Thursday, May 25, 2017

A dark secret

In this adorable cottage there was a very dark secret...


Just kidding.

It's just my closet.

Although it was scary in there


Yes, I know you've probably seen scarier closets, but to me, this was a nightmare.

I'm a tad OCD, so it was driving me nuts. Especially after seeing so many bloggers posting all their brilliant closet makeovers.

Now, before you get excited, this isn't going to be that 333 project or some glamour shoot with a chandelier.

I wear vintage dresses most of the time, so there's really no mixing and matching and when you wear something you just throw on with some shoes, you tend to want to wear more than just four things.

Want to have an easy wardrobe?

Wear dresses.


Put on some tights and a sweater and/or jacket.

It's that easy.

As much as I would love to turn my closet into one of those beautiful wallpapered, chandelier type looks, it's really just a functional, tiny, walk-in space, that I had built in my dressing room, with clothes. 

And really, who has the money to invest into a closet that no one else sees.

Can you imagine... 

"Hey! Come see my beautiful closet!"


No one cares.


I can't promise you that I won't do something more with it, just for me, but for now, I'm a happy camper and I can find everything, so.... YAY! :)


This is is part way through the cleaning.

This is the atrocious amount of shoes I had to go through.


I wear saddle shoes and Keds most of the time, unless I'm going out (I wear heels then) or it's winter and some of them were 30 something years old.

Enough already!

The giveaway pile kept growing.

So did the vintage clothes I need to sell or repair.

I tried every. single. thing. on.

It took FOREVER.

But finally, after 3 or 4, maybe 5 hours... I was done.

On this side I have a multitude of belts, a few skirts, and dresses.

On the opposite side I have... jeans, pajamas, robes, slips and coats.

I have my purses on one side, going around to the middle....

and heels on the other side.

Straight ahead, I have... tank tops, blouses, t-shirts and one scarf.

I didn't separate seasonal, because I use quite a few things in all of the seasons.

Most of the so called "normal clothes", like modern skirt suits and fancy dresses went into another closet.

I'm not about to count everything, because I don't really want to, honestly, but I will wear all of it, I love all of it, and I can find all of it.

And that's what really matters to me.

The hardest for me is that I have to live two separate lives.

Vintage and not vintage (or normal clothes, as I call them).

Some people my family (my kids excluded) and strangers think the way I dress is odd, so I have to conform on certain occasions.

If it was up to me, I'd only have vintage dresses and a few jeans and t-shirts to work in the yard, but such is life.

Funny, people can walk around in what is basically tights and a bra or pajamas in public and it's okay, but wearing a dress that's from the 40s or 50s is wrong somehow.

Anyway, enough of that...

my closet is finished and hooray for me!




  1. I know how hard it is to do that, I have to try on everything in my closet about once every other year, just to be sure I still love everything in it. I don't have room to store things I never wear. I totally agree, you should wear what you love, and other people can just lump it. I wear hats all the time, and frequently get comments, most of the time nice ones, and the others don't matter.

  2. Hello. I just discovered I can comment if I use Firefox. I wasn't able to leave a comment with Internet Explorer. So I'm happy about this discovery.

    Your closet looks lovely and your choice of clothing is lovely too. Your dresses are pretty and feminine and look good on you -- what is there to object to? Oh well, some people just can't handle anything that isn't featured in the latest flyer from the local department store. Your row of pretty dresses in your closet is so appealing. I hate to admit that I own only one dress at the moment, and that is about to change. I wore it this past weekend and enjoyed it so much that I plan to add some more to my very boring closet of jeans, khakis and cotton tops. Thanks for providing some inspiration with these photos of your newly organized closet.

    1. I'm so glad you figured out a way to comment and even happier that I've inspired you to wear more dresses! I think they're so much easier and I hope you find that they are too :)

  3. Ahhh... I bet that it feels great to have your closet organized, and looking great!

    Remember that odd little ol' lady that would say and do the most random things, and no one would think anything of it, because she was "just an ol' little lady"? Aha! I have FINALLY reached that age, where I can be that ol' little lady!
    I really don't give a hoot what others think, and I have a deep conviction that it is people, not things, that matter :)
    Therefore... I wear what I like, and say what I think, but I would never want to hurt anyones feelings, of course.
    What does all this have to do with your post?? I LOVE your darling vintage outfits, and you have such confidence.
    You should be able to wear what ever you want to wear.
    You are classy, and always look put together, and this world could stand to have a few more ladies that wear dresses, and not jammies to the store...~LOL!!


  4. I know you said you added it, but that space is huge! It looks great. I just did the same thing. I had way too many items that didn't fit (literally and figuratively) and shoes I haven't worn in years, because of the same. I am sitting in the kitchen staring at my donation pile. I need to get in and out of the thrift store quickly without buying anything, wish me luck! And I love your style. Conform when and if you must, but your style is classic and I agree, I would much rather see someone in a vintage style outfit than some ill-fitting, body clinging pair of pilling leggings and a crop top any day of the week.

  5. I'll take the toile print dress LOL:) GREAT JOB!Your vintage purses are adorb..and that boudoir chair?:)
    You are so right..tights and bras! LOL.. My father would have never let me out the door.Yet ..we wore bathing suits..hmm..a conundrum...I guess.

  6. You did a fantastic job on cleaning out your closet! I don't have much of a choice with ours to keep it relatively neat - we share a standard size closet! So the only things that fit in there are our seasonal clothes (for me - shirts and skirts). All the out-of-season clothes are packed away in Tote bins in the basement.

  7. Your closet looks very neat and tidy now. I love the look of clothes from the 1950's!

  8. Ahhh, nothing like a tidy closet. Looks great, Rue! Brava!

  9. I actually have a couple of dark secrets like yours....but so long as the door stays closed, I am good! haha...I love that you wear vintage clothes. I love that you live in a older home. I love that you allow yourself to be YOU. Great job on cleaning out the closet.

  10. Nice and neat! I wish I had a big closet like that.
    My closets are all the itty bitty ones. You know the type, the really tiny old closets that are 2 ft wide and just deep enough for a hanger. I bought the super thin velvet hangers at Home Goods and they help but the closet is so packed that everything is pretty wrinkled. My house is tiny, 1000 sq feet and no basement so I can't do seasonal storage of any kind. Things work out though.
    I am trying to imagine a chandelier in my tiny closet LOL!
    I think your vintage style is da bomb! Stay cool darling.

  11. What you wear is your particular fashion statement, and I love that it's vintage. Unique. I am not at all a fashionista. I trekked a ton of clothes to Goodwill in January. Since my ankle accident, I can't wear all those pretty shoes. So who wants to dress up and wear sneakers with an ankle stocking? I rarely get cold. Never wear a sweater or coat. Those just sit there in case the weather ever gets frigidly cold.

  12. Congratulations on a wonderful job!!!!

    Now, please come and do mine. -grin-

    My OCD self just opens quickly and closes, even more quickly. To linger, would blow my mind.

    Where do you have to not-wear-vintage? To work, I suppose. Silly work!!!

    I'm sure you have but..... Have you seen those blogs, etc., done by people who live in vintage? Not only their mode of dress. But their homes, also?

    One that is mostly that way, is Remembering The Old Ways Instagram and blog. They are a Joy! She has 7 year old girl twins, and she dresses them, so adorably. And Michelle herself, dresses vintage. WWII era.

    Luna Crone

  13. I enjoyed catching up - your closet looks great now - it is about the size of the closet i had in the house I sold. It was always messy except once in awhile, a great while it was organized. I basically live in jeans and t-shirts now - very seldom in anything else, very drab and boring but easy to organize.

  14. Lovely post.
    Great job.
    Greetings from the Netherlands

  15. Lovely post.
    Great job.
    Greetings from the Netherlands

  16. I love it! And I guess you talked me into it. I dont have any grandkids to babysit tomorrow and was thinking of dumping my closet on the floor and starting over. I could only wish it will look as good as yours!

  17. Good job our closet is large by UK standards. I'd love a closer look at your lovely dresses. Maybe a future blog post? I think you would love the beautiful vintage blogger/writer, instagrammer and especially YouTube channel of Lily Jarlsson, that is if you are not already familiar with her. You've inspired me to tidy up my own messy closet now.

    1. It's smaller than it looks, I promise, but I know what you mean. My poor daughter has a closet so small you can't move in it lol

      That does sound like a good post idea! Thank you :) And thank you for telling me about Lily!

  18. You are a mastermind at organizing--and making it look pretty, too. I adore your vintage clothes!

  19. A weight gone and the best left.

  20. I love your purses and the boudoir chair, needs an old fashioned vanity:). Good to thin out the closet for more beautiful vintage dresses.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Thank you, Kathleen! Yes, definitely room for more dresses in there, but just barely ;)


  21. Great job! I thought I was looking at my closet in the first photo, I really need to do some cleaning and organizing mine, my problem is I hate to part with things even if I can no longer wear them. ~smile~ Thanks for sharing.

  22. A cleaned up closet is a thing of joy! I love your vintage dresses!!

  23. Hi Rue, great job on reorging your closet. I love organization and it's such a great accomplishment when we get these jobs done. Really looks nice!! Love it. Wishing you a great holiday weekend ahead.

  24. It shouldn't matter to anyone what you long as you are happy. I love your vintage look....and you carry it so well. Closet looks nice too...who needs a chandelier? ;)

    1. Thank you, Donnamae! That's very sweet of you :)


  25. Good for you, nice job done. My proudest moments are cleaning out the refrigerator and the closet. I give you credit for wearing what you want, bless your children and your Honey for their support. Happy Memorial Day week end.

    1. Good on you getting those two done! I need to get to work on my fridge too.


  26. It looks really nice and organized, and it looks like you removed enough for it to stay that way for awhile. I did so much organizing around here in the spring, but I still need to deal with my closet and my daughter's. At least I did the drawers! xoxo Su

  27. Congratulations on your closet cleanup! It looks very tidy and organized. I did a major closet overhaul last fall and took what seemed like a truckload of old clothes to a thrift store. Now I can find everything without a lot of frantic searching (mornings are so much easier now). I can't imagine where your vintage clothes would be inappropriate.

  28. Well done, my friend.
    We cleaned and organized two closets this February. It felt so good to downsize and just look and see what was all in the closet. Ha!

    Have a blessed weekend!
    You rock on wearing your lovey dresses. I think you are beautiful and love that you are YOU!


  29. I have a dark secret too, but even after organizing, it's still looking crazy.

    Good job on the closet!

  30. Wow, what a great job!! I have to do the same exact thing, which also involves trying everything on. There's so much stuff in my closet that I never wear...I really have to get rid of it!

  31. Oh, be still my beating heart! I saw them! There on the floor of your closet! Saddle Oxfords!!! I love them! I used to wear them all the time in high school but haven't been able to find them forever so long. Can you tell me where you get them? Are they still available to buy retail or do you find them in thrift stores? And also, your lovely vintage dresses - do you sew them yourself or ??? Thank you for a wonderful blog. I am always so excited when I see that there is a new post. I love your wonderful cottage and vintage lifestyle. I, too, choose to live a more complete at be lifestyle at least as much as I can and keep my job. My preferred time period is the 30's and 40's. Thanks again for a terrific blog and great job on the closet!

  32. Rue, that must have been very satisfying indeed. The closet looks great and, more important, I can see how much handier everything is. I can't imagine you without your vintage wardrobe, etc, and I hope you never give it up unless you want to.

  33. Wow! I loved looking into your closet, Rue! What a job but it turned out fantastic. Must make it so much easier and quicker to get dressed now. As far as the vintage vs. normal situation, those normal clothes go out of style so quickly while yours remain in. And grow in popularity with so many young ladies now crazy about them. Because they had style! I love seeing pics where you're wearing yours.

  34. Well done! I've spotted some pretty nice things in your closet, I love vintage clothes.

  35. It looks great! I do the same thing ever so often and try on every single thing. It's exhausting but so worth it! I buy second hand most of the time, so I get things cheap and tend to buy too much and then I end up wearing the same old stuff! I want to try dresses again now that you've explained how easy they are and a pair of Keds too of course!!!

  36. I love your vintage clothing. You have a lovely style and look great. Vintage clothing is hard to find here. We have a few shops and I have lucked out occasionally at thrift stores but not often. I am looking forward to a vintage clothing sale next month only a ten minute drive away!
    Your closet looks great. Ours is functional and a good size, no chandeliers in sight!
    Have a good week.

  37. I wish I could pull off wearing dresses, vintage or not. I just don't feel comfortable in them. Will you please stop wearing dresses too? Bwahahaha! It makes me mad that you can't express yourself the way you want and we're not even talking about face tattoos, nipple rings, and whatnot. By which standards are vintage dresses "odd"? Ugh.
    On the other note...I'm impressed by your purse collection. I only have two (but only use one) and a couple of clutches that are collecting dust in my closet. But I got you on scarf collection. I have a whole closet wall full with scarfs. Do you think that's weird? I'll wear them anyway, LOL.
    As far as chandelier in a closet goes, who's got time to clean that monster? Not me.
    Hope your Memorial Day weekend was safe and fun!

  38. I dont think you can top MY DARK SCARY CLOSET.....ha ha LOL Mines even smaller than yours, so I supplemented with a nice big old fashioned chifferobe!--now it's stuffed full as well, LOL. I love your row of pretty "old fashioned" dresses. I think we should just dress as ourselves, in what makes us happy and comfortable. I love old vintage things and old fashioned clothes. I dress in "gypsy" style, that's what I call it anyway, alot of people seem to call it "bohemian" or boho now. I love my hats and scarves and big fluttery shawls AND FRINGE! and swirly long dresses and skirts and boots..........but yes, I do get into the what you call "normal" clothes like jeans and capris as well from time to time. LOL I am still cracking up laughing over your comment about the "chandelier closets" true, so true!! I couldn't stuff a chandelier into my chifferobe if I TRIED, HA HA Not that I don't appreciate a glamourous type dressing room space, I do, but we really don't have room for that anymore in our small cottage. Did y'all have a nice holiday?

  39. PS---that big shoe pile is cracking me up too! LOL---I have one just like it. Your finished up closet looks great!! Very neat!

  40. I have that same "dark secret", Rue, only you did something about yours!! Maybe someday I'll get the urge to do something about mine. One does have to be in the mood for cleaning out a closet. I'd shout a big "Hooray" for you because you accomplished so much. Thanks for the inspiration!
    P. S. I love that you showed us the before and after!

  41. Good afternoon Rue, never mind the chandelier, I would love a closet like yours. We have two wardrobes, a his and hers although I have to be honest and tell you I often encroach on George's.
    Do you know I have a pair of coulottes and a skirt from the 1970s which I adore and still wear.
    I love how you have organised your closet as you can see everything at a glance. It's just perfect.
    Enjoy your newly organised closet.
    Best Wishes

  42. Well done on a fantastic job!

    All the best Jan

  43. It looks great! I just did a big clean out and still working on it. I had some great vintage clothes that I wore in college in the 70's and they were vintage then. I found a vintage store here in Chattanooga that is going to buy them. I want them to go to someone who will wear them instead of having them boxed up in my closet!

  44. Totally need to do this to my scary closet! It just seems such a daunting and over-whelming thing to do though. Ugh.


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