Monday, May 8, 2017

Lowell life

When I went on a trip to Bisbee, I had another surprise waiting for me around the corner.


You see, if you keep driving through Bisbee...

you'll see a mining operation....

then you'll go through a tunnel...

and an old town appears out of nowhere.

The town of Lowell.

"Lowell was at one time a sizable mining town located just to the southeast of Old Bisbee. The majority of the original townsite was consumed by the excavation of the Lavender Pit mine during the 1950s. All that is left today is a small portion of Erie Street, along with Evergreen Cemetery, Saginaw subdivision and Lowell Middle School. These days Lowell is considered by most of the local residents to be more of a place name than an actual community." via Western Mining History

It's a sad story, but fascinating at the same time.

You really feel as though you've stepped back in time, but all the residents vanished.

Well, except for some random tourists and bikers.

All the cars on the street are sitting there like someone just abandoned them.

I half expected Rod Serling to walk out.

Or perhaps Barney Fife.

Of course, you know I'd be happy as a little clam living there.

It just needs a little clean-up ;)

Going farther out, there's a neighborhood, where there's some rather large old homes overlooking some much smaller ones.

I'm guessing they're the ones that made all the dough (aka money) at the mines.

After that it was time to head home, back through Bisbee.

What a wonderful, quirky place :)

Oh and lastly, here's a picture of me and my son, Alex, while he was here visiting this past weekend.

Thank you for all the sweet words about his visit.

We had a great time :)


Edited to add: The cars are owned by a man that owns a few of the buildings. The town is a project for him and some of his friends and they're fixing it up to be a sort of museum. There's only one business (that I know of) and it's a breakfast place. But yes, it's basically abandoned.


  1. How neat! I have never been to Lowell! And I love those huge old houses! Wow! That's really weird about the old vehicles. Did people drive them there for the weekend, or are they actually abandoned there? I see you stopped for pie at Rock Springs. A few weeks ago we went up to the snow and picked up a berry one on the way down. xoxo Su

  2. Wow, what a super cool place to visit, and you're right, it felt like an episode of the Twilight Zone even reading about your visit! You and your son look so much alike, such a good looking family! xo

  3. What a totally cool place. I love the old buildings and the CARS! Awesome surprise.

  4. How super cool!!! If I ever make it that far west, I would love to visit Lowell! Gosh, two pretty good lookin guys in your post, too!

  5. Hi Ru, Oh how I loved seeing this cool old town. It was the perfect surprise for you and what a wonderful gift from you guy!! Special photo of you and your son too. Have a great week. xo

  6. A modern day ghost town! I find those to be so fascinating - I always want to know why the people up and left. Even leaving their cars! And your son looks like he was having a great visit. So wonderful that you got to spend some fun times with him.

  7. That is amazing! So no one at all lives there now? Everything is empty?
    Darling photo of you and your son. Glad you had a wonderful visit.

  8. What an eerie feeling that must have been in that town! So no stores open? Just old cars and empty buildings? Great pic of you and your son!

  9. What an interesting place Rue! I was thinking as I was reading your post it sounded like something out of Twilight Zone. I was wondering about the cars so I was glad to read your postscript about them. I certainly would love to live there too..
    Lovely photo of you and your Alex!
    Have a good week.

  10. Wow, your photos do give the feeling of stepping back in time--or another dimension! Glad you got to visit with your son.

  11. Wow, I would love to visit that town!

  12. Another commenter who can only start with WOW ! :) That is amazing. Reminds me of a movie set after the aliens landed or something. Such a fun post!!

  13. Very interesting and good luck to the people who want to restore the buildings. I love your road trips in Arizona and it so much more enjoyable with another explorer. The berry pies are delicious!
    Happy pic with your son:).
    Kathleen in Az

    1. I agree and the right partner helps too ;)


  14. It's just like you stepped back in time I love it. I'm from a small town and grew up on a farm. Now that I am olden wish I was back there. Great post - thank so much.


  15. I was thinking it looked like a perfect setting for a twilight zone episode, but you sorta beat me to it. Kind of cool place, but eerie at the same time.

  16. Bisbee is one of my favorite places to visit in Arizona...the Copper Queen Hotel is an awesome place to stay. I take it you didn't do the mine tour? Lowell is like going back almost a hundred years in time.
    Have a wonderful week.

  17. What a cool place to visit. Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a good visit with your son!

  18. I could feel the hairs on my arms standing on end as I scrolled from picture to picture...definitely something out of The Twilight Zone. But cool, too. I know those cars had real appeal to you!!

    Great picture of you and your son (went back to see the previous post). I hope you all had a wonderful time!

    Jane x

  19. What a fun day of really would be like stepping into the past!

  20. Your smiles, say it all. You loved having your son around, and he loved spending time with his momma!
    Cool places that you got to visit. It would be a little strange seeing Lowell, where it's basically a ghost town. I think that it's pretty awesome that someone has an interest in seeing it preserved. We used to have a Sprouse Reitz in our town, when I was a kid. I always saved my money from babysitting and would buy myself some "Babe" perfume, and some little black canvas Mary Jane shoes. The shoes cost a mere $3.00.
    The good ol' days **smile**.


  21. I do respect people who preserve buildings well.

  22. This looks like a town American Pickers would feature. Pretty cool. Eery, too, without people. Kind of an apocalyptic feel. Glad you were able to spend time with Alex. Looks like you two had fun. Hugs, Nancy

  23. That is so amazing. I absolutely love it. Your Honey and your son are so cute and so are you, Rue. Glad you had a fun trip and good visit with your son!

  24. But there has to be security!!!!!! Those old cars/trucks are valuable!!!! He can't just leave them there, without security.

    Actually, all those old things, are valuable. Old gas pumps, signs, etc., etc., etc.

    Super idea, to have it become a sort of an almost-living museum.

    Sweeeeet again, of your man, to take you to these wonderful places.

    And happy you had such a lovely time, with your son.

    Gentle hugs, Luna Crone

  25. What a fascinating little town! And also a little creepy, with those abandoned cars all around. I hope the guy that owns some of the cars, etc indeed makes this more of an outdoor museum. Love the photo of you and your son. He sure does look like you!

  26. What an interesting visit. The houses are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I love your "edited" paragraph. I had all those questions swirling around in my head by the time I got to the bottom of your post. You just saved me a trip to Wikipedia! ;) Interesting place. Cool...and kind of creepy. The cars are awesome. You are your son are adorable. Looks like you had a fun visit!! xo

  28. Glad you added the little postscript as I was surprised the town had not been picked apart and the vehicles stolen!!!

  29. What a find! I'm glad there are those who appreciate these places. That business owner with the cars sounds like someone to get to know!

  30. WOW ... I would love to visit! My boys would love this place. What a fun find. Yes, at the same time creepy, interesting and just wondering what happened.
    Love that photo of you and your son.

  31. As many times as I have been to AZ, I never even heard of Bisbee, let alone see it until you wrote this. My parents lived in the Phoenix area and other than going to Nogales one time, we usually headed north or west on our adventures. Thanks for enlightening me!

  32. I've never seen a place like it, hubbie would love it!
    I enjoyed all of your photo's, especially the one of you and Alex

    All the best Jan

  33. Wow. Such a fascinating day. Those homes are so nice to be surround an abandoned town and they look maintained. Definitely my kind of trip! And I'm glad you had a good visit with your son :-)


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