Thursday, March 8, 2018


That was the word that came to my mind, when I decided on a wall color for my new master bedroom.

Well, new to me anyway.

You see, when I bought this house, there was an upstairs master and a downstairs nightmare area that could be used as a bedroom. I didn't want Annie downstairs in the dungeon and she didn't want to be down there either, so I took it and made it my little hideaway.

Well, it looked nice anyway.

It was COLD.

Which is great in the summer, but not so much in the winter.

I put a lot of miles on the plug in electric heater.

So when Annie decided to move out, I thought about the cold.

I also thought about the fact that I'm almost 50 and going up and down the stairs as I get even older.

And I thought about the fact that it's probably safer to be on the first floor.

Silly as it seems, it wasn't an easy decision, but one night when it was 15 degrees outside, I came to the conclusion that it was probably for the best.

Since I've never shared it, I'll bet you're curious what Annie's room looked like.

If you have a teenager, you won't be shocked.

If you don't, prepare yourself.

Now imagine that with 20 piles of clothes in all directions.

I'm happy to tell you that her decorating taste has much improved and her apartment is lovely.

In fact, she's an old fashioned girl at heart, like her mother, and her friends say it looks like a little old lady decorated it.

They even gave her a bowl filled with hard candy for guests.

The apple really didn't fall far from the tree ;)


Back to the color.

As I mentioned, I wanted something serene and as much as I love yellow, I craved something different.

Did I want a soft green?

Maybe blue?

Maybe a mix of both.

When I was at the hardware store, looking at Behr paints, I came across a group of colors called the Cottage Collection and the color that grabbed me was called Seaglass.


I got home and went straight to work, painting the whole room, ceiling and all, with this magical color.

I couldn't believe how much brighter the room looked.

It really changed the entire feeling.

Ahhh... so much better.

I still have some work to do, like maybe getting different drapes, and new bedding, but for now, I'm happy.

One of the perks is not having to do my makeup downstairs anymore.

Not to mention the view.

The antique dresser below lived in Annie's room and like a typical kid, she abused the top with water marks.

It was given a quick sanding and polishing and it turned out good as new.

So, that's it for now.

I still need to work on my old room, which is now the guest room and I'd better hurry.

Annie is coming to visit on Monday and Alex is coming to visit with his fiancé at the end of this month... yikes!

Back to the decorating grindstone ;)



  1. It looks perfect Rue. Yes, serene is a lovely word. That color goes so well with the dark wood. Peaceful dreams!

  2. Wow! It looks fabulous. You are a magnificent designer.

  3. That color is perfection! I would call this room serene. What a lovely restful bedroom! Your furniture really shines in it's new home.

  4. A lovely, old-fashioned room. That bed!

  5. Wow. That is a bedroom I would never want to leave. Perfect choice.

  6. What a beautiful color and it is the perfect backdrop for the beautiful furniture. Lots of hard work in those pretty pics, I can tell!

  7. Rue, I love the yellow, too, but I must say that seaglass is beautiful. And in summer it's sure to have a cooling effect. (I don't want to be "spammy," but if Annie needs kitchen stuff for her apartment, I happen to be giving away a fab pan this week!) I love that Annie's friends say her apartment looks like a little old lady decorated it - that is hilarious (as well as a mark of her good taste, I'm sure)!

  8. Wow! Your new room is so pretty, and it made a huge difference. xoxo Su

  9. Love the new bedroom color! You are so lucky that Annie is close enough to visit already...wish I had that. Congratulations to your son on his engagement. Lots of good news.
    Take care

  10. It looks great and that hard candy bowl cracked me up !

  11. Moving on up, love the paint color:). Memories about the piles of clothes, my friend is having her daughter wash her own clothes now. I bet Annie's home is warm and welcoming and the bowl of hard candy, love it! Kathleen in Az

  12. I love the color you chose to paint the walls. Your "new" bedroom looks serene, comfy and cozy. :)

  13. What a beautiful room--and I love your wood floors!

  14. Wow, I love the color! It reminds me of the beach...serene for sure. It's funny to hear about Annie's apartment. I always hated my aunt's house, it was covered in braided rugs and old furniture, cottage, country and as a kid I thought it was awful. Sound like anyone's house you know? 😉I bet she's smiling now! It's funny how we gravitate to what we know as we get older. I bet her place is fabulous! Like her mama...

  15. Oh Rue, your new bedroom is gorgeous! I always liked your downstairs bedroom, but this is even better. :-) And I'm sure, a lot warmer. And honestly, the before pic of the room (when it was your daughter's) wasn't bad at all. In fact, I actually liked it. Of course there were clothes piled everywhere...that's what teenage and young adult women do!

  16. I really love the color seaglass. You are a true interior decorator. Everything you touch turns to gold concerning homes.
    You are a very talented lady.
    Annie's room was nice compared to some I've seen and lived through ;)
    Since she has decorated as you would, it means you created a loving homey atmostphere for her through the years. That's a great achievement.

  17. I love that soft blue color with your wood furniture. That bed is fabulous! We are painting our upstairs and I’m having fits over choosing the right paint color.


  18. What a great color. Serene is a great word for this color. I love soft blues too. Your bed is amazing. Love that piece.
    Great job. I always say our bedroom should be our sanctuary that we go too at the end of the day and your looks so welcoming and peaceful.
    Happy Friday
    Happy Weekend.

  19. Yes...great color. And it goes so well with your beautiful bedroom furniture! ;)

  20. It's beautiful! I love that color!

  21. Hi,
    I like the color. Your furniture is so lovely.
    Enjoy your family coming to visit.
    I just loved that your sweet girl is a lot like you. I smiled at the house warming gift her friends gave her.
    xx oo

  22. You’ve created a beautiful room. I know now what color to do my own room now. Thanks for sharing.

  23. It looks absolutely beautiful, Rue. It is just such a serene looking room now. I love SeaGlass. It is one of my favorite colors.
    Hope you have a great night. xo Diana

  24. I think serene is a great word.
    The room looks beautiful.

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  25. Oh...what a beautiful room, color and furniture. I so love your taste! It all looks amazing. Now ....GET TO WORK!!!

  26. What a pretty paint color, so restful. So nice to have a view, too.

  27. Oh it's just lovely, Rue!! You'll both love and hate being able to do your makeup in front of a window with all that natural someone who's turning 50 very shortly (EEEEEK!!!) natural light is not always my friend.....but I do love candlelight!! :) Love your 'new' master, enjoy it!

  28. Hi there Rue, your home is so pretty and I love all the old fashioned things you have! Especially your vanity, my Ma-Maw had one like that. Sure brings back alot of memories! I like that Seaglass color too, very peaceful and light. Glad you stopped by and thank you for the compliment on my hat, it's my oldest (and most beat-up!) one and so beloved! How is your week going so far?

  29. I love it!! That color is lovely and perfect. It really did change the feel. It was the perfect timing for a beautiful reform.

  30. 50 is young. I wish I was 50 again. I do know what you mean about thinking about steps now. I live in a Bi level and I know with kinda bad knees in the beginning, they are worse now because of steps.
    Sea glass for a color draws me right away as I love collecting it. Will think about that color for my middle room upstairs. I love what you did with the room in color and decorating it I love your style.

  31. It looks beautiful!! i love it and could spend many peaceful moments in that room.

  32. What a beautiful color and a beautiful room. Gorgeous.


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