Monday, April 24, 2017

Road trip to Bisbee!

On my last post, I mentioned that we recently went on another road trip.

A usual, we decided to pick up some snack-treats when we were on the road and thought this place was too cute to pass up.

Sadly, the outside was the only thing cute about it, but we ended up buying some locally made candied pecans just to be nice.

You know what though? Those pecans weren't too bad!

Or I was just starving.

By the way, you might need to get yourself a snack and a drink, because this is a long, picture heavy post.

Just warning you ;)

Anywho... after the pecan stop, we settled in for the drive.

I saw the sign for Bisbee and squealed inside like a little kid :)

You see, I've wanted to go there since the first time I was driven through it. 

I'm not going to go into the details, but let's just say that years ago I wanted to stop there, when I was on a highly irritating journey with some very annoying people to Tombstone for the first time and was told no.

Anywho, heading in, the first thing you see is the old firehouse that was built in 1914...

and then you start into the main part of town.

It's so interesting how some of the building are run down, like the ones above, and then some are beautifully taken care of, like the ones below.

It's a very old town, so the roads are steep and narrow, especially through the neighborhoods.

Eventually, we parked the car to walk around.

Our first stop was the Copper Queen Hotel.

This image via google images, because I forgot to take a picture of the whole building.

This guy looks like he's having fun ;)

It was hard to take pictures of the inside, because it was pretty dark, so I only took a couple of the lobby.

Back outside, it was chilly, but everything was blooming.

I don't know what this plant is, below, but it was everywhere and it was gorgeous.

Walking farther up, you'll find the old library.

Oh and those strands of lights that go from building to building light up at night :)

There were a lot of interesting things to see if you paid attention ;)

Buildings that look like they're on top of other buildings...

an old hotel filled with bikers...

and if you go off the beaten path you'll find a home with pigs in the windows.

There's beautiful architecture, even on the alleyway buildings...

the most unusual screen doors...

and gates that take you up in-between buildings that lead to who knows where.

Then you can head to a bar ...

that at one point during prohibition, was a stock exchange, and then a bar once again when it was over...

and meet a resident dog.

There are buildings that are still beautiful...

and sadly, only the remains of others.

There are rundown houses that are in desperate need of love...

and beautiful homes that are loved.

Ultimately, it's a place I fell in love with...

and want to visit, again and again.

And I think I will :)



  1. Your guy is super sweet. I bet that makes your adventures even better. The town is very cool. It looks like you never know what's going to be around the next corner. Lots of surprises and treasuring hunting there, I'm sure. I am glad you finally got your visit and grateful that you took us along. Thanks for sharing. the pig. ;)

  2. Oh, dear one - look at that cute pic of you two. He sure is a sweetheart. ♥ I love a caring man, and you so deserve each other - I am happy for you!

    As for your "lost city," how neat that you could finally make a negative memory completely erased and eradicated away by this awesome trip of love! LOVE ALWAYS WINS IN THE END.

    It sure is a different looking place from what my eyes are used to - the west is so different looking to me. I love the way your post told a pictorial story. I enjoy what your eyes notice.


  3. You two are certainly having some fun adventures! What an interesting old town! I can see why you'd want to poke around in it. Love that last photo!

  4. Looks like another fun day of exploring for the both of you! :) My hubby and I used to do day trips like this before we had kids. I think we should get back to doing them again. :)

  5. Well, the last picture is my very are just beautiful and what a handsome guy you found there!! I have never heard of this town but it is one I would love, too. I love that there is such a mixture of updated and original buildings and even the ones that need some love are fun to look at. I would want to see it at night, too, with the lights lit up that criss-cross between the buildings.

    Hope you have a wonderful week- xo Diana

  6. It looks like such a fun town and how sweet of John to help you fulfill a dream.

  7. You guys are so cute and I love your road adventure. I have to say, some of the old places that didn't make it make me sad. I just love old towns. And how do you feel when you see a dog when you're on a trip? My heart aches for my pups!!! Whaaaaaaaa...! I know you miss yours. an extent!!

    Love ya, Rue!

    Jane x

  8. What a neat old town. I'd want to visit it over and over too, or stay there for a time to walk around taking pictures and getting a real feel for the place.

    Love that photo of you two at the end.

    Enjoy your week ~ FlowerLady

  9. Hi Rue, what a lovely surprise (picture) waiting for us at the end of your journey. I'm so glad that you had a nice time on your visit. Hoping you have many more days like that! Milena

  10. I love spending a day like that! We want to explore Burnet and Marble Falls, Texas for the same reasons - the whole area has character and friendly people. Plus, its just a fun way to spend a day!

  11. What beautiful architecture, I've been to Arizona several times, and never visited Bisbee. We live too far across the country to do so now, so I really enjoyed your tour.

  12. Marvelous place.

    Even more marvelous guy.

    Love that you are so happy.

    Luna Crone

  13. That looks like a great town to explore! So sad about the run down buildings though.

  14. Bisbee is a wonderful town to explore. My daughter went there a few years ago. Full of history, was a copper mining town, now a artist colony. How adventurous and fun to explore old towns of Arizona.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. I'm really loving it :)

      It's a strange, but wonderful place for sure.


  15. I love road trips (as long as they're not super long, lol) and exploring new towns! Thank you for sharing your trip with us. xoxo

  16. That is just beautiful! I love old towns and buildings. The splashes of vibrant colors in the trimwork adds so much character.

  17. Oh Rue, looks like a wonderful place. Love all the old buildings.
    John is a wonderful man to plan this trip.
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. What a cool old town!! There are spots in it that remind me of Europe! I love all those old buildings and it makes me so sad to see structures that are just abandoned to rot. That little house next to the stone wall would be adorable with some love!

  19. what a fun weekend trip rue! he truly loves you. the thoughtful things he does are just so dear. like the pennies on the track from the last post.
    I had a hacker and just now got my computer back from the geek squad at best buy.
    how I would hate to be without it all the time!
    I thought your little building with coca cola for 5 cents was delightful! it made ME want one!!! xo♥

    1. Yes, I think he does, my sweet friend :)

      Glad your computer is better. When are you starting up your new blog?? ;)


  20. Oh the pig in the window is too fun! Seems like a great time exploring with the one you love. I'm pretty sure those are Lady Banks roses blooming profusely ;)

  21. Oh boy, this is a town I'm going to put on my list to visit whenever I get back to Arizona. I love it! Is that a house that has the pig in the window? I love its architecture. Really special place. And that last photo is heartwarming. You both look so happy. Hugs, Nancy P.S. the dog water bowl is a crack-up. Bet it makes Fido feel like he's right at home. LOL

  22. Though I have not been since my daughter was little, I remember that it was cool. The town is so quirky with its many galleries, and the architecture so interesting with the stairs running between buildings, which reminds me of the place we stay in the Alps. I wonder where you will go next? WInslow has La Posada. It is fancy old Italinate hotel, that was on a major train stop. It's historic landmark. It's really cool. You can go see the meteor crator, and stand on the corner. In Gallup, New Mexico a bit further, I like El Rancho. xoxo Su

  23. Looks like a great old town to visit. I just would not do it when summer!!

  24. Hi Rue, it looks like a fabulous town to visit! Love the architecture and well, I just love old towns and exploring, too. You and your honey look so cute and happy in the last photo!
    x Cheryl

  25. What an adorable looking place. I see so many places in your pics that would be so cool to use as a back drop for a photo session. Cool place.

  26. What a cute town. Glad you got to spend some time exploring. Love the last pic - you make a cute couple!

  27. Wow, looks beautiful there! Definitely a wide assortment of different architecture styles. So interesting when you see abandoned buildings right next to or near beautifully up kept ones. I am a sucker for abandoned buildings so probably would have been actively searching those out, lol! Great how many road trips you are doing!!

  28. I enjoyed the tour. Wow, I can see why you fell in love with the town. Beautiful old buildings, amazing architecture and I even like the abandon buildings, they are a mystery. I do hope some can be cared for.
    Love that last photo. :-)

  29. Hello, you darling girl!!
    I've so missed you.. though, I know it is I that has been absent. Thanks so much for checking in on me... much appreciated :)
    What a fun trip!! Lucky you to get to go and explore with your sweetie. I do hope you get to go again and again.
    That place reminds me of Park City here in Utah, a bit , anyway.
    Love when the old architecture is preserved and even better, when it's appreciated.
    Being 'old house people' as we are, we totally 'get' people that try and protect and preserve architectural history.

    I did a post today, trying to "splain" my long absence from blogging.
    Hoping to catch up with you soon, and see all the wonderful things you're up to.
    Give those cute pups a hug for me.

    Smiles :)

  30. What a great trip.Love the quirky things in Bisbee. Love some of that old architeture. Such a cute pic of both of you!

  31. I'm telling you and John are having too much fun!!! What a great trip, Rue. How I loved seeing all your pics of that quirky town. It made me want to visit for myself, but thankfully I had you take me along through your tour.

  32. Great shots of this interesting old town and love the pic of you and John!

  33. Bisbee looks much like Georgetown, CO, Rue, which is an old mining town. It's a struggle for these old towns to stay out of the red, so they really love when tourists visit and add to the economy. I'd love to visit Bisbee, AZ one day!

  34. Wow, Bisbee is just gorgeous! Just the kind of town I'd love to walk around and explore. I love when small towns are well kept. My favorite photo was of the little toilet for dogs to drink out of, I kind of want one for my house now :-) Beautiful pictures Rue, and a great post!

  35. Lots of great old architecture! I especially liked the bar/stock exchange building. Thanks for the tour!

  36. Thank for the tour! The Copper Queen is super haunted! In fact, I just purchased a book called America's Most Haunted Hotels and it's in there! The city is an old copper mining town and apparently, there are underground tunnels that are not published in tourist books. Loved all the pictures...glad you all got to go.

  37. That was blast to the past for me - great post - ...My dad moved to Tombstone from Parker Arizona after my mom died. My sister and I would often visit him in Tombstone and eventually my brother moved to Tombstone area to work in Sierra Vista as a plumber. I visited Bisbee several times during the 90's and I believe it was the Copper Queen where my sis and I had lunch with my brother one time. I love Tombstone especially but always enjoyed my visits to Bisbee. I haven't been there in over 20 years. Makes me want to take a trip there again. Love your photos of that special area.


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