Monday, September 7, 2015

Kat's birthday

One of my very best friends, Kat turned 60 this past week, so I had her over for a nice quiet dinner.

She's not one for big shindigs ;)

I used my matching vintage table mats and napkins, my great grandmother's silver (that I use everyday) and some vintage wine glasses.

For the flowers, I used her gift, which was a miniature rose bush.

It came in that little burlap bag.

Pretty cute, huh?

Anyway, she's an avid gardener, so I knew she'd like it :)

Here she is laughing after she blew the candles on her birthday poundcake.

She didn't think about the fact that there was powdered sugar all over it and blew pretty hard, so it went everywhere lol 

Note to self...

No powered sugar next time ;)

A few other things about this picture... 

I'd give you the recipe for the poundcake, but sadly it wasn't that great. I should have stuck to my old recipe. Oh well... Kat said she liked it and took most of it home.

Also, it looks like Annie is flipping off the camera, but I'm pretty sure she's just doing something weird with her hands.

Or at least I hope.

And lastly, she didn't use her phone during dinner, but she was just about to take off again to her friend's house and sat back down real quick for the blowing out of the candles. 

Let's not even discuss the coke can on the table. 

She knows better.



And here we are:

Two peas in a pod.

I love her dearly :)

Dearly enough to have my picture taken with her, which most of you know I'm not a fan of.

If you're reading this Kat....

Happy Birthday again my sweet friend.

Love you!

And please don't kill me for sharing your pictures or your age ;)



Thank you all so much for all your kind words about me on my feature and welcome to all my new visitors.

It's so nice to meet you!

I'll be visiting those of you with blogs and replying on the last couple of posts to those that don't, as soon as I can.

Thank you again!!


  1. What a nice Birthday bash without being a looks like just the perfect setting and plan for the person and the occasion -perfect gift and I'm sure PERFECTLY FUN-

  2. Sweet to do such a nice thing for a friend! Funny about the powdered sugar!

  3. Absolutely lovely. My husband turns 60 this month! And my best friends are 60+ and they are the most playful of all the people I know. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAT!

  4. I thought Annie WAS YOU! She looks so much like you!

  5. Sweet 60th Birthday to Kat! Your daughter Annie is beautiful! Kathleen in Az

  6. I love those small shindigs too, with a special friend. Happy Birthday to Kat!

  7. How sweet you are!! That looks like it was so much fun...intimate and relaxing! And what a beautiful photo!! Congrats on being featured! I will have to go back and read all of your deepest secrets! ;-) Hugs my sweet friend!!

  8. How sweet. :) Nothing like a girlfriend's special birthday.

  9. Hi Rue,
    This is really sweet. Love that you had your friend over and did such a sweet dinner and cake for her. I think those kinds of celebrations are the best. Have a great new week ahead. PS I hate to have my picture taken too. You are so gorgeous and the picture of you and Kat is adorable. So sweet.

  10. So sweet to make dinner for your cute friend. I love doing that, too.
    Your daughter is gorgeous, even if she MIGHT be giving us the finger...LOL...just kidding.....

  11. What a wonderful dinner with all your favorite people. Happy Birthday Kat!!! I love your comments on the photos. And I may just start putting powdered sugar on some birthday cakes!

  12. What a nice quiet birthday for Kat.

    I thought your daughter was doing that at first, but at second glance didn't think so because that finger looks like her pointer finger. :-)

    Love the picture of you and Kat, two lovely dear friends to each other.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  13. Happy Birthday to your sweet friend. I did look twice at the photo with your daughter and her 'hands' but decided she was just moving them as you took the pic...funny things we capture with our cameras!

  14. Happy belated birthday to your friend! I can tell a lot about a person just from their face. She has a kind one.

    And YOUR face? Well, let's just say you and your daughter look more like twins!

  15. Belated birthday wishes to Kat! Your table looks beautiful, Rue...and I am sure dinner was delicious. Nice photos of you, your daughter and Kat.

  16. What a nice way to celebrate a milestone birthday with a friend! At least it wasn't a beer can on the table!

  17. IT's so nice to have senior friends LOL
    since I am a senior now which I can't believe anyway

    seen you featured over on that all white blog where a dog named Libby lives
    Glad to see Mr Man in the spotlight with you

  18. Happy Birthday to your friend, Rue. wow, 60, that's a special one. It looks like you made this a very nice celebration for her. And I have to say that the red rose bush made me smile. This is a cute picture of you both, and you can always look back and remember this fun day and the love you have for your friend.


  19. Happy birthday to your friend, Kat! The powdered sugar story is funny! I would do that. Your daughter looks just like you. Absolutely gorgeous! :)

  20. Happy birthday, Kat! Rue, even if I had not read your post I would have known the special bond you two have just by the picture. It is so genuine!

    Thank you for sharing the pictures and story of this special evening between 2 friends, and Mr. Man and Annie too. And the Coke can is actually sweet.

    The miniature rose looks like there's some white on the red? So pretty in your milk glass bowl!


  21. I love the mini roses and too funny about the powdered sugar. My aunt asked for ooey gooey butter cake for her birthday one year and blew the powdered sugar everywhere. Now it is a family legend. She will never live it down. EVER!

  22. I really tried to concentrate on what you wanted us to watch... But I couldn't help but see your gorgeous home. Your chairs are very elegant.

  23. Very nice of you to make a birthday dinner for your friend. A belated happy birthday to Kat!

  24. You are such a sweet friend, Rue, for taking such good care of your dear friend, Kat, on her milestone birthday! Lovely pics of the occasion; you all look very pretty, and your home is comfy/cozy. Thanks for sharing them with us!


  25. Your friend looks like she really enjoyed her birthday time with you. I love the roses with the burlap cover.

  26. Welcome back Rue! I was a fan of your first blog, followed your renovation faithfully. Was sad when you left. I found you again on Cozy Little House. Am enjoying this blog as much as the last!

    1. Hi Kathleen! I'm glad you found me again :)

      And thank you!


  27. Now see, I thought she was making a gang sign : )

  28. Now see, I thought she was making a gang sign : )

  29. This looks like such a special and intimate time...Happy Birthday, Kat! You had me laughing with the description of the powdered sugar and your daughter (she is lovely!) at the table. Kat must have felt very special!
    Just read the wonderful feature over at Kris's, too! Fun!

  30. Rue, you are a dear sweet friend, and it looks like everyone had a lovely time! Both your daughter and the roses are so pretty! Thanks for the tip on the powdered sugar ! ;) Happy Birthday Kat!

  31. I love the idea of the rose bush and what a cute way to pretty it up! What a nice friend you are. Happy Birthday Kat!

  32. Sweet and simple! I love it! Happy Birthday to your sweet friend. That little burlap bag is just adorable. Have a great week!

  33. How sweet you are to host your friend for her birthday dinner! Love the little rose bush in the burlap bag.

  34. Visiting from your feature at Junk Chic Cottage. First off I love the look of your blog! Second, thanks for the chuckle and the visual of icing sugar flying all over the place. That is totally something I would do! Thirdly, I had another chuckle when I saw your daughter in the background flipping the bird - hilarious and totally something my daughter would do. And lastly, I'm swooning over all the antiques I'm seeing in the background of those photos. Looking forward to following you and your blog.


  35. Such a sweet post and a sweet and precious friendship with your friend. Loved the smiling photo of the two of you. Happy 60th Kat. Oh I adore the sweet little red rose plant, Rue you cracked me up over the powered sugar.

  36. You're a good friend and celebrating your friend's birthday by cooking dinner is very special. Happy 60th to her. Great photos, and I couldn't take my eyes off your dining room chairs. Golly, they are fabulous. Your daughter is very pretty. She looks like you.

  37. What a lovely thing for you to do for your friend Kat. :)

  38. What a lovely thing for you to do for your friend Kat. :)

  39. What a lovely treat for your friend! You both look so lovely and so happy in the photo of the two of you together! p.s. I didn't notice the can until you pointed it out! xx

  40. Oh Rue ... what a lovely post.
    You both look so happy in the photo's. Thank you for letting us share such a happy and cheerful occasion with you. Nice that Annie popped home too!

    All the best Jan

  41. Glad you had a good time with you friend and I will have to remember that about powdered sugar and birthdays!

  42. well great post - loved the photos and seeing u with your friend - ...and ..are u sure she was flipping the camera off, lol.. I miss my friend - 30 years best friend besides my sis and she died in 2011 at 60 something. We use to always get together for her birthday - this reminded me of those fun nights.

  43. First, before I forget... I LOVE the dining chairs! Very pretty and ornate! What a treat to see your Annie all grown up... she is gorgeous! Great picture of you and your friend, too! It's evident where Annie gets her pretty looks from! Looks like ya'll had a lovely time! ~Rhonda

  44. How nice was this! happy belated birthday to Kat! I am two years her senior, and loving this age for the most part. There are a few things I'd like to turn the clock back about, but I won't discuss them here--lol!


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