Saturday, November 10, 2018

Turning 49 & Alex's wedding

I'm turning 49 on Monday.

I was going to do a post about this phenomena, along with the trials and tribulations of being almost 50.

For one, I don't really look like this anymore:

Amazing how much your face changes in 7 years. 

I still style my hair like this, but I certainly look older now.

So, I was on a quest for pictures of what I look like now and in doing so, I came across this one of me and Annie taken a few months ago, before we went out to dinner with my mom.

Annie is back to bleaching her hair.

She'll learn ;)

Anyway, I noticed two things about this picture.

I don't have my shoes on yet and I'm wearing a dress that reminded me of the fact that I hadn't talked about my own son's wedding.

Bad mom!

Actually the fact is, it happened when I wasn't really blogging much and for some reason I thought I had posted about it.

Apparently not!

So, anyway, I flew out to Minneapolis on May 12th (Mother's Day weekend) to witness my son and his lovely bride Heather get married.

My kid married a beautiful girl and she loves him and he loves her, which is all I can really ask for.

Of course there was the mother son dance.

And then like all weddings... it was over before we knew it.

So, I'm turning 49.

My son is happily married.

Annie is going to college.

And I live in a house that I adore.

Getting old might not be so bad after all ;)



  1. Rue, you're all so beautiful! Thankfully, you did remember now to post wedding photos because obviously everyone was so happy. Congratulations to all and now you have a beautiful daughter and a beautiful daughter-in-law.

    And a very happy birthday to you, Rue! 49 looks amazing on you!

  2. You look very happy and that dress and heels are wonderful and HOORAY for living an authentic life!!!

  3. Congratulations and Happy Birthday my darling friend. It's wonderful to hear about all the good stuff going on in your world. Embrace it all!! You have a beautiful family and I'm very sorry, but I don't see any difference from the first picture to the last. You look fabulous. ❤️

  4. Happy Birthday Rue. You look gorgeous. I am 54, and still use henna on my hair, and brush on Wow at the roots. Oh well. We are only getting older. It was so nice to read your post and to hear how upbeat and grateful you are. You and your hubby make such an attractive couple. Love the other photos, too. It's a strange feeling later in life when people start perceiving you as a senior. I am experiencing that now. The main thing is that you are happy and healthy.

  5. Well, 49 is a beautiful number and you are a beautiful lady. I am 55 and find myself, once again, coloring my hair like I did when I was in my 30's. I have so much gray at the roots and hardly any throughout the rest of my hair. Very ugly. I guess, at some point, it will all turn gray. Truth be told...I'm looking forward to that day!

    Beautiful wedding pictures. I can see how happy everyone is but I can actually feel the love between you and your handsome man.

    Grace & Peace,

  6. Happy 49th Birthday to one beautiful woman, inside and out.

    I am 20 years older than you, stopped coloring my hair around the age of 50 as I did not like having to do it so often, and didn't like the 'cooking' feeling on my head.

    The wedding was lovely and congrats to the bride and groom.

    Love the photos of you and John, and the one with you, your son and John and the one with you and your daughter.

    Happy November ~ FlowerLady

  7. I completely agree with the above commenter I don't see any difference in the 2 photos of you, except in the first one you look like you were wearing red lipstick and if you would wear that now you would look drop dead gorgeous! And wow, John is so handsome! You both so happy together.

  8. Fabulous, simply fabulous. All of it. You rock!!

  9. That dress! Your dress is SO perfect - along with John's coordinating colors:) You look so gorgeous - truly. I turned 65 yesterday and I still feel 17. I really don't look 65 - and it wouldn't matter if I did. My fella and I have been together since 15 years old - married for 40 years. I still think of him as my boyfriend . . . .so my hair is way too thin, I could use a few pounds - but life is good! *marrying a total animal lover might be the key!

  10. I am 66. I lost my husband in 2012, he was 56, and I cherish every memory I have with him through 38 years together. I am now in a loving relationship after mourning for 5 years. I will create more memories for the rest of my life (I am 66 now) to cherish. Life is for gathering memories and smiling with each one. Cherish each day, find the beauty in each one, and be thankful for them.

  11. You really are gorgeous! Your blog picture looks like a picture of a movie star in the 40's, flawless skin, beautiful hair, and your current picture looks the same to me as well! Your family looks so sweet and you are so fortunate to have all of them! You will always be lovely!

  12. When your life is Perfect, you must embrace it, What a perfect day...and wishing you more perfect days to come.....

  13. Happy Birthday beautiful lady!
    I'm 85 and still hangin' in there.
    Very nice family pictures.

  14. You look adorable! Love the snaps of you and your son dancing! I entered a new decade last January. Let's just say I'm a few decades ahead. I was a blond, so my hair has just simply turned a platinum. Don't have to worry about dying it, in fact the girls who has cut my hair for the past 20+ years says people ask her to make their hair the color of mine. She has to laugh and say, she doesn't color my hair. So guess I should be thankful for small favors. Thank you Mother Nature!
    Glad you are happy and have a partner who loves you inside and out.

  15. Rue you are so adorable. I love the dress your wore for the wedding and the shoes oh my so cool. Your style matches your sweet personality. For almost being 50 you have nothing to worry about in the looks department you are a very young 49 year old. Love all the pictures of the wedding. Your son is so handsome and new DIL just could not be cuter if she tried. I love her red hair. You have it going on girl. You are blessed.

  16. Happy Birthday and Happy Wedding! You look beautiful. I am turning 65 in 12 days. I stopped coloring my hair about 10 years ago.

  17. Trust me -- getting old has its advantages and joys. I still enjoy every day, and I'll be 80 next week; and we just celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary!! BTW, I started going gray 60 years ago, and have never colored it with no regrets. Sally

  18. Hello Dear Friend,
    Lovely, honest post, that is what I love about you.
    Congratulations to your son and wife, a lovely couple. The next time you are in MN contact me, I am only 45 minuets from the Cities. ;-)

    I am going to be 44, I said NO MORE to hair dye this summer. I will be doing a post about it in the future. I am a dark haired girl, so roots would show in no time at all.
    I have had ups and downs going grey, but wow, is my hair healthy. I use to shed like crazy, not anymore. I wonder if that had to do with dye? I have come to love the natural hair me! In fact I have been receiving many nice comments. And empowered another lady who is 51 to go natural.

    Well, enough.. great post!
    Take Care,

  19. I can't tell the difference between your "then" and "now" pics either. You're a gorgeous woman, gray or no gray. and you have a beautiful family and sweetheart...great pictures. That wedding dress is to die for! She looks so elegant. Love your dress too.

  20. Happy birthday and congratulations on your son's wedding. You are beautiful - I can't see any difference in the pictures either. I'm a few years ahead of you at 56. Kind of in-between in the 'senior' department. All depends on where you are - some places start counting you as a senior at 50 some not until 65. No one asks to see my ID anymore. LOL. I'm blessed to not have gray in my hair - I've had blonde highlights for the last 30+ years and I still get them because I really don't like my natural hair color (kind of a flat brown color) but since they are only highlights I can get by with a couple of times a year. (my sister is 5 years younger than me and would be totally gray if she didn't keep it dyed red and my younger brother is pretty much bald) I say do whatever makes you feel good about yourself!
    Thanks for sharing the photos of your son's wedding. Everyone looks very happy!
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  21. You are absolutely gorgeous! And these are the times of your life :) Enjoy every moment.

  22. Oh, Rue, you are a gorgeous woman!! Embrace each day, you are only this age one year.

  23. Happy birthday, Rue - and congratulations to your son and new DIL! I loved the pics from the wedding. You are beautiful, Rue - and honestly, I can barely tell the difference in your "old" picture and the ones of you now. I'm 56 now and it's hard for me to believe I'm closer to 60 now instead of 50. Freaks me out! I certainly don't feel like I'm nearing 60. So I guess that's a good thing. I am not ready to go gray yet, so I have my hair professionally colored. I'm actually not that gray, so I mostly do with highlights and lowlights. My beautician rarely has to dye my whole head. I'm also lucky that I only have to have this done once every 3-4 months, plus she's inexpensive compared to most beauty shops.

  24. Happy Birthday fellow November girl! And congratulations to Alex and his lovely bride. May they have many happy years. And for you.. a lifetime of happy and contented love.
    Sending hugs your way.

  25. Happy, happy birthday to you!! I hope your day is as fabulous as you are! Love the photos...of you and of the wedding!!! And you are gorgeous!! And young!! Very young!! I can't tell any difference between the recent photos and the photo from 7 years ago! AND, I love that you are barefoot in the photo with your daughter! :-) I hope your son and his bride have many wonderful years together!! Love and hugs sweet friend!!

  26. Girl, you are beautiful! 49, you're still so very young. My daughter is 47 and still now when I look at her I see the little girl in her. You have a most handsome son and looking so good in uniform, his wife is so lovely. You have a great husband and so much to be thankful for!

  27. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rue!! Hope you have the loveliest day, my friend! These pictures are so gorgeous!-- I love them all. What a nice looking couple!! Your son is so handsome and his bride so pretty. I love the photos of y'all, your dress is so pretty and y'all just look so happy and carefree, love the pretty city background. Your photographer captured the scene so perfectly! Enjoy your birthday!!!

  28. Congratulations my friend!! Your kids are gorgeous, as are you! I turned 50 in March and you are so right, holy smokes did my face change a ton in the past 7 years! I hate pictures of myself now, but hey the alternative is far worse than turning 50, right?

  29. more thing....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Congratulations on the wedding! Such a special time for a family!
    You are beautiful, Rue...even prettier than 7 years ago!

  31. Wonderful photos of such a happy occasion, Rue. Congratulations of the marriage of your handsome son to his pretty bride! Happy early birthday to you!
    I reached the golden age of medicare this year and I'm enjoying life more than ever as I know the road ahead is shorter than the one behind me.

  32. What a handsome newly married couple. You are so right Rue, what more can you ask for if they love each other.
    Happy Birthday Rue! You look as gorgeous as ever! I'm older than you are and still coloring my hair...not ready to embrace the grey lol My husband on the other hand started getting grey in his early 30's, so he doesn't get why I won't let go! Changes to my face, what can I say I try not to look too closely....

    I hope you had a wonderful day.


  33. I enjoy reading your blog,and love that you aren't dictated by every new trend, but follow your heart❤ Beautiful pictures of all your family, and I have no doubt that you will look lovely still in your grey. I actually think grey is beautiful on a woman, because it shows that they have 'lived'...what we grown into as we age has a certain beauty, along with the wisdom we gain. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!😊

  34. Like the lovely pictures of the family and stories and I'm trying to remember when I was 49 LOL
    My birthday is this week and girl I'm on my way down the HILL

  35. I don't see any wrinkles!

  36. Such a wonderful, happy post … I loved it from beginning to end.

    A wonderful wedding and you look brilliant.
    Happy Birthday Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  37. Love this post! You are a beautiful lady, with a beautiful life and very blessed.
    I am just a couple years older than you, and I too am loving this season of my life. There is a peace and a contentment that comes when we are in a season of our life when we get what real and lasting happiness means :)
    Sending belated Happy, happy birthday wishes!
    Congrats to your family on the wedding of your son, and for adding a beautiful daughter in love to your family as well.
    Wow! Can't believe your daughter is in college... time flies by! She is a doll and I love her smile and twinkle in her eyes.

    Have a happy day.

  38. Well I can just see that with gray you would be as beautiful as you look without them. Love the pics of the wedding and esp the ones of the bride and groom. Being a photographer I love good wedding pics! So happy that life is good for you. You look happy in your pics.

  39. Happy Birthday!!! You are as lovely as ever! Thanks for sharing your son's wedding photos with us!

  40. This is such a lovely post and as for grey hair . . . my advice is let it be. I love my hair, and decided to never dye it again and then my husband's high school reunion came along. I am 6.5 years older than him so I decided to dye my hair. I didn't want to look like the old woman in the crowd. I got there and the room was filled with grey haired women, LOL. I felt so silly. I believe that grey hair helps to soften our faces as we grow older. Much like the soft focus lens on a camera. God planned it that way . . . my oldest granddaughter (12 years) keeps telling be that my hair is not grey but silver and she wants to have hair just like mine when she is my age. What a sweetheart :)
    The photos of you and your husband are beautiful; my favorite is the one of the two of you kissing out where the carriage was.
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday . . . there are so many amazing years ahead and you will find that your marriage grows even sweeter with age. Isn't it wonderful to be married to someone that loves you inside and out :)
    Connie :)

  41. I enjoyed this post - and what beautiful photos of u all. My last son (fourth one) got married in Jamaica last November - seeing this reminded me of the nice time we had there and his beautiful ceremony. He was the last hold out - and didn't marry until 32. I thought he might be a bachelor forever.

  42. I'm so happy that life is smiling on you, dear Rue. Congratulations and birthday wishes to you all, and you look just as lovely to me, gray hairs and all :-)

  43. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a happy Thanksgiving!

  44. I'm behind in commenting, but I had to leave a note. I've never colored my hair...part afraid to after watching my mom do it while I was growing up (drips and messy at-home coloring!) then part not wanting to keep up with it. And so I don't...and you know what, in one week 3 people said, "I love your hair!" There's a touch of gray, but I'm okay with that. Your hair is lovely...don't worry one bit! It looks like there are so many blessings to enjoy, fretting over hair shouldn't step in the way!

  45. Rue, lovely photos and lovely attitude! When I turned 49 and was lamenting that next year I would be 50, I had only to think of my older sister who died at 48 and decide that I would try to embrace getting older. Both parents were slow to gray and slow to wrinkle, so I might "hold up well" for a long time. But eventually … and when that day comes, I plan to embrace it!

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