Sunday, January 24, 2016

A new day

I've been getting up earlier these days, but it hasn't always been that way.

After my last baby graduated high school, I slipped into getting up later.

 After raising both of them for the last 26 years, it seemed like a luxury.

And it was :)

But, in the last year or so, the little alarm clock in my head started ringing before the sun rose.

Especially in the winter.

We don't have daylight savings time here in Arizona, so the sun rises around 7:30 am in the winter and sometime around 5 am in the summer.

The benefit to waking up early is obvious...

A glorious sunrise I spotted the other day out my window.

Of course, I'm crazy and ran outside to take pictures of it in my pjs, while it was around 25 degrees.

The lady walking her dog was kind enough not to say anything ;)

I wasn't crazy enough to stay out there long, so I caught the rest of it from inside my warm little kitchen, while enjoying a cup of coffee, fresh from my percolator.

Soon the birds were chirping and I was outside once again pouring warm water in the birdbath to unfreeze it.

But in that moment before, with the blood red sky and no sound at all, it was glorious.

A new day.

With all the possibilities ahead of me.

Isn't it wonderful?




  1. I love when I wake up before everyone and with no alarm clock. Usually my internal alarm clock goes off at 6, every once in a while I can eek out a 7:00 weekend morning, but it doesn't happen often. I love a little quiet time with my coffee before the rat race begins. Your sunrise pictures are beautiful!

  2. It most certainly IS wonderful. Youhave captured stunning colors, Rue - what a gift to see that, eh?

    Have a wonderful week, dear lady.

  3. I wake up and get up usually between 4-5.

    Your sunrise photos are wonderful.

    Each new day is a gift and I am looking forward to this one.

    Have a lovely day dear Rue ~ FlowerLady

  4. What a gorgeous sunrise! I love getting up early, but I tend to go with the light. I wake up nice and early in the summer, around 6, but I slip in the winter when the sun doesn't come up till 7:30. I love the feeling of a fresh day and the chance to be productive.

    Have a great day Rue! :-)

  5. WHAT a beautiful sunrise. Ha ha I've done that in my pj's the winter walking up the street with a coat on I just hope no one realizes it :)

  6. WHAT a beautiful sunrise. Ha ha I've done that in my pj's the winter walking up the street with a coat on I just hope no one realizes it :)

  7. That is just beautiful. We awaken about 4:45 and love to see the morning come to life:)

  8. Lovely photos! I take a moment to appreciate it sometimes while waiting to get out of my car at work...

  9. Beautiful! I'm an early riser too. I love the peace and quiet of early mornings.

  10. Gorgeous sunrise Rue. Everyday is a blessing. Kathleen in Az

  11. it is indeed wonderful darling bean.
    and that you have shared it with us even more wonderful!
    and though i'm an early riser...
    i don't often see sunrises like that here. so it was a special treat.
    and the VIEWS you have!!! oh my. rue. just. WOW.

  12. Absolutely wonderful! I used to be the latest sleeper...before kids, of course. Now that they are teens, I can sleep late again, but I don't. My own inner clock wakes me up early now, too. Ah, middle age! I actually enjoy the quiet of the morning, the stillness of the day before it really starts. I don't have a view like you do's all white and gray. Ick.

  13. Fabulous and so worth getting up early! I'm also an early riser and I love it!

  14. Beautiful photos, Rue. I miss the spectacular sunsets and sunsets in other state compares.

  15. I remember those spectacular sunrises and sunsets when we lived in Arizona. Such a beautiful post, Rue. Lovely pic's.I like to wake up early too-I'm more a morning person, and then I poop out as the day goes on. Have a great week and enjoy those pretty sunrises!

  16. Rue, I can see why you ran outside in your pjs to take pictures of this sunrise. It's so pretty with the purple and pink colors swirling around. I notice the sunrises more than the sunsets because I'm an early bird. :) And that cup of coffee in the percolator must have tasted great. The best kind of coffee, in my opinion.

    Have a nice Monday, Rue.


  17. I also run outside to take sunrise - and sunset - photos. Don't care if my neighbors see me in whatever kind of garb or wonder what I'm doing! ;-) Your photos are stunning. I do have more sunset photos than sunrise, because I'm not a morning person. You are so lucky you live in a state that doesn't follow the stupid time change "rules".

  18. Ahhhh, Rue, such lovely photos!! It's weird how as we get older we tend to rise earlier and actually kind of like it, huh? :)

  19. So beautiful! Maybe because of my medication, or my age or health or whatever, I go to bed by 9 or 10 p.m. And I have to have at least 10-12 hours of sleep or I'm worthless. Isn't that ridiculous. Like a baby!

  20. Yes it is wonderful. I enjoy seeing pics of sunrises, because I'm far too lazy to wake up in time to see them. I love sunsets though, so I satisfy myself with those.


  21. Early is so beautiful Rue, and I've found the same to be true, as I'm getting older, I'm rising earlier. Love your pictures!

  22. I haven't been up early enough to catch a sunrise in a while. Keep those pics coming...beautiful! ;)

  23. Yes, it is wonderful.
    Early to bed, early to rise is the best way I think.

  24. I think early to bed and rising early is really the best. Your photos are gorgeous, Rue!

  25. I think early to bed and rising early is really the best. Your photos are gorgeous, Rue!

  26. I used to be one that woke up before my chickens but lately I find it annoying to get up so early! In fact, I tend to get a bit ruffled if I wake up before 9am! It probably has everything to do with it being winter.

    Grace & Peace

  27. Rue I am spellbound by the splendor of your sunrise. Beautiful photos, simply beautiful. Getting up that early certainly has it's rewards for you. I sleep in later.

  28. Beautiful sunrise, Rue. I found myself nodding as I read about spending decades getting children ready for school, then sleeping later when the nest was quieter. Like you, I am getting up early and enjoying what nature has to give.

  29. I am not an early morning person. Getting up before 9 am is hard for me. I cannot remember ever seeing a sunrise, but have seen some lovely sunsets!

  30. Beautiful pics Rue. I'm definitely not a morning person so I never see the sun rise...unless I'm still awake from the night before. I'd be happy to see the sun out, let alone rising. ;) We have the most dreary days in Illinois in the winter so we don't get to see it most days.

  31. Oh how I miss Arizona sunrises and sunsets. Nothing more beautiful. Thanks for sharing! xo

  32. What a magnificent sunrise! Thanks for sharing Arizona's beauty with us.;-)

  33. Beautiful sunrise Rue! I have one of those alarm clocks ringing in my head before the sunrise too. I've always been a night owl and never a morning person. But something shifted in the last year for me too and I've grown to love those quiet hours before the world awakes!

  34. Good Evening Rue, Oooh I think I am in the minority as I am not an early riser.... I get up at about 8.00 am.... but that's the wonderful thing about being retired, if I want to I can get up at 6.00 am, but if I don't want to then I don't have to.
    The photographs of the sunrise are beautiful.... the colours are amazing. I can understand why the lady walking her dog did not say anything, as she probably didn't notice you, she was enjoying the sunrise as much as you were.
    Best Wishes to you.

  35. I too find I can't sleep in either, any more! But what a beautiful sunrise to awaken too! I do believe winter sunrises are the most amazing ones. I am always amazed at people who walk so early in the day though, I just cannot seem to do that. I love walking in the early morning, but not that early, lol!

  36. Hi Rue, beautiful post for a new day. So peaceful. I love early mornings and enjoy that time before the world starts moving at a high pace. I can get so much accomplished. Lovely photos. Enjoy the week and all those sunrises. xo

  37. Your vistas are glorious with no power lines obscuring the view. Beautiful!

  38. Hi,
    Oh my, what lovely photos. I love, love, love them.
    I enjoy a French Press coffee in the morning. :-)

  39. Morning is my favorite time of the day. The sunrise you captured is gorgeous. I feel inspired to make a rag rug in those colors. Hmmmm. Hugs, Nancy

  40. Gorgeous sky! Lucky you to catch such a beautiful beginning to the day!
    I am an early bird, and love the early morning time; it's the best time of the day in my opinion.
    I do live with a night owl though... so I have to tippy toe around some mornings **giggle**.
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics with us.


    1. Beautiful morning, I love to get up before anyone and watch the sun rise. I also have that little clock going in the mornings.


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