Love the pic of you two. So sweet.

  9. Isn't History amazing, of course there is good and bad, but I love seeing and learning about places from beautiful friends like you in Blogland ...
    Your pictures are just lovely and the views spectacular.
    Lovely colour flowers too.

    The picture of you and John is lovely and yes, the one with 'Lucky Boy' so sweet.

    Enjoy these last days of June

    All the best Jan

  10. Hi Rue, What an amazing trip with so much to learn and the view beautiful. Great pic of you two and the pups are so sweet. Have a great last week of June and Happy Summer dear lady!

  11. Loved the views from the top of the mountain. And the selfie pic is so cute of you two. Glad you got to escape the heat and see some interesting scenes!

  12. That's a lovely trip. I like the doggy photo at the end too. He looks interested in everything around him!
    Glad you avoided that cellar!
    You look so happy in the photo of you and your fella!

  13. I remember years ago my husband taking me to some lake in or near Prescott. There were trees, not cactus! Surprised me!

  14. Rue, thanks for taking us along. This looks like a beautiful day of adventure.

  15. What a gorgeous way to cool off! Thanks for the take-a-long! ;)

  16. Another great day trip - and I'm glad you got the chance to cool off for a bit! :-)

  17. How fun!! That view is outstanding and you two are just way too adorable for words. xoxo

  18. Great escape, Rue, I wondered is your area was having the heat Phoenix was having. Still, a great excuse to go with your man to such a historic place. I'm loving the extraordinary views and gorgeous flowers. Are your dogs off leash? They seem so happy!

    The southern east coast is something my hubby and I haven't explored. Soon, I hope.

    Jane x

  19. I have not been up there in a few years. There is a place to get a good slice of pie up there, but I don't remember where. I did not know there was an interment camp up there! Amazingly, I was told that one can ski up there some winters. I have not, even though I lived there a few years, when I was young. xoxo Su

  20. That is just the sweetest photo of Lucky Boy! What well behaved children your guy has. You really did capture the serene but haunting beauty of the place, Rue. And can you imagine what Sara Lemmon must have thought when she reached the top and looked out over that sight?

    These excursions you two go on really make me realize that we have so much beauty near us still left to see, without having to go to another country. Thanks for showing more of your part of our land. And I love that rosewood!


  21. Wow, what a stunning place!! I can't believe how much hiking you did in the heat....even though you said it was a lot cooler, what was the temp that day? It's actually chilly on my mountain the past couple of days - I'm actually wearing closed toe shoes for the first time in ages, and had goosebumps on my arms when I stepped outside with a wedding tour earlier! Nice to see all is well with you, my friend - xo

  22. Gorgeous views! Yes, it's dreadfully hot here too. Stifling. I could not make myself go into a tight confined space such as you showed.

  23. Looks like a relaxing way to spend a day out! The internment camp must have been a sad, yet interesting place to see. I'll bet the pups had fun, too!

  24. Beautiful photos!! I love the last photo and the one of you together.

  25. Glad you found a cooler place to visit! The view is beautiful!

  26. Looks like it was a really nice day to be out and about! Looks cool there! Sure the dogs enjoyed being out and having a good time also.

  27. Looks like a wonderful day and I enjoyed reading about it and the photos. I hope that the temps there will cool off for you!

  28. John sure has a beautiful mountain. Looks as if you had a fine getaway. I'm wondering if the app mentioned on a recent post about wildflowers at my place would help you identify your unknown.

  29. That is a beautiful place that has so many painful memories for many. I'm glad they've opened it to the public and that you had the chance to visit (and cool off).
    Keep "taking us with you" on these side trips - living in the south, I know very little about anything west of Oklahoma!! Hugs to the pups..

  30. This looks like a beautiful, cool place to visit on a hot summer day. Looks like you and John and the dogs had a wonderful day! Happy 4th of July!

    Xoxo, Melissa

  31. What an interesting place to visit, and a view to die for! Amazing xxx

  32. Hi Rue, Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. This place is absolutely gorgeous! What a nice trip. The dogs look happy, too. Love the photo of you and John. You both look like models. Off to read more of you blog...

  33. What a sad but interesting place to visit. I loved seeing the beautiful flowers you saw along the way, and what a beautiful tree to enjoy a swing from! Great views all around, and definitely getting into the mountains is much cooler and enjoyable! Looks like the dogs had a fabulous time too, love it all :)

  34. This was a nice journey with some interesting history in the mix--my kind of place! Colorado also had an interment camp--very sad to think those people were forced out of their homes because of ethnic suspicion. I wished this country learned a lesson from that...sigh. I loved the views and I bet it felt so nice and cool on top. Loved the photo of you and John--very sweet!


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