Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's hot and thank you

So, this is kind of a random post, but I will start out by saying...

It's so hot here, I want to live in a pool until it's over.

Sadly, I don't have one.

Also, have I mentioned that I don't have central air?

Pretty sure I have.




Although it was invented in 1902, they didn't have it for regular folk's homes in 1930 and I'm not putting one in for 40 grand in 2017. So, here I sit listening to the loud humming of fans and a window air-conditioner that barely cools off the house enough to keep Bubba and Mini from panting.


This is my life:

a black hole.

Yes, I know it's that time of year, but it's a heat wave.

Yes, I know it's Arizona, but I live in the supposedly "cooler" mountain area.

And yes, I know it's vintage to not have air-conditioning.

But, I'm complaining anyway.

I don't care.

It's hot.

And I'm a wuss.

So there.


Anyway, enough of that...

I know I missed a week of blogging, but I've been a tad busy.

My mom is in the process of moving to a new house, which I've been helping with and I've been honing in on my baking skills again.

Well, until the heat wave of hell got here.

And I've been a cleaning fool.

It's done now though.

Oh and watering.

A LOT of watering.

Lots of heat, no rain.

But I digress...

I have quite a few things to share with you, but for today, I just wanted to check in and tell you how much I appreciate all the lovely comments on my last post.

It was so nice to not only learn more about some of my old friends, but also to meet so many new friends.

A lot of you had never commented before on this blog or any blog for that matter and I'm truly flattered that you reached out to say hello.

Even if I never hear from some of you again, I'm happy to "meet" you :)

And those of you that didn't say hello, that's okay too.

I appreciate you coming by, comment or not.

I mean it.

So thank you too :)

I finished answering all your comments on the blog today, but I still have emails to get to.

I want to apologize for my terrible emailing.

I do see them, but I sometimes mark them for later because I'm in a hurry and don't get back to you for a long time.

Bad, bad rue.

But I promise I will get to them ASAP.

That said...

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Without all of you I'd be sitting here talking to myself and I hear that's not healthy ;)

Love to all,


  1. Oh girl, you must be burning up! Hang in there.

  2. I feel your pain. Window air conditioners. The only reason I am not a puddle.

  3. Do you keep a dish of water in front of the fans/window a/c? Spray bottle of water to spray anyone/including dogs? Sometimes it is too hot to move.

    1. No! But guess what I'm doing? ;) Thank you, Joy!


  4. I didn't have air conditioning growing up and I didn't have central air when my children were growing up either. Was always fans blowing in front of a bowl of ice and a window unit in the bedroom. We survived and sometimes I actually miss those days. It of course was always cooler eating out side in the shade of the oak tree in the eveing at dinner and sometimes I would hook the fan up out there, it kept the bugs away too.
    Your bread looks so darn good, a slice and a slather of butter is what I am thinking about right now.

  5. I just read on Yahoo about the temps in Arizona. I thought 98 in Chicago was tragic. Stay cool, Rue. I know that's hard even with central air, and like you, we have window air conditioners. Our home was built in the 40's and when we bought it in 1985 my hubby thought $3000 was too much to have it put in. And yes, it's now in the area of $*&%#$*%... We have 3 units in different sections of the house. The advantage is we can turn off the ones we don't need.

    Oh, that bread! It's been years since I've made it (and homemade pasta). Shoot me.

    Thinking of you my friend. Sorry to say its cool here in Michigan right now. Back to Chi Town tomorrow--it will probably rain. :(

    Jane x

  6. Oh dear Heather ~ It is miserable when we are 'hot'. I have one window unit, 1500 BTU's. My little cottage is 675 sq. ft. I bought a Friedrich's a.c., which we had in the past and it is great! At night, I turn the fan setting to medium, draw a curtain across an entry into living room, turn the temp down to 74 and the bedroom is kept at about 78. I keep it on the money saving setting which cuts the fan off instead of running all of the time. That gives some quiet which is nice. Your temps are hotter than ours down here in s.e.FL. High 80's but real feel is around 102.

    Your bread looks delicious! I made a loaf of oatmeal bread in my machine yesterday. It made while I was out weed wacking and hanging up laundry on the lines to dry. Oh the aroma of fresh baked bread. Pure mouth watering delight! Using the bread machine doesn't heat up the house.

    May you have some relief from the heat. Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. I would die without A/C. Well not really but you know.... xo

  8. We didn't have air conditioning for years and then about 10 years ago at our old house we got a heat pump and our home we bought four years ago came with a heat pump. What's funny is sometimes I miss those old hot days! We always opened everything up in the morning and let the cool morning air in and then about 9:00 or so, closed it all up. It worked pretty well. I hope things cool down for you. I'm so happy for you with your special guy!

  9. I hear you, Rue, I cannot tolerate heat at all. Climate was one of the reasons we moved to the mountains of western NC years ago. The high yesterday was 82, and we rarely see 90 in the worst of summer. So lovely, we have dinner on the veranda most anytime we want to, as evenings cool off into the 60s all summer long. Stay cool!

  10. Oh I don't know how you do it. I get so hot when other's don't that extreme heat would melt me. It's rainy here and looks like it will be all week. Just ups the humidity. Ugh!

  11. Hi Rue! Sorry I have to leave and take my dog to the vet, but I'm so sorry you are feeling the heat. That sounds absolutely miserable! Hugs!!

  12. Apology time: I admit to being guilty of not always commenting. It does not mean I did not like your post, I always adore your posts! Your pictures are always amazing. I love where you live, and your house...well, how more adorable can it get! Your adventures out and about make me want to move back to Arizona. I lived in Sierra Vista for 4 years and, like a fool, left the state and moved to Indiana! Anyway, I shall try to be better at commenting. I do appreciate the time it takes to post a blog. I haven't posted in 2 years. My computer bit the dust and I have a kindle, which is so small and posting more than a few lines in a comment is very frustrating.
    I do hope the weather cools down some for you, at least hoping for a nice rain and breeze for you.
    Have a wonderful day ��

  13. I. Would. Die. But I also might go buy me a child's blow up pool, fill it with cool water, and enjoy an adult beverage at least once per day...for medicinal purposes!

  14. Hi Rue, I've been reading about the temps in Arizona and that it was so hot the planes were grounded. I don't know if I could survive without my a/c. I remember the old days before we ever had one and had lots of fans. No fun! Your homemade bread looks yummy. Take care and stay as cool as you can!

  15. Darned hot here too. Why don't you see about getting window air conditioning in other rooms if you don't have them? Probably be a lot cheaper than 40 grand.

  16. Hi Rue, over a 100 where you live, that is hot! What the heck! Putting in an ac is expensive, but that much? Dang! Probably figuring out the duct work in a old house? 97 here already, sob! I remember having a big block of ice in front of the fan when I was a kid and my mom putting foil on the windows! Fresh bread, looking forward to having some myself at my mom's next week:). Have fun with your sweeties family and I hope your mom moved closer to you:).
    Keep cool, Kathleen in Az

  17. Oh my goodness Rue, you answered every comment on the last post! What a sweetie you are.
    We only were hot for a few days and have cooled off today. We are only 68 degrees today.
    Your bread looks delicious. Hard to want to fake when it is so hot.
    Hope your Mom's move goes well.
    Take care.

  18. Cannot keep remembering, where you live! Arizona! But cool mountain part.<--Usually. ,-)

    *Naughty* Luna Crone. I did not comment, on last post. I was going to... Something came up... I didn't. -sigh-

    I'm a crone, obviously. My husband and I, live in the upper part of NYS. Have been posting, here and there, since mid 1990's, with different blogs. Actually came here, this time, not too long ago. Yes, I have read you before. Here. Never had the fun of reading your last blog. -sigh-

    And please!!!! Do not, not, not reply to this comment, here in your blog comments. REalllly! Pllllllease. Pretty please with sugar on it. I would much rather, you come over to my blog, and leave a comment, when you have the time. I never return to the blog comments, I have made. So please, don't bother with return comments, here, for me.

    After humidity/rain/gloom, we are having a couple of "perfect" summer days! So there is hope.

    Btw, our older home does not have central A/C either. We got wall unit A/C's, for the upstairs bedroom, and for the den and hearth room, down stairs. The 3 rooms, we live in. They are wonnnderful. They also give heat, in cold weather. But aren't want we use for winter heat. Lovely for getting dressed, after a shower, though... in cold weather.

    At my age, I could not live, without some A/C, when needed. I feel as if I can't breathe, as well as the awful sticky-ness. Don't smoke or have asthma. It's just the humidity, when I have gotten older.

    So long! Sorry! Gentle hugs, Luna Crone

  19. Oh Rue with the heat you are having in AZ I cannot even imagine you feeling any kind of cooling. Go get one of those baby plastic pools fill it with water and just lay in it!!!! At least it would feel cooler for you. Hope your mom's move goes smoothly.

  20. I really do not know how you are surviving in that heat! I get very itchy with a b in front when I am hot! My husband does
    heating and cooling work, I wish I could send him your way. The price you would have to pay sounds rediculous! I hope it gets cooler soon! Fill your bath tub with cold water and stay there!

  21. Many thanks for your thanks Rue. I went back and read the comments on your previous post.
    I think blog-land is a brilliant place, and you were so good in taking the time to reply to us all ... thank you.

    It has been very hot in the UK in recent days, and I am looking forward to it getting a little cooler soon.

    It sounds as if you are going to have a busy but fun summer.
    Hope your Mom's move goes well.
    Thinking of you and sending my good wishes

    All the best Jan

  22. I grew up without AC and I remember how horrible it was. I am so thankful to have it in my house - I am a cranky, sweaty, whiny mess when I'm hot. But $40K to have it put in? Yikes! Our entire HVAC system is the original of the house - almost 30 years old - so we know we're living on borrowed time. However, replacing it will "only" be about $6K.

    When it gets unbearable, can you hop in the car and go hang out in a mall, library, or coffee shop? Hang in there...I feel for you!

  23. This sounds terrible, you must be melting! Have you thought about installing a whole-house fan in your attic? We have one and use it at night instead of the a/c. The way it works is you open windows at night and the fan pulls in the cooler night air while simultaneously pulling out all the hot air in your house. This cools the house at night and keeps the house cooler longer the next day. I would think it would cool down at night where you live since you are in the mountains.

  24. Dear fellow wuss,
    Northern California is also having a heat wave and I have no air condition er either but I'm glad I'm suffering in great company! Hope you and your fella are having a wonderful time with the boys.
    Love and blessings,

  25. Its Minnie again,
    Forgot to say talking to yourself is fine. I tell me that all the time! After all, I'm the only one that really listens to me
    And honestly.... I never hush up :)

  26. Lord have mercy, I feel for you! We've had our air conk out in previous houses years and years ago.....it was plum miserable. I would leave the house and head to the stores, the restaurants and many hours at the nice cold library til we got it fixed! It's misery, I tell ya! Hope it cools down there for you.....or you get a window unit or something! Hang in there!

  27. I hate the heat. Growing up in the heat of the south was no fun. I feel for you. Come to New England for a visit! August is the best month.

  28. That bread you baked looks GOOD!! Oh my, I do NOT like the heat and where have I ended up living since the late 1980s? Florida and Georgia !! It is VERY humid where I live, worse than in Florida as at least there we had the cross breezes from ocean but here just dense, thick humidity. So I feel your pain!!!
    Dawn P. aka GADawn57

  29. Oh, you poor girl. Here in upstate NY the temps have been in the 80's and, miraculously, no humidity. I'm so grateful to be able to spend so much time outdoors - I'm enjoying before the hot sticky summer weather arrives.
    Oh, your bread looks wonderful! And, I love the picture of you and your hone - pure happiness! xo

  30. Hello friend. I'm sorry I didn't get around to commenting on your last post - I read it and marked it to get back to later. I can't explain why I didn't just go ahead and comment when I read the post. I'm strange, I know.
    I feel for you not having central air - we didn't have it in our first house (may moons ago) an I can remember spending as much time as possible in the room that had the window unit and staying out of the kitchen as much as possible! Hope you get some cooler weather soon.

  31. I missed your last post, as well as a bunch of posts from my blog friends bc I am beyond busy right now. Wedding season is in full swing and I am in the thick of it!! I finally broke down and got a window a/c this year....it is what it is, I can't imagine how awful it is in AZ now!

  32. Love, love, love air conditioning. Cannot, will not live without it.
    I hear you on hot. What I do hate most though is humidity. That makes it impossible to stand when the temps are up there.
    The bread looks delicious. I am gaining weight lusting after a piece.
    Hope you can stay cool.

  33. I only paid $3500 for an AC unit!! You might want to check other companies as whoever gave you that price was outrageous! I love your sofa and chairs!!!

  34. The West has been in an unseasonable heat wave this past week...sorry you all are going through it. Between that and tropical storm Cindy here in Texas, our weather patterns are unusual for this time of the year. Hang in there.
    Your bread looks divine! So rustic and beautiful.


  35. So sorry about the heat wave, Rue. We're at about 3,000 ft altitude here and last night it dipped down to 37 degrees. I wish I could send some of the cold your way. :( We're expecting hot temps in a few days. Ugh. Maybe you should grab your guy and head for a cooler spot this weekend. Just a thought. Hugs, Nancy

  36. Hi Rue,
    Hang in there! I am not a HOT weather girl. When it gets HOT and HUMID in Wisconsin I start to melt. I absolutely HATE humidity!
    Love that photo of you and your honey!
    How old are John's boys. I have two boys, 17 and 15. :-)
    Love, Carla

  37. Welcome back...I was coming over to leave a comment and check on you. Sounds like you are pretty busy....and hot! Have a facebook friend that lives in AZ and I know that where she lives has been getting on up there like 113. That is crazy and I don't know how you stand it. I can't take the heat so I would have to move for sure! TN hits the 90s and that just about does me in and I have central air. As of yet though I have not had the air on but maybe an hour or two in the evening and I sleep with a fan....this is strange for me and only has taken place since I lost so much weight. But hey, I like my electric bill better. Take care, stay cool....go find a pool.

  38. Oh, dear! I heard about the heat in Arizona and I hope it has finally gotten back to normal.

  39. NO AC --and you live in Arizona???? YIPES.... I've heard about your extreme heat....

    We live on the Cumberland Plateau in TN ---and supposedly, we don't need AC as much as the areas do in the valleys below us... BUT--the older I get (and I'm OLD) --the more I need the AC.... We have more humidity than you do --and it's much worse to deal with... BUT--there have been years that we haven't used the AC much at all... The past couple of years though, we've used it most of the summer....

    We just got home from our Anniversary Trip to NC.... I blogged this morning.


  40. (((((Rue)))))
    soul sister forever.
    if that's okay.
    forgive my absence but yet know i never am as i adore you; love you; and keep you in my heart always. i am silently catching up here now.... you look so beautiful, as always, and i see your life is blooming once again.... and again and again we do. i PRAY you know how much you mean to me. like HUGE.

  41. I live in Southwestern Pa in an older home with Steam Heat and I can't have normal A/C installed either, without a large expense. I hold off having my sons put in the window A/Cs as long as possible because I abhor the noise and want fresh air.

    THEN, the wiring is old, so you can't run the microwave in the kitchen while the A/C in the dining room is on. Or the humidifier in the cellar with the washing machine, and so on

    Have to turn off the A/C downstairs when it is time to turn on the one upstairs for going-to-sleep time.

    As hot and miserable and muggy as it gets here I can't imagine how you are enduring it there, UGH!

    People with whole house air just don't get it :)

  42. Today is the last day of our triple digits here with a week in the 80's in our forecast. I feel your pain. Hang in there cooler weather is on its way.

  43. Yes, the weather is horrible, and I am going to complain too. When is the rain going to come?! This hot, there should be some break and the monsoon should start. Fortunately, it is the monsoon will start where you are first and then down south Tucson. My porch has no AC, but a foam roof, and that has been good enough, but not this year. I've got two fans running. Definitely don't buy this one...Life Smart. Doesn't work for here. My sister has a good swamp, if you want to know I will find the name out for you. I'm sorry you are suffering with no central air. At least I have it in the main part, though I spend most days on the porch or out of the house while my daughter practices. xoxo Su

    1. Wow. Look at all the errors. I must of cut and pasted the wrong spots. It is practically incoherent probably, because I am sitting on the porch writing it! xoxo Su

  44. Oh you poor dear and I am not being sarcastic. I remember those miserable summers of heat without AC in Arizona. "Dry heat" they would say as if "dry" was comforting. That kind of heat is misery. Hope that you have lots of good books to read in front of the AC or back to John's mountain.

  45. I was ill with near pneumonia for the beginning of July so I'm catching up, Rue. I did not have central air in Brooklyn so I know how you feel. I had a couple of window ac's but they don't do the job when the rest of the house has nothing. NY simmers are humid so that made it worse. Colorado is cooler but we've also been having a heat wave. I do have central air here, however, and I love it!


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