Sunday, May 31, 2015


On a previous post, Ronda of Island Mother said that she was curious about the title of my blog and wanted to know my thoughts, feelings and perspective on the word "old-fashioned." 

Well first, let's see what good old Webster's has to say...

Let me get one of mine off the shelf.

Why not look it up on Google?

Just wait, we'll get to that ;)

For those of you born after 1990, this is a Webster's dictionary:

It has these tabs that have letters on them and you go to the first letter of the word you're looking up and search through the pages for your word.

Just letting you know in case you come across one in an antique store.



This one has seen better days, but a beloved puppy of mine chewed it up years ago and besides, it has an inscription on the inside.

People used to do things like that when they gave a book to someone. 

I still do.

Anyway, back to looking up the word old-fashioned...

Hmm... styled or done in accordance with, or favoring, the methods, manners, or ideas of past times; out-of-date; antiquated; outmoded.

Also a cocktail! 

Love them, but that's not why we're here ;)

I also love the word underneath:

I'm an old-fogy?

Who knew!

I did ;)

Yes, by those descriptions, I'm definitely old-fashioned and an old-fogy.

What makes me this way?

I dunno.

I've been told that I have an old soul and maybe I do, but I also think it might have something to do with the fact my mom's father, my grandfather, was born in 1908 and raised her with the values that he was raised with, and in turn, I was raised with.

To give you an idea of what I mean, I'm 45, my mother is 64, my grandfather would have been 106 and my great-grandmother (shown below), born in 1880, would have been 135 years old this year.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it's pretty unusual (but not unheard of) to have a great-grandmother that's 90 years older than you.

My point is that I grew up with some very Victorian values, which makes me an odd duck these days.

I live a traditional life, in the fact that I have been a stay at home mom since my children were born, I do the cooking and cleaning and when I was married, my husband went to work, took care of the cars, and did most of the yard work, which is exactly how I was raised and choose to live.

Not to say that I have a problem with anyone that doesn't live a traditional gender role lifestyle, but it's what I wanted and how I live.

I'm also not one of those women that doesn't voice her opinion.

Trust me ;)

Oh and for anyone that doesn't believe that women could have an opinion back in the old days, I wish they could talk to my great-grandmother. From what I've heard, she had an opinion on everything!

I think it runs in the family.

So, what else makes me old-fashioned?

Well let's see...

I'm odd in the fact that I do things like look up words in a dictionary, instead of Google. Not that I never use it, but it's nice to know that I can just grab a book in a pinch and look up whatever I want without having to turn on a machine.

Which is nice when the electricity or the internet goes out.

You will never see me using or owning a kindle, that's for sure.

I also have a mostly "use it up, wear it out, make do or do without" attitude and when I buy something, I try to buy things that were made before 1970 (preferably before 1960), because they last and they were better looking, in my opinion.

Hence my 1950s fridge, 1930s sink, my 1940s pyrex, my two percolators that were made in 1960 and 1940 (I have two in case I need to make more coffee than 8 cups. Usually for company.), my furniture and decor that is mostly made before 1950, with some exceptions, etc, etc, etc...

I am not a fan of the throw it out society that we've become.

When I need to replace something, the original item goes to goodwill or I sell it.

I said mostly, because on occasion I do buy modern things, like the occasional trinket, like a pillow, or major purchase item. For instance, I just sold my old car, Clarence and I'm buying a "new to me", modern car next week, because it's just not practical to have a car that can't drive over 55 MPH comfortably, no matter how much I fought it.

Not to mention the fact that I don't have anywhere to keep him out of the weather, because my 1930s garage won't accommodate him.

Bye Clarence. It was nice knowing you.


Anywho, where were we?

Oh yes...

I wear a lot of vintage clothing made between the eras of 1920 to 1960.

Except underwear.


The reason is, I like the ladylike style. Yes, I do own some modern things, like jeans, but I'm just not a fan of the clothing these days. I think a lady should look like a lady, especially in public.

Please excuse the dog toys ;)

I don't always dress like it's 1940 something, but you will never see me walking around, in public, wearing yoga pants, sweats or pajamas.

I have this hanging up in my home.

Let's see... what else?

I don't have a dishwasher, because I never understood the purpose of washing dishes before they were washed and although that myth was debunked by my sweet friend, Benita of Chasing Quaintness, I still don't want one.

Besides, where the heck would I put it?

There's just no room.

This list could honestly go on and on, but let me finish with manners and etiquette.

I believe in them.

I say please and thank you.

 I think men should hold open your door.

I don't text or talk on the phone in the presence of company, during dinner, or at the store.

I know how to set a table.

But I also know not to say anything, when someone is doing it wrong.

I know how to host a party.

I know how to be a guest.

And most of all I know to be gracious.

So, my friends, I guess all of that is what makes me "old-fashioned" and I wouldn't have it any other way.



  1. We love the "old-fashioned" Rue! I am stuck-in-my-ways myself. It is too bad that children of today aren't learning the important lessons you shared on your post-its. I will say that I always set my table correctly and my two-year-old grandson who copies everything I do now places his fork on the left, his plastic knife on the right, near to the plate with the blade toward the plate and the spoon next to the knife. Manners and etiquette will never go out of style!

  2. Life was simpler in those days and I am glad you are keeping up the traditions. I love my dictionary - the book was a wonderful gift for a school person. I also love my World Book Encyclopedia. Your interest are so informative.

  3. LOVED every word! I'm pretty old-fashioned too. I love my dictionary and thesaurus. My ex gave me a Kindle and I ended up giving it back. I just like real books. I wish I could find some nice dresses, but they probably wouldn't look too good with the sneakers I must wear due to my ankle. I will NEVER text, and I detest people who have their phone on in public or while in my presence. AND I'm not afraid to voice my opinion. Thus I get hate venomous emails now and then. Like last week when Doreen set up the GoFundMe account. I got some uglies then. And, I can see your face in your great-grandmother's. I bet she had spunk too. Farewell Clarence! I hope he went to a great home.

    1. Oh! Forgot to mention that I use the dishwasher in my apartment for storage. I think they use too much electricity and I kind of like the serenity of washing dishes.

  4. Oh Rue, I really liked this post, especially the parts of saying please and thank you. My mom taught me those words, and to this day, I use them passionately. "The way we dress" quote is delightful, and this is such a cute picture of you. We have very similar backgrounds. I was a stay-at-home mom with all my kids, and I only worked part-time when they were all grown up. I'm old-fashioned in many ways, but I have a dishwasher and new appliances, and I'm thankful for that. It's the kind of thing that if you had one (dishwasher), you wonder how you ever got by without it. I guess I'm a little of the old and new, but could really relate to this post, and it's so charming that I'd want to send it to all of my friends. :~)


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Sorry I had to delete my previous comment. I accidentally hit publish too soon.

    I really enjoyed reading all this about you! I consider myself more traditional than old-fashioned in that I love being at home and all that it entails (most days). I haven't worked FT outside the home since 1988 (before I had kids). I worked on and off while my kids were growing up at various PT jobs, but it was always when they were in school. I actually like housework and doing laundry and gardening and cooking and decorating. I don't consider manners old-fashioned...I think everyone - young and old alike - should have good manners. I simply don't like working outside the home - I didn't even like it when we were newlyweds/before I had kids! I was never the type to be a "career woman". I taught my kids to have good manners and I hope my surviving son teaches his child or children (should he have them someday) to have good manners, too. I love the dress you have on in the photo - it is so you! I could never wear something like that because it would be too uncomfortable for me. I'm all about comfort these days. Not to say I dress like a slob, especially when I'm out in public, but the last time I wore a dress was at a wedding I went to about 6 years ago. I do wear skirts sometimes in the summer with bare legs and sandals because they are comfy and cool. You would never catch me wearing pantyhose unless it was absolutely necessary! A dishwasher is a must for me because that is one household chore that I loathe - washing dishes by hand. And since I do a lot of cleaning, we always have a lot of dishes to wash. No e-reader for me. Have to have a real book in my hand. Magazines, too. Great conversational material. Thanks, Rue!

  7. Love this post. I can relate to almost everything you said. I don't wear vintage clothes, I'm all about the comfort. I'd love to have a Clarence, instead I have a VW Bug. I can relate to everything else. Except I have a Kindle but I don't use it as a reader. I use it as a notebook.
    I love your little cottage.
    There is so much waste in this day and age. My kids switch around the toys and clothes. So proud of the for doing that.
    It is all about being happy in my book.

  8. Wish there were a lot more women like you Rue.

    I'm watching MadMen right now (multi tasking). The clothing might be a little too 'new' for you, but I can definitely see you wearing some of these outfits.

    Lovely and thoughtful post!

  9. Love this. I don't wear sweats or yoga pants and "got in trouble" in college for not wearing pj's for pajama day at the elementary school where I was doing my practicum. I told my prof. I did not wear bedroom clothes in public. Also, I keep a dictionary next to my computer so I can look words up if I'm typing. There are words that spell check just doesn't get. Older dictionaries have better words. My favorite is a 1909 edition. I could go on as well. Just know you seem to have a few kindred spirits out here.

  10. Rue, a lot of this resonates. I love your outfits. I on the other hand never know what to wear, so I keep a few outfits at a time. :) Your old car is gorgeous, and someone will enjoy it. If you get on the freeway you almost half to hit 70 in certain areas. My kitchen doesn't have a dishwasher, because there is no room. It is less than 8 feet on each functional side, besides it had to drain where the sink and washer drain. It could of been done, but it took up what little cabinet space I could have, so I found a big sink instead that hides dishes perfectly from the front door. xoxo Su

  11. Hurray for old-fashioned! I keep waiting for the pendulum to swing back and we can all appreciate the simplicity of sweeter days. Days when girls (and women!) dressed modestly and looked pretty instead of "sexy." Times when the family ate meals together at the table instead of in front of the television. Afternoons when kids played outside instead of being glued to electronic devices. Oh, the list goes on and on...and on. :-)

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post!

  12. Oh darling Rue! I just love this post. I tend to be a bit old fashioned, as well. I remember wearing hats and gloves to church every Sunday, even though I am a product of the 60's. My Mama was quite the Southern Belle, when I was growing up so we had manners, etiquette, and we NEVER, EVER, sweat! We glistened! Of course, Mama also had a temper and an opinion that she wasn't afraid to use! I come from a long line of opinionated gals so it is only fitting that I turned out to be the same. Love your Clarence and I know you will miss him terribly! I hope he goes to someone who will love him!

    Grace & Peace

  13. I loved this post, Rue. I'm a child of older parents, who were also children of older parents, so anything "old-fashioned" is almost normal. We eat together as a family almost every night, and the fact that my kids have good manners sets them apart from their peers, which is sad. My little boy did ask if we had electricity growing up, but hey -- we're not that old! ;)

  14. Here, here! I'm an old-fashioned old fogey too. Are we starting a club?

  15. I agree with most of it, but love my dishwasher (the new one is so quiet you can't even hear that it's on!!!) and my Kindle. LOVE BOTH OF THEM. sorry/not sorry. :)

  16. Great post Rue. I'm the dishwasher and have a nice view out the window as I wash. I don't have a clothes dryer, except for my 'solar' one. I love the smell of line dried laundry. No Kindle either, I love to read a real book.

    I would love to find nice dresses, and more longish gypsy style skirts, frugally though.

    Thank you for being your lovely, old-fashioned self.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  17. Well if that all makes you old fashioned I think that everyone should be old fashioned because it makes you a lovely person indeed!!! I am afraid that I wear jeans - in public a lot - but I do keep things for a long time, like "old" things, pass all of my old things on to charity shops - I haven't got to grips with selling them online! That probably makes me even more old fashioned I guess! I think that you have old fashioned down to a very fine and very lovely art that many of us could aspire to! Sorry to see Clarence go, but I understand! Sometimes these things have to be done don't they. xx p.s. I did see one thing that didn't look old in these photos. You! You look lovely and not at all the years that you say you are!!! xx

  18. Happy Monday, Rue! Manners are so important. Love me some yoga pants though, especially as I am aging and it's the comfort factor that works for me, Pajamas in public however.... well, that's just ugly. I do have a dishwasher, but again, as I am aging it has become more difficult to bend downwards to unload it, My husband does load and run it from time to time, but for the most part I just wash up the few dishes we have after each meal, in our kitchen sink. Other than that, I'm a quite modern woman who thoroughly enjoys technology except for cell phones, People have become very rude and manner-less when using them and, well... that's a whole other subject that I won't go into. Your vintage dress is cute.... I just don't keep my legs shaved as well as I should, so dresses have become mostly something I wear when a special occasion calls for it. The times keep on changing, and I love trying to keep up with my children and grandchildren on modern day changes so I can have conversations with them about it and not sound like a fuddy old grandma. LOL Your post gives us all something to think about... xox

  19. I'm with you, old fashioned and proud of it! I do think it has to do with our upbringing. My grandmother was born in 1898 and my mom was born in 1930. Those ladies grew up in a completely different time, when ladies dressed and acted like ladies. I was raised in the way. I don't think there's anything wrong with it and I think today's generations would be well served to take a peek behind them a bit and realize that short shorts and an iPhone are not the end all. Of course, I think that train of thought makes me old fashion, an old fogey and just plain old. ;)

  20. Ladies, I'm not judging you on what you wear! I was just talking about what I do that makes me old-fashioned.

    If you wear sweatpants or jeans and don't want to wear dresses, if you want to use electronics, if you want to use a dishwasher.... that's fine! I'm not judging you. I promise :)


    1. Oh Dear Rue... Of course you are not saying that everyone, must do-as-you-do!!!!!!

      Our blog is our blog. We are free, to say, how _we_ do things. Each of us, is thus free. Because we like dresses, does not mean, that all must.

      Or because I don't wear jeans or shorts, does not mean that no one else, can do so.

      Our blog.... Our ideas.... Our choices....

      Someone else's blog.... Their ideas.... Their choices....

      -sigh- When will "Pretty Blog Land" learn??? This simple fact??? Our blog. Our's to write in, as we wish.


  21. Rue is 'old fashioned'... Rue is perfect....

    One of the most important things in life, is to know who you are. And to live accordingly. I am so happy for you, for having done this.

    And yes, I do know a Dictionary, with those little indentations. :-) And inscriptions, in the front of books.

    Even when I buy a 2nd hand book, I put the date purchased, in it. Doesn't everyone? No, I guess not. :-)


  22. Very interesting post Rue. I like that you know who you are and how you want to live your life. That in itself is such an accomplishment in today's society. I agree with many things you say here - manners matter, I will never own a kindle as I love reading from a real book too much, and I always sign and date books I give as presents - just to name a few.
    Take care

    1. Thank you, Jeannette :) It was a long road to figure out what I wanted from life, but I'm happy I finally got here.


  23. Sounds as if you are old-fashioned in all the ways you wish to be. How often are you told that you look like a movie star? I am old enough to be your mama and I am not quite as old-fashioned as you in some ways and in others more so. You have me wondering about being an old soul as I am pretty sure that at least one set of great-grandparents are 90 years older than I. My grandfather was 17 years older than my grandmother. We share a similar opinion of dishwashers, though I would love to find a place to stick one in my wee kitchen.

  24. Rue, what a darling, darling post! I love it {except for the part where you have to give up your true-blue car} I am old fashioned in many ways, but do wear modern clothes. But I love that others have their own style, and dress accordingly. :) Manners are always going to be in style. Lots of love from one lady to another.

  25. Rue, your mother and I are the same age. I'd love to have a daughter like you. We could go to lunch and hit all the vintage shops afterward. I'd like that. :) Hugs, Nancy

    1. P.S. Don't like dishwashers and our new cottage will not have one. Dennis and I like to do the dishes together. :)

    2. Excuse me for butting in but if ya'll do lunch and hit all the vintage shops, call me and I'll meet you there....:)

  26. I am grateful I found this post. I am having a very difficult time dealing with the fact that I am a newly stay at home older mother. :) Society always tells us as a woman you need to be working out at a job. Housekeeping dos not count. It is comforting to know that there are still women out there who enjoy staying at home. I love it and do not regret leaving the work force. But society makes me feel funny when people ask you what you do.
    Thank you for this post. Exactly what I needed to read. :)

  27. Rue, I love you just the way you are! Beautiful, elegant, out-spoken and eloquent! You are a treasure!! My hubby opens doors for me, helps me in and out of the car, stands up when I leave the table, stands up when I return, gently places his hand on my back when walking through doors, knows how to set a dinner table, etc. His mother was raised that way and she taught him well. Which is why he and I get along so well, despite our age difference. I was raised the same always say please, thank you, ma'am, yes ma'am, no ma'am and NEVER put your elbows on the table. One hand remains in your lap, along with your napkin, while eating (unless you are breaking bread). We've taught our kids manners and etiquette and hope they use what they've been taught out in the world! Great post and thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog! You are too sweet! And your kitchen is perfect without a dishwasher. I still hand-wash all pots, pans and silverware even though we have a dishwasher. I don't trust it...LOL Hugs!!!

  28. This was a fun post! You grew up as I grew up...only I'm old enough to be your mom. I really enjoyed reading all that makes you " old-fashioned". I think some of us are more old-fashioned than others...and that's a-ok. Life would really be boring if we were all the same. Just so you know...I like to drink them too! ;)

    1. Yes, it most certainly would be boring :)


  29. loved reading about you and old fashioned. I agree with most of what you are saying and agree that manners are very important. I workout most days and work from home, so I am usually in workout pants/yoga pants since it is easy and comfy and I workout in the mornings. I wear dresses/skirts most of the times I am not in sweats and I have worn vintage dresses since high school. I would wear my grandmothers things that she had kept and I shopped at thrift and vintage stores or clothes. I love to be at home and I take care of the traditional things like you. Love the read!

  30. Such a delightful post, Rue! I share your love of the dictionary. I think I have one in every room except the bathrooms and I collect and use old ones, wish I had a true dictionary stand for my 2 volume old one.

    Your great-grandmother's face is so sweet!

    I like so much that your kitchen is not a period piece for the sake of being a period piece but is an honest-to-God working kitchen. It aggravates me when I watch Househunters on HGTV and hear people say "I want a gourmet kitchen." How can a kitchen be gourmet? Maybe they need to look that up in a dictionary!

    I love the picture of you in that vintage dress with the buttons running down the front, those cute sleeves and the little white trim. Trims were so important to a garment in days gone by.

    And to think, Rue, that not long ago you were experiencing bloggers block. Not anymore!


  31. Hi Rue! Oh boy! Your going to get in trouble again! Ha! Just kidding! I LOVEEverything about being old fashioned!

    1. I'm always causing trouble, aren't I? LOL


  32. O, are absolutely the cutest thing, ever....I love you to pieces and have from back in the Peanut Butter and Jelly days. :)
    I swear, if they ever do a movie on Vivien Leigh, they MUST use you for her part.....not only do you look like her, everything you do reminds me of her (now, I know she had mental problems and you don't but......:) Does anyone else think you look like her? I just may have to do a fun post with both you and her as my main characters. How fun.....:)

  33. What a wonderful post, Rue. It made me smile and think and adore you in your smashing dress.

  34. I loved this post, Rue! Agree with you so much on almost all of it.............EXCEPT the dishwasher.......LOL LOL LOL> After not having one for a few years......I was thrilled to move into this place and enjoy my new dishwasher! I love to cook big meals the old fashioned way.........most from "scratch".....and having a dishwasher just simplifies my life and gives me more time to enjoy with grandgirl and my beloved pets! I'd much rather be enjoying time with them, and hubby........or gardening.....or walking our beaches......than doing dirty dishes. ha ha ha LOL. I DO ENJOY DOING LAUNDRY THOUGH! AND IRONING.........OH I LOVE TO IRON and everybody thinks I am so weird for doing so! ha! Oh, and I do so love seeing pictures of your old fashioned and welcoming kitchen...........its so pretty!

  35. Hi Rue, love this post and all that you share here. Your pics are awesome and you look like a movie star in the photo.
    Thanks for sharing. I love everything we call old fashion today.
    Hugs, CM

  36. Love this post!! My great grandmother was 84 years older than I. I love your vintage clothing. There's something so charming about it. I grew up knowing how to set a table properly, how to cook, clean, can vegetables, etc. Oh, and good table manners were expected of us. Back to the clothes. You might love all the clothes I see in my collection of English mysteries set in the 1930s and 1940s. Nice, meat, modest, classy.

    But... Even with our thousands of actual books, I love my Kindle because I can so easily take it along.

  37. Rue,
    You know, you are my kind of Lady-yes Lady. I love that you really "feel," this way right down to the core of your being.
    Love your photo, love manners, love style, love that you take the time to care in a society that has forgotten about all of these things!

  38. I absolutely love this post! I agree with you wholeheartedly! A lady should look like a lady! By the way, you look great in the photo! :)

  39. I absolutely love this post! I agree with you wholeheartedly! A lady should look like a lady! By the way, you look great in the photo! :)

  40. Dear Rue, I loved seeing your comment and I just saw it now. We are in Florida and very busy planning a fabulous graduation party with two of our daughters for two of our grandsons. They are cousins and our daughters planned their 2nd babies at the same time. ( They are very organized) HA! The boys have been buddies from birth. They both will attend the Univ of Florida which is great because they are inseparable.

    About your post. I loved every word and pic. You are describing my life to the letter...except for the clothes. I do still have my poodle skirt and of course my prom dress as well as my wedding dress AND my wedding night baby doll night gown AND even my undies. HA! Silly me. I too was very much raised with the proper way to entertain and set a lovely table. It stuck with me and I host ALL our family parties etc. What's more I love doing it so much. I remember telling you that you had an old soul way back when. Smile. OK I am 75 now, so you could be my daughter. However, my daughters are nothing like me in the old-fashioned sense. Sigh! But they sure want me here when a party is being planned! I rest my case.

    Thank you for sharing your beliefs and way of life. I can't stop smiling about your darling post. I would say you were raised exactly. perfect. Your mention of the dog toys would be our home for sure. You know, I have had a hard time remembering to visit you my sweet friend. My time on the computer has been greatly limited. Thanks for reminding me of the wonderful comments we have shared in the past. I loved you and missed you so much when you stopped blogging. I promise to be a lot better in sharing on our blogs again.

    Much love,

  41. You had me cracking UP at the dictionary. Not too long ago I am looking for something in the PHONE BOOK for my youngest son who thinks that's just silly and is using his phone for the same thing. Guess who found it WAY faster :) Yours truly of course :)

  42. You are fabulous! Great post. :) I am old fashioned too....although my kitchen is not like heart and dreams are of another time. My clothes are not vintage 50's....I love most styles and believe a woman should work hard to look her best. It truly makes you feel so much more lovely when you take the time to look beautiful.
    Thanks so much for posting this. Inspiring.

  43. Beautiful post, Rue! I am an "old fogy" myself--lol! I do see a erosion in manners these days--it makes me sad. The :selfie" world makes teens and older very self indulgent. I was at a concert recently and asked a young lady in front of me who stood and danced for every song from the first one on, to please sit for a couple songs so I could see the stage and she cursed at me! That made me sad.

  44. Speaking of old fashioned, are there any real good old fashioned women left?

  45. Most women years ago were definitely very old fashioned and real ladies altogether compared to the women of today that are very different unfortunately. And finding love in those days was very easy for men as well. Today unfortunately most women are very high maintenance, independent, very selfish, greedy, spoiled, picky, and so very money hungry as well. And most women nowadays will only want the very best of all, and will never settle for less.


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