Friday, February 15, 2019

Judgy McJudgerson

I've been gone awhile again.

I can't seem to get my blogging groove back.

I start, I stop, I start again, and I stop.

Over and over it goes.

This time though, I've been taking some time getting my ravens ducks in a row.

Yes, those are ravens on my bird bath!

After Christmas, I started to clean house mentally and took a long hard look at myself. 

One of the things I've realized is that I've always been a Judgy McJudgerson and sometimes that side of me shows on this blog.

Not all the time, mind you, but I know when I'm doing it, because I'll hesitate before I push publish, knowing full well that when I do it'll chap some hides.

Then, for whatever reason I'll just say "screw it" and poof! I verbally vomit all over this place.

That is not what I'm going for here.

Or anywhere, for that matter.

Anyway, it's a hard job to change my judgmental ways, since I come from a long line of McJudgersons, but I'm getting there.


I just want to be a better person and for this blog to be a place that will hopefully make people feel good.

I think that package says it all ;)



Thanks to all of you for your sweet words on my last post about Mini's passing. It means a great deal to me that you care and that some of you even shared your stories about your fur-babies passing on. My heart goes out to all of you.

The last picture I took of Mini.


  1. Hello Rue,
    Mini looked like a little sweetiepie:). Looking at your snow pictures with the doggies, it's been a winter here. I just heard the way February will end, that this has been a very cold month in decades in Phoenix. I will think of that when I'm in Hades this summer:).
    Ravens will always remind of my mom's home, a lot of them there and one was huge with a greyish head, I kinda got freaked out, thought of the poem from EAPoe.
    I love where you live and your home.
    Continue on with blogging,
    Have a warm and cozy day with your family,
    Kathleen in Az

  2. I must be oblivious because I haven't picked up on Judgy McJudgerson.
    I usually think that people want things to be better, see how they could improve, don't want to settle for stasis. Especially when words are written and not spoken, it's up to the reader to determine the tone of voice. I choose to hear optimistic and earnest.
    But I know what you mean. Sometimes my kid gets on me about being too judgy. It hurts, probably all the more because I know it's true.

  3. So glad to read that you will continue to blog. That scripture verse is a good one to remember every single day as we are constantly bombarded with bad news.

    Talking to the One who loves us for who we are, His lovely, unique creation, makes His heart glad.

    The snow pictures with your pooches are great!

    Love, hugs & prayers for you sweet Heather ~ FlowerLady

  4. Oh Rue, honey, you aren't the only one who needs to watch herself! Just this morning, as I listened to a podcast, I was convicted about much the same thing. Not necessarily being judgmental, which I do have a problem with, but in the same general area. Proverbs 31:26 says, "When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness."(NLT) What struck me was "When she speaks". Another words, WHEN she speaks doesn't mean that she always opens her mouth to say something but when she does it should be said with much wisdom and kindness. Let me tell you, I have never had a filter and this really convicted me to keep my opinions to myself unless it is to lift someone up. I guess Mama knew best when she said, "If you don't have anything nice to say then say nothing at all.". Well, I will be working hard to also take my thoughts captive so I won't think negatively towards people, either. Keep talking to the Father! He knows best, right?

    Grace & Peace,

  5. I love the Philippians verse too, and have a sign with it in our home as a reminder. I want to think that way...although I often fall short. But it gives us something to aspire to...

  6. Lovely to see you blogging again.x

  7. Just be like your dogs--I've never seen/met/loved a dog that judged. I'm sorry about Mini. Through all my life, I've had so many who are now on the other size. I still miss them all! You're on a worthwhile journey and so many are out here cheering for you. Let us hear from you often.

  8. I have not felt you ever to be judgy I think you should be honest on your blog and if someone can not handle what you are saying then they have the option to move on. I always love seeing your posts pop up in my email box. Hugs snd happy weekend.

  9. I was just wondering about you. Glad to see a post. The world can always use more kindness, patience etc. It's a good goal we should all strive for. Sorry about your Mini. So, so hard to say goodbye.

  10. Add my voice to those who've missed your posts, and who have not found you to be judgmental. I know that I AM though, so this post was good for me. Please know that whatever and whenever you feel like writing is welcome! You owe us nothing!

  11. Hey you, I think we are all guilty at times. Recognizing our struggles and trying to be a better person is all we can do. You are a dear~

  12. Your dogs look so comfy and cozy in your home. They are so loved! You have never sounded judgemental to me. I love your posts and exquisite photos.

  13. I don't know what I missed but I honestly never felt you were judgemental. Maybe it is a burden you carry around but I have never felt the pinch of it on your blog.
    It is so hard to change old ingrained habits, isn't it? But, if you have set your mind to it- I know you can do it.
    I am so sorry you lost a sweet furbaby. They are like family and leave a hole in your life when they pass over.
    I hope you have a great weekend, Rue. xo Diana

  14. Rue, my dear, I'm among the others who really can't imagine what you're referring to. Yes, there have been tongue-in-cheek posts and yes, you have found a lifestyle that fits you like a glove but I've never seen anything that makes me think that you expect everyone to be like you. However, just as you might not understand the things that I come under conviction about, I would never dream of stepping between you and what God is teaching you.

    The whatsoever verses are my very favorite verses! There is a guidebook to life right in that verse, isn't there? No one could go wrong following them.

    I know there is still a hole in your life where Mini used to be. Nothing ever fills that place when we lose them but we go on with extra love to spill out to those dear ones still with us and to ones that may need us in the future. One thing I would never ever worry about is my blog friend Rue having a heart full of love to share all around.

  15. I have been the same way with my blog - I get all ready to post on a regular schedule but then life happens.
    I don't remember you being judgy. You are you and that's the way we like you!
    Love your snow and pup pictures.
    Have a great weekend!

  16. I am a new subscriber to your blog but want to voice my condolences about Mimi's passing. Our pets are like our children and it's so hard to let them go. My way of trying to fill the void is to adopt another dog or cat. However, I realize the older I get that is not going to be an option for very much longer. I look forward to more of your blog postings!

  17. glad to see a new post from you. I know IT'S SO SO HARD to lose a fur baby. The empty loss they leave behind just never seems to go away. I miss my Gypsy every day. I love the pictures of the sweet doggies here, enjoying the snow and the sunshine! You have a good weekend!

  18. It was nice to see a post from you! Like others, I haven't felt judgment from you, but you know what is in your heart and you wanted to share with us, which I think is wonderful. I hope you continue to blog... I enjoy your words, home and glimpses of your life. And thank you for the reminder that I need to start talking to Him more again as I have strayed. (and can be a Judgy too a lot). PS Off subject- LOL I'm a crafter and I just love that "Vintage Sweets" label on those oranges :) :)

  19. I haven't gotten the sense that you are judgemental... and I am an opinionated person myself. I have occasionally offended readers on my blog because their political leanings are different than mine, but I'm not going to apologize for that, nor should they apologize for their own beliefs. I say it's your space, do YOU in your space, whatever has meaning to you. From out here, you are a good and decent soul.

  20. I'll add my voice to the others and say I've not seen anything that I would term judgemental. You are allowed to have an opinion, and I say always be yourself, not what you think others would have you be. Authenticity always shows, so don't apologize for your beliefs, or opinions. This is your blog, say what is in your heart.

  21. I never thought your blog posts sounded particularly judgey, and anyway, isn't this YOUR space? You can't please everyone, and why should you? Love the updates on the house and the dogs!

  22. I love a good testimony about how God is moving and working in a person’s life! It is a blessing to feel those nudges from the Lord, isn’t it? Because we know it’s only going to be for our good. However, I must say, I have only ever found your blog to be a positive and uplifting place to be! And sharing our own ideas and beliefs is what blogging is for! People have the choice to stop by a blog or not. Keep writing! Keep sharing! You really are the “feel-good” blog you wish to be!

  23. I have been reading your blog, (even the first blog,) for years and have only commented a few times, I have always found you to be so upfront and honest, nothing fake about you or your posts, which was so refreshing to me, please continue to be Rue, as God made you. Please continue the conversations you are having with Him, as he will direct your paths.

  24. Funny, I have never thought of you as judgy at all! Your blog has always been one of my favorites and I've truly missed your posts. I'm in a blogging rut right now myself, so I know what you mean though. xoxo

  25. I'm so glad you are going to be posting again, hopefully, regularly. It is hard to get back in a groove when you've been away. I'm still trying to find my footing and I came back in October. It will get there. :-) I've never thought you to be judgmental, just honest and forthright. I do agree that we all have judgmental tendencies at times, we are human. I love the Phillipians verse (it is one of my favs) and think we all should practice it as much as we can. With that being said, sometimes, things just need to be said...Paul never minced his words...but I believe it is in how we say them that makes the difference. Love and miss you sweet friend!

  26. You are WAY too hard on yourself! I never felt judgement from you - and so what if I did? I don't want yet another fluffly, sickly sweet blog (way too many of those) - I love your blog because well, it's YOU. So do not change a thing because you think somebody might get offended of whatever . . .and while I appreciate your faith, as an atheist it's lost on me:) I agree with another poster here - if it's in your heart and you have to change - well that's ok too. I'm always happy to see your post in my mailbox!

  27. I love the person you are. It's why I read here and visit often. I visited you when you first began though I was a silent visitor. I see you as being real and honest but your quotation of scripture is something I have thought of often. That kind of mind set settles the heart and mind and keeps us on a good path mentally and physically. Mind set can effect how you feel in so many way, so you picked a good verse to focus on for sure.
    I really enjoyed these photos. I like the evening look of the yard in the snow. To me it is homey and cozy looking. I envision going inside after and drinking a hot cup of coffee. I also love the photo of the crows on the bird bath. That's a special one for sure.
    Blogging is hard work. I sometimes have to push to do it and sometimes a few days go by where I don't have a thought in my head or no photos to show. But what I find is that I miss the connection with friends who blog when I don't. It's funny how you can become dear friends with people you have never met and care about them and their feelings so much. Its funny, but wonderful.

  28. I have never found you to be judgmental. Enjoy reading about you, your home and family. You have been missed. Sorry about the passing of Mini. Looking forward to new posts.

  29. It's always great to hear from you, Rue! I love when I see your name and a new post show up in my feed. And I've never thought you were judgmental...I think you're just honest, which is lovely and very refreshing. Keep it coming! xoxo

  30. Hi Rue! Oh, honey, I have always admired you that you were able to say what you wanted, never thought of your as judgy. That's one of my biggest faults - judging others. I'm so glad though you're relying on the Lord. He can work wonders with us. I know He slaps me in the head every now and then when I mess up! Love you, sweet girl. I just don't blog that much myself any more. I want to but life has gotten so busy. We have moved back to Texas and just bought a house. I'm pooped!
    You're always a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  31. i love you because you're real and not afraid to show it,
    no matter which way to slide. ♥ ♥ ♥
    and i love seeing pictures of your fur babies. so. much.
    i miss my sweet evelyn. ♥

  32. Its funny to my that how we see ourselves and how others see us can be so different. I never read a blog post here that I felt you were have opinions yes, but that is why I love your blog so much. Not afraid of expressing yourself.
    Hope you will be blogging more since I love visiting :-)
    Thanks for sharing the great pictures of your doggy friends - always happy to see their smiling faces.
    Take care

  33. I don't think you were ever judging! I loved reading your posts and seeing your lovely home.

  34. Like everyone else here, I haven't seen you as judge-y. I love that you are honest and real. I have the opposite problem -- too nice. I'm working on trying to not be so nice -- kind and compassionate yes, but not nice (as in people-pleaser). And it's funny because people tell me that I'm not that, just like they're telling you you're not judge-y.
    So maybe you and I are aware of inner attitudes in our hearts that no one else really sees. But we still want to change those attitudes because we know they're harmful? Too bad we couldn't meet and trade "faults" haha!

  35. Well, I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now, and haven't ever made a comment. I feel like after reading this post that I should, because I can hear your heart coming through your words. I check to see if you have a new post almost every day, because I enjoy your posts so much and look forward to them!! You live in an area that is far away from and different than where I live, which is in the countryside outside of the capital city of Canada. I so enjoy seeing the places you go, because I will likely never see them myself. I absolutely LOVE that you have stayed true to the old-fashioned style of the house where you live, and that you are trying to preserve and maintain that old style vs. just turning it into another modern-updated cookie-cutter lookalike. Ditto for your blog. I am glad to hear that you have been using the winter season for its best use, introspection and quiet thinking. It is one of the reasons I do not have a dishwasher.....hand washing dishes offers plenty of time for pondering, especially when you live where it is winter 9 months of the year like I do. Keep up the good work in all areas, and blessings to you!

  36. Oh look how comfy your sweet Mini looked in that photo - you gave her a great live, my friend. xo

  37. Great post, and a sweet reminder to help us strive to seek the good, and lead by example.
    It sure is easy to get on a bend about something, and before I know it I really don't admire the words coming out of my mouth, or the complaining that I hear myself voicing.
    I can remember my Grandma admonishing us; " Pretty is as pretty does".
    I sure would rather be known as the gal with sunshine on her shoulders, instead of a gloomy gal !!

    I sure enjoy your blog, and I admire you for taking your concerns to our Father in Heaven.
    He loves us so much , and if it's important to us, then it's important to Him, and He will certainly help us with our weaknesses.

    Sending warm wishes.

  38. Hello,
    You are honest Rue, that is what I like about you. You are honest!!
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us, today and always.
    Take care my friend,

  39. Hi Rue- I have been sooooo absent. I am getting a lot done in real life - even went back to work for 7 months in a temporary stint - then holidays, then new year and all that "resolution" stuff......just no time to post. I have my groove on, just need more energy, more time, and would realllly love to learn how to photograph cuz I sucketh at it.

    As for your wanting to change - good for you - change starts with acknowledging you want to - and I commend you for it. Nothing bothers me much in blogdom - I am a Libra middle child so I almost always see both sides to things - but I will keep you in my prayers for what you think you need to work on.

    I need prayers too, on those things I need to work on.

    Funny, if we all look to the Holy Bible for our wise advice, we win. Love the verse you chose for this post. God bless ya, lady. And I am terribly sorry to learn of your sweet Mini's passing. When I lost my Romeo years ago - well heck, I am still grieving, I cry about him still. They are family in the best sense of the word. Hugs of comfort for you.

    Take care. ♥

  40. I have had so many loved fur babies pass and it hurts but there is also joy in knowing they were in my life and brightened my days. And I know I made their lives happy and good and they felt love. It is okay if you need breaks from blogging. I do off and on. Just let us know on occasion how things are going!

  41. Great post, Rue. I can totally relate. I'm so sorry about your pup.

  42. Rue, either you have a different blog somewhere that I haven't been reading, or I am very thick-skinned, because I haven't seen anything *here* that could be called judgmental or negative! I always have a cozy visit at your Old-Fashioned World.

  43. We are all works-in-progress :-)

  44. You know we all have our own thoughts and there is no reason why those thoughts can't be voiced. But I will say that my mother was one to really voice her thoughts and there were more than one time that I suggested that she just change the way she voiced them. To take some of the rude out of them. I am not saying you are rude, heavens I never got that from you I am just saying that maybe wording things a tad different might be the answer you are looking for. I don't say that I look at the world with rose colored glass, and I have my negative thoughts but most times when I have them I just try to look at the THOUGHT a little different and express it that way. HOWEVER, when PISSED I tend to speak before thinking or looking at the way I word things. None of us are perfect so just be you, if you think you need to fix something about you then go for it but don't do it for anyone but you.

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  46. I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing the photographs you've shared.
    Sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  47. We know our own faults best, but honestly, I've never thought you judgmental! I've always enjoyed your perspective, and love for the old way of life, and it has always been inspirational to me. I'm so sorry about the loss of your sweet dog, pets take a piece of our hearts with them when we leave. We miss them so very much. I enjoy your posts of little bits and pieces of your life, and hope you will continue. Your blogs are always a blessing, and I enjoy my visits with you :) Blessings and hugs!

  48. I never thought you were judgemental on your blog, Rue!? I've always enjoyed reading your blog. It's your blog so write it as you want and don't worry about trying to please everyone, just please yourself and enjoy the process :)

    I'm so sorry to hear about Mini's passing. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet.

  49. Sometimes stress makes us blame ourselves for any short comings and saddnesses... It's always hard to loose a beloved pet .... Take time to breath and know that blogging/writing is probably the best form of therapy ...It really helps to express ourselves freely ... and you have done it beautifully...Now stand back and know that you are OK ... I sincerely hope that you will continue this blogging journey.... Have a Happy week....Hugs

  50. I enjoyed this post, Rue, and love your transparency. It's pretty easy to be judgmental. I should know because it's something I've had to face in my own life. Our Heavenly Father is so patient and loving, though. He accepts us just as we are, and gently corrects us when needed. So sorry to hear of Mini's passing. I hope you'll be back to blogging soon. Hugs, Nancy

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