Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Nekked kitchen

Every time I see the word "nekked", I think of my dear, funny friend, Shelia.

Have you met her yet?

Well, you should! I've known her for what seems like forever, and she's one of the sweetest ladies in Blogland :)

Anyway, that's not why we're here today.

This is about my nekked kitchen.

My counters to be more specific.

Why is it nekked?

Because of this dirty grout.

Yuck, right?

Well, I tried everything to get it white again, but nothing worked.

One day I came across this post and decided to take action.

Now, don't be going over there and saying "rue sent me", because I've never left so much as a peep on her blog and she'll think you're crazy.

Or I'm crazy.

Either way, she has no idea who the heck I am.

I think I left Blogland when she started.

Moving on...

I applied the Tile Guard with an old crafting paint brush.

I have a ton of these, because I used to paint birdhouses (you can see one at the bottom of this post), so it didn't matter that I had to throw it out later.

This is what they looked like for 3 hours.

I know the bottle says 4 hours, but I couldn't deal with the mess in my kitchen for that long and besides, I needed to cook dinner.

Just looking at those pictures drives me crazy.

The counters turned out fine though.

I just cleaned it off with a wet sponge and viola!

All bright and shiny.

Oops! I forgot to put back the dish towels.

There, that's better...

About thirty minutes later it looked like this:

Oh well....

At least I have a picture of it clean ;)

For the full tutorial go to the post I mentioned earlier, and you can also read about her update here.

By the way, if you've seen my blog get kind of wonky lately, it's because I'm having my sweet friend Brenda work on a better look.

It should be over soon :)



  1. I'm so glad you are blogging again, Rue. Your smile shines through your words... xox My kitchen does not stay clean long either after a thorough cleaning. All it takes is my husband cooking one meal and itt's a wreck again. Not complaining though.

  2. I think your kitchen is the prettiest kitchen in the whole world. It's just perfect. Clean grout or not.

  3. Yeah! What a great post about stained grout. I have had stained grout in the past and never able to clean it. I am going to remember this!

  4. You had me at nekked kitchen ;-). Hope the product works!

  5. Glad this worked for you. Nekked (and yes I can hear Shelia saying that).

  6. Your blog always makes me smile--and that's the necked truth! ;-)

  7. Hi Rue! Oh, I've rubbed off on you! :) You're so cute and thanks for shouting out my 'nekked' word! Now I love this post and glad this worked. I need to get some too. I love your sweet kitchen too even when it's nekked! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I'm sure it's really hard to keep grout clean, especially on counter tops. I haven't seen your blog looking wonky at all - so it's all good!

  9. Looks nice! Ann was one of the first blogs I started reading and I remembered that post, she has tiles in her kitchen too, which by the way, I love her kitchen too. The magic of paint :) Kathleen in Az

  10. You are always up to something. I'm not sure where you get all your energy! I love the duck head dish towel holder. I am sure it's vintage, but I wish I knew where to find one!

  11. I LOVE your kitchen! And you and I are so alike---lots of stuff on the counters. That's why we have them, right?

    Going to check out this to se if they work on my subway tike backsplash. Thanks.

    P.S. LOVE Shelia!

    Jane x

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. wow, this looks good, Rue. I've never heard of this product before. I don't have tile and grout in my kitchen
    any more, it's all granite for me. Yes, I love Shelia. She was one of my first blog friends and such a great
    lady. Your kitchen looks very nice, Rue.


  14. I just went to Amazon and ordered a bottle. My grout is awful -- I often clean it up for pictures with photoshop! LOL! I think this would be more permanent. If I blog about it, I will be sure to credit you!

  15. I had a laugh when you showed your "messy" kitchen photos. My kitchen and dining room are a disaster from the reno, 5 months and counting, and it's wearing on me heavily. Love your kitchen though, messy or not. ;)

  16. It worked! My dad sure could have used that at his old house with tile counters. That grout situation just about made me crazy but it didn't bother him at all. :)

  17. Ahhhh grout. It can be a problem anywhere/everywhere. But you solved it, beautifully.

    And actually, I love nekkkkked counters. ,-) I do! Don't have anything on them, other than the few items, which are used frequently and too bothersome to move in and out. It's just how I like them. :-)

    To each her own kitchen look. Because, after all, each of us had their own unique kitchen.


  18. Glad to know that stuff works so beautifully! Yellowing tile grout is one of the most frustrating parts of tile...LOL. Does it say how often you have to re-do it or is a one-time thing? Just curious. I think the counters look wonderful and your kitchen is gorgeous! Loving the new look of the blog! I hope to be getting a re-do on mine before too long! Hugs!!!

  19. This is so timely for me because my black and white checkerboard tile kitchen floor drives me crazy. My husband wanted to do black grout but I insisted on white and have paid for it dearly with dirty looking grout. I'm hoping this stuff will help that. Now to try to find someone who will get down on their hands and knees and do this.

    Thank you, Rue! And I love seeing your kitchen in all it's phases, but especially when dinner is being cooked!


  20. Like the vintage feel of your kitchen. Glad to know it's not always pristine and perfect :-)

  21. Looks great Rue and who doesn't love our Picklepoo..(Shelia). Hope your having a great week my dear sweet friend..Hugs and love from Calif. Gloria

  22. I love Sheila too! Shes A SWEETIE! Your kitchen is so pretty and that stuff works great! Glad you found it!

  23. PS....its sO HOT HERE IN CHARLESTON...people want to get NEKKED! HA

  24. I love Shelia too and she is such a blog sweetheart. Texas and I miss her!! But so glad blogland keeps everyone in touch. Love your kitchen and what a great solution for the grout!!

  25. You kitchen is so so lovely, I brought something similar for my bathroom tile and it has lasted a long long time.

  26. Our former house had a large kitchen/dining area with white tile (horrendous!). One day, Halloween to be exact, I decided to put tileguard on the entire area (about 400 sq ft). It was a LOT of work, but I figured I had to stay home all night anyway ;).

    Btw, your 'before' looked better than my 'after'!

  27. The trouble with cleaning house is that it looks messy as soon as we are finished and back to living in the house.

    Your group looks great and I love the duck head holding the towel.

  28. Well Done ...

    A house is for living in and loving it ... and you do.

    All the best Jan

  29. Well Done ...

    A house is for living in and loving it ... and you do.

    All the best Jan

  30. Oh your kitchen is such a charming dream! I also have some tiles that could use this great tutorial. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  31. Hi Rue,

    Looks like it worked great. Love your sweet kitchen. Think I will try this on my bathroom grout. Thanks!


  32. Hi Rue, I know it is late at night but lately that is when I find time to visit. We live a busy crazy life. Your Nekked (I love /sheila too) kitchen looks awesome after the treatment. I love your sink. My sister has tile in her kitchen too and I am telling her about the stuff you used. This stuff works.

    Thanks for the smile when you were back to normal cooking etc. My counters and island can get filled up when I am in the kitchen. However, I always clean up when I am done. I am a neat freak most of the time. Good job.


  33. I need some of that STAT!!! What an improvement.

  34. Oh, is it supposed to be white? LOL! I love how your grout cleaning turned out. Your kitchen is soooo charming.


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